Saturday, June 2, 2007

Aunt Flo, Uncle Crab, and a phone call....

Whoo I swear it's been one of those days, and I have a theory. You know how women have Aunt Flo who comes and visits once a month? Well the other day someone on a message board I frequent got to talking about how cranky her husband was and we mentioned that men have an "Aunt Flo" too. Come on you know that men can get a little cranky sometimes! (or a lot cranky LOL) So the girl I was talking to said that if women have an Aunt Flo then men must have an Uncle Crab. I just about fell out laughing because it's so true. Every now and then my dear sweet husband loses his mind and just is so persnickity and picky that you just have to try not to talk to him for fear of provoking him. And I swear it's the craziest stuff he gets cranky about! And men say we're emotional?!? So now I've decided that I'm going to ask him if his Uncle Crab is visiting when he acts that way. You know in the same considerate voice that men use when they say "Oh it must be that time of the month." "Oh honey is it your Uncle Crab again?" ROFLOL

Anyway I got him back for his crankiness. For the first time I left him alone with our darling quiet 3 month old. Who was fast asleep in the swing when I left. Well as soon as I left apparently he woke up and ummm made his Daddy a rather stinky present. Ronnie had never changed his diaper before and was rather impressed by the stink and all that goes along with breastfed baby poop. (Our daughter was formula fed.) I was in PetSmart picking up the dogs medicine and my cell phone rings... "Umm honey I think Brandon pooped." "Well you'll just have to change him he'll get a rash if he sits in it until I get back", I said. His response? "Eww!" Then we hung up. 5 minutes later the cell phone rings again... "Oh man that was disgusting. I think he has an upset stomach or something!" I spent 10 minutes assuring him that the baby was fine while trying not to die laughing. Thanks go out to Brandon for helping me get his Daddy back for being cranky! Hehe And then when I got home he told me that my youngest daughter pooped too. LOL I should leave the house more often!

(Sorry if all of the poop talk grossed you out. I am a Mom you know! That's what we are supposed to talk about. LOL)

P.S. Stay tuned for pictures posted soon of the girls swimming. =0)

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