Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Boys Ma Ivy

We've had a very interesting couple of days! Saturday the girls had a blast swimming and visiting with their Aunt and Uncle. We noticed Alexis had a dot on her face and one on her leg that looked like bug bites so I put some Benedryl creme on it and called it a day. The next morning she woke up with a welt on her forehead that she blamed on Jordan. She said Jordan hit her! So Jordan got in trouble. See picture. Then on Sunday morning she woke up and the whole left side of her face was covered! It kept getting worse so late Sunday evening Ronnie took her to the ER! This is what it looked like then. See 2nd pic. Oh no!

So I'm freaking out by this point. I'm worried that it's lime disease, or fifth's disease. (I spend too much time on Web MD) Turns out that she's got something similar to poison ivy but we have NO clue where she got it! She hasn't been going outside because she doesn't want to because it's "too hot" So where on earth she got it, I have no idea. Anyway so she's itchy and cranky and whiny and fussy and WOW. This morning. I told her to 'watch how she talked to me' because she was smart mouthing me. And she said "NO YOU better watch how you talk to me". Ummm okay. I swear she's 5 going on 13. And she calls the poison ivy. "Boys Ma Ivy". and insists that "I'm saying it wrong." "It's not poison ivy Mom it's "Boys Ma Ivy". Okay dear. Jeez.

The girls really had a fun time swimming together this weekend. Brandon is really not impressed with swimming yet. I thought I'd include a video of them swimming. =0)


Yesterday, Monday I went to get my MRI done. Talk about nervewracking. I'm a teensy bit claustraphobic (Okay a lot claustrophobic!) and OMG I felt like I had a free preview of what it would be like in a coffin. Jeez. I should get my results tomorrow night. I'm still praying like crazy that everything is fine. I really need an explanation as to why I can't remember anything and why I see bright spots. So please pray for me if you are reading this! I've gotta go the baby is crying.


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Leah & Terry said...

Wow!! Poison Ivy? THat is weird. I hope it clears up soon for you. I hope you get your results from you MRI back soon. I know what you mean about being claustropobic. I had to have a CAT Scan done and almost had a heart attack!! I will be thinking of you, and hope this gets resolved quickly.

Leah (aka lockhart0_1)

Estee said...

Did you get the results from the MRI? Is everything ok??