Monday, July 21, 2014

Once Upon A Time: Disney 2013

***If you're looking for the post about Jordan's surgery or need information about sending her a card, please scroll down or click HERE. I can not believe the response, and I just know she will just be over the moon when she opens the cards. My readers and friends are the BEST!***

I recently managed to take pictures of the layouts I've created in the past few weeks, and I got them all edited today. What does that mean? Blog content! As a dear friend of mine pointed out, I've been slacking. 

I made this page over a month ago, and I had the hardest time finding paper to match the pictures. I'm still working my way through our 2013 Disney World trip, and I've been shopping my stash as much as possible. I did some deep digging and came up with the Basic Grey Euphoria collection that the above mentioned friend sent me over a year ago. 

One of the highlights of the girls' trip was meeting the Disney princesses. We waited in line It was worth it though! The princes were at the character spots because it was close to Valentine's Day. I thought that was too cool! Flynn Rider asked Brandon if he took care of HIS princesses, and Brandon said, "Of course!" 

Princess Meeting_Scrapbook_Disney

I used beautiful flourish die cut files from Miss Kate's Cuttables on this page. I'm giving my Silhouette machine a work out. I must say that I use it much more than I ever used my Cricut machine. It was definitely a great investment for me!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Upcoming Surgery

I haven't been around much because we recently found out that Jordan needs major surgery on her femurs, and I've been trying to get everything in place before the surgery. The doctors are going to break both femurs so they can rotate her legs into the right position, then they'll insert a rod and pins. She is nervous about the surgery, but she's also relieved that it will fix a huge problem so she can walk correctly. She will go through a very extensive recovery process, and I would appreciate any prayers for her! 

I've had a few requests from friends who want to send Jordan a get well card. Please email me at miraclesmommah(at)gmail(dot)com, if you'd like to send one and I'll give you our address. I don't want to post it here on the blog. She's going to be so excited to open cards after she wakes up from the surgery. You guys are the best!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Space Rangers: Disney 2013 Series

I'm back with two more Disney layouts! The first page features lots of photos from our turn on the Space Ranger Spin ride in Disney World. I knew what I wanted to do with these pictures as soon as I saw the awesome cut files from Miss Kate's Cuttables. Seriously? They couldn't be any more perfect. I had a hard time with the design, because I really wanted all four 4x6 photos on the same page. I made it work! 

Disney World_Layout_Multi Pic_Rides
The next project is also Buzz related. We waited for over an hour in the line to meet Buzz and Woody, but the kids had fun playing on all of the picture props. (Mom didn't mind either! I ended up with lots of stuff to scrapbook.) 

Toy Story_Characters_Buzz_Disney Scrapbook Pages

I was very excited to find a way to use my super old October Afternoon Night Light kit on my layouts. I love coming up with ways to use older goodies. Mostly because my stash is at critical mass, and I've decided not to buy anything else for a while. I can't be the only one though. Right?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Critters And Characters: Disney 2013 Series

I'm including a few layouts that aren't specifically Disney themed in this vacation series. We also drove to Clearwater, Florida for a day to see Winter. If you don't know who Winter is... I have a ten year old that could talk your ear off about her. She's the reason we went to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter is the star of "A Dolphin Tale", a movie that was released in 2011. Winter wears a prosthetic tail, and Jordan thinks she is amazing!

I decided to scrap many of the animals that we met during our trip to the aquarium on the following project. It really was a magical day for us, I think Jordan was more excited about meeting Winter than the Disney characters!

Clearwater Aquarium_Scrapbook Page_Winter
My next page is all Disney! Ronnie's favorite character is Goofy, so we were super excited to see him when we walked through Hollywood Studios. One of the best things about Disney is the fact that I can get in the Photo Pass pictures with the rest of my family!

Disney_Characters_Goofy_Scrapbook Layout

I used Crate Paper's Emma's Shoppe collection to create these two projects. The colors worked so wonderfully with my pictures. You just have to love it when that happens! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome To The Jungle: Disney 2013 Series

I have a bad habit of letting my pictures pile up. I know we've already discussed my Christmas photo situation and my Easter picture stash. I have caught up on my Christmas scrapping, but I'm ignoring the Easter pile because I have another set to address.  I shall call it the Disney photo mountain. It's not as fun as Splash Mountain... it mostly just sits there and makes me feel like a slacker. What's a girl to do? The issue is critical now because I found out we will be going back to Disney World in the near future. Crunch time! I have to get this set of Disney pictures scrapped before we go back.

I've decided to create a new series on my blog as motivation to get caught up. Mostly because it worked really well last time! Welcome to the Disney 2013 series. (2013 was the year we went, I know it's 2014 now. LOL)

I'm kicking the series off with my favorite picture from our whole trip. The Disney photographer asked our group to growl at her, and I got a kick out of everyone's faces in this shot. It sums up the whole fun spirit of our trip! I used Bo Bunny's Zoology collection with some files from Miss Kate's Cuttables to complete this design.

Animal Kingdom_Family Photo_Scrapbook Page
My second project features photos from the Jungle Cruise where Jordan answered all of the questions that the adults didn't know. The difference between an Asian elephant and an African elephant? The Asian elephant has smaller ears. Good times! Again, I used Bo Bunny's Zoology line and Miss Kate's Cuttables fabulous files to add some pizzazz to my page. 

Magic Kingdom_Disney_Jungle Cruise_Scrapbook

Next, I'll have some layouts that I made with pictures from Hollywood Studios. I'm going to jump around from park to park just like we did on our trip because I'm trying to keep my finished book in order.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Nautical By Nature: Vellum Rocks!

How was your weekend? We had a busy, eventful one here. Jordan played in her last Miracle League soccer game on Saturday. The most awesome part was seeing her get her medal from her coach/Dad. They both had a wonderful time in the Miracle League and Ronnie is already volunteering to coach again. We are trying to convince Brandon to play basketball with her during the next session.

I got to scrapbook for a while on Sunday, but I don't have photos of those pages yet. I do have a few layouts that I made a couple of weeks ago to share. I love Studio Calico's Atlantic line for scrapping pictures of my kiddos on my grandparents' boat. The colors in the collection coordinate perfectly!

The project below was easy peasy. The circles were printed on the paper and I just fussy cut a few of them so I could slide my photo underneath. I added some gorgeous vellum accents and finished with a few die cuts. 

I also used Studio Calico's Atlantic collection to scrap another set of boating shots. We were actually visiting my grandparents to celebrate Easter, but who could resist a quick boat ride? That's why everyone's so dressed up in the pictures. 

The die cut files on both of these pages are from the fabulous Juliana Michaels' blog. I couldn't resist the "Nautical By Nature" title. It was just too perfect!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Easter Egg Extravaganza: Freebie

Remember the pile of Christmas photos I scrapped last Summer? I am absolutely sure that I have at least as many Easter pictures to get through. I wasn't in the mood to scrap them all consecutively because I have another huge project in the works, but I did want to celebrate Easter by scrapping a few layouts.

I inherited some of Crate Paper's gorgeous "Neighborhood" collection from Nancy after I used every last bit of my own. She was cleaning out her stash, and I can't say no to anything by Crate Paper. They're my favorite manufacturer of scrappy goodness. I used the same collection on the following pages.

1. Coloring Easter Eggs: I was a bit iffy about all of the layers on this project at first, but I've grown to love it. I used Miss Kate's Cuttables' files in several places on this design. I'm still so in love with my Silhouette!

Die Cut_Silhouette_Easter Egg_Dyeing
2. Easter Morning: I learned a new technique to include handwriting on my pages. The die cut title was actually drawn on my iPad and traced in the Silhouette software. It's another neat way to incorporate handwritten accents on my layout.

Silhouette_Handwritten Title_Easter

Look how little the kiddos were! Brandon's little cheeks kill me every.single.time. If you'd like to download the free handwritten title file that I created, click HERE. Thanks for stopping by!