Friday, October 9, 2015

Trip Memories: Disney 2014

We bought the PhotoPass+ card on our last trip to Disney, and there were a few really good photos. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find out that the majority of the pictures needed a lot of editing. (Many of them were too dark, and I even had a few that were so bad I couldn't use them.) It's sad to think about when you pay so much money for the CD. I understand that they have a bunch of different people to photograph, but just a few checks to make sure everything came out okay would do wonders. I don't know if I'll buy it next time, but if I don't I'll definitely miss all of the big shots with our whole family.

Anyway, time to step down from my soap box. The photo on the layout below is one of the better images that I received. We always make sure to have our family photos done in front of the iconic features in each park. It's a neat way to see how much the kids have grown in between trips! (Let's not talk about the appearance of aging on the older crowd. Ha!)

Epcot_Crate Paper_Family_Disney World_Scrapbook

As you can see, I broke down and bought more of Crate Paper's Open Road line. It really worked so well with my pictures, and I had a ton of embellishments left from my kit. Plus, my friend gave me the leftover embellishments in her kit. I ordered coordinating paper so I could make a few more pages with it.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Incredibles: Disney 2014

Brandon didn't have much to do with the characters during our last Disney trip. He wore his headphones, and he stayed back while the girls greeted everyone and got their autographs. I guess most of the characters could tell something was up, so they didn't approach him. 

When we met the Incredibles, Frozone gestured toward Brandon to ask me if he could talk to him. I nodded, so he went over and lightly touched his hand. Of course, Brandon ran behind me frantically and hid but I really appreciated that Frozone tried. That wasn't the end of his kindness either... He actually helped me get Jordan back in her wheelchair. It was really sweet of him, and I have yet another Disney memory that I'll never forget!

Incredibles_Scrapbook Page_Autism_Disney World

I used Pink Paislee's Hey Kid line to create this layout. I thought the doodles, ties, and glasses were fun for the theme. I'm very happy with my decision to use a dark background because it makes the colors pop!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cool Kid: Disney 2014

It's been a while, but I'm back to share another layout! I loved this paper from the Pink Paislee "Hey Kid" collection, but I didn't want to cover up the super circles. I ended up using an x-acto knife to cut one of them out so I could back it with a photo. This was a great page to embellish with fun little pieces.

Lego Store_Scrapbook Page_Circles_Staples

I can't even imagine how many Lego bricks went into making some of the cool displays that we got to see at the Lego Store. Brandon really liked the huge Hulk figure, but my favorite was the boat outside. We love assembling Lego sets, but I don't think he and I could get through something that big!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Abita Park

I recently found these photos of my little chubby faced one year old, and when I looked at the date I was shocked. 7 years ago! I miss our little adventures while the girls were at school. I got to introduce Brandon to the world, and he helped me see everything like it was new again. The amazing thing is that when I look at these photos I can still see the wonder on his face, feel the joy, and hear the giggles. That is truly what scrapbooking is all about for me. It freezes a moment in time and holds it forever so I can revisit the past. It's why I've never quit scrapbooking even through busy seasons in my life.

Toddler Boy_Park_Scrapbook Page_Masculine
I used Crate Paper's Toy Box collection to create this page. It is a perfect collection for a little boy because there are so many fun embellishments. I'm sad that I'm out of it now, but I'd like to think that I put it to good use. 

We still go to the same park, but now my little boy is all grown up. My girls are even more grown. Does anyone know how to make it stop?! I keep telling them that it doesn't matter how old they get. They will always, ALWAYS be my babies. (Whether they like it or not!)

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Barnstormer: Disney 2014

We made it a point to explore attractions that we've never been on during our recent Disney trip. We were able to find several rides that were new to us! Alexis wanted to try the Barnstormer roller coaster, so we got in line. Amazingly, it was a pretty long wait before we got to the front. Once we were there, the ride itself went by really quickly. Jordan sat with me, but Alexis was in the car in front of us. I was able to catch a sweet picture of her smiling. I decided that the photo deserved a page all by itself. I love seeing so much joy on her face! 

Barnstormer_Magic Kingdom_Goofy_Scrapbook_Disney World

Ronnie and Brandon sat outside of the ride and waited for us because Brandon was pretty overstimulated. They had to take our word about the Barnstormer experience, but they enjoyed the break.

This project was created with Crate Paper's Toy Box collection. You can tell that I'm getting down to the last few scraps in this kit, but I really like how this layout turned out.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Taking Flight: Disney 2014

Today I have two Disney scrapbook pages to share! I think this last trip is going to require two albums because I had so many wonderful photos that needed to be scrapped. My first project features one of the few happy pictures that I got of Brandon. He wore his headphones during the trip because we knew that he would probably have meltdowns due to the noise and crowds. He did very well, but we could tell that he was overwhelmed. Still, he swears that he had fun. 

Lego Store_Happy Boy_Downtown Disney_Scrapbook_Autism

He definitely loved the Lego store in the Downtown Disney area. He saved all of his souvenir money so he could buy two Minecraft Lego sets! That definitely got a smile out of him. 

My next layout features a few shots that I snapped on the Dumbo attraction, and Alexis got her own elephant to fly in this time! She's growing up so fast that my head is spinning. She may not want to go on silly kiddie rides with us for much longer, but I definitely hope that she will. 

Dumbo_Ride_Disney World_Scrapbook_Magic Kingdom

I used Crate Paper's Toy Box line to create these designs. I couldn't pass up the circus ticket and the little balloon embellishment. The collection has been in my stash for quite a while, but after I share two more pages that I've created with it... I'll be done! I love it when I finish a kit like that.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

T-Rex: Disney 2014

I wasn't sure if the kids would like Downtown Disney's T-Rex restaurant because some of the reviews said that it was really loud. They enjoyed the Rainforest Cafe and it seemed to be a similar environment, so we decided to risk it. I'm so glad we did because we had a wonderful time! The decor was so much fun and the dinosaurs were super cool. 

T-Rex_Dinosaur_Downtown Disney_Scrapbook

I used Crate Paper's Toy Box collection to create this page. It's an older product line, but it's still totally adorable! The die cuts are from Miss Kate's Cuttables and they couldn't be any more perfect.