Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Days from Hell!

We have had a very very very rough few days around here. The weekend started out pretty nice. The kids and Ronnie and I just chilled out around the house mostly. Saturday night we went out to dinner for the first time as a family. We were all worried about Brandon acting up but he just sat there and looked around fascinated by the music and the people. Alexis did really well and inhaled her dinner to get to her dessert. (I swear that child can eat!) Jordan played at eating and serenaded the entire restaurant with her lovely singing at the top of her lungs. =0) All in all not bad. I fed her a cookie and she got quiet. Bribery works wonders. LOL

Sunday morning I took Alexis to get her hair cut. I'd been telling her if she didn't stop chewing on her hair that I'd cut it short so she couldn't anymore. It was gross! Her hair always looked oily and nasty. You'd have sworn we didn't bathe the child. So Sunday I had enough and brought her. Her hair came out really cute and she even likes it. So that's a good thing. She'll just have to wait to have princess (long) hair until she's old enough to manage to not eat it. Ick! We came back home and Brandon was fussy. Really fussy. I'd been thinking over the past few days that he might even have colic. He would draw his legs up and cry.
Well Sunday afternoon I cooked a big homemade dinner and his Dad got him out of his swing and was holding him while I put the food on the table and he threw up all over him. I mean lots of throw up. I wiped him down and changed his clothes while Ronnie went and changed his. While I was holding him he threw up again. All down my back. Gross! So I was thinking he had a stomach virus. I passed him to Ronnie and went and changed my shirt. I sat down and held him while I started eating and he started throwing up again. TONS! By this time I'm thinking okay something is wrong with this child! He now is out of stuff to throw up so he's just dry heaving and I call the pediatricians emergency number. They don't call back quick enough. I get dressed and we pile everyone into the car and rush to the hospital. By this time he is pale white, lethargic and almost completely unresponsive. I had to keep waking him up in the car I was scared that he was going to pass out and not wake up. It was terrifying.

We get to the ER and I get him out and go register him. Ronnie takes the girls home because his sister is meeting him there to watch the girls so he can come back to the ER with me. While I'm doing the admit paperwork he threw up yellow/green looking stuff and was just gagging and heaving. It was horrible. He couldn't even cry and I was freaking out so bad. They brought him back to the evaluation room. Looked at him and noted no temperature and the guy made a joke about him being fine unless I was feeding him radiator fluid. NOT FUNNY MISTER! Then they sent me back out to the waiting room where of course I call my grandma freaking out. She suggested that it might be an Intussuception. A problem where part of the child's colon or intestine telescopes back on itself causing tissue to die and possibly rupture. (See link for more info) http://children.webmd.com/tc/Intussusception-Topic-Overview Well I suggested it to the Dr. when we got back to see him and since we'd had other members of our family have it he sent Brandon for x-rays.
We got the x-ray results back and it looked as if he indeed did have a blockage so they wanted to do a Barium enema to try to use the water in his rectum to correct the blockage and force the intestine to correct itself. But the catch was if the intestine ruptured he'd have to have surgery and they didn't have a pediatric surgeon on staff. So they asked us if we wanted to transfer him before the enema but the longer we waited for the enema the more likely it would rupture on it's own and require surgery instead of just getting the enema to correct it. The Dr. advised us to go ahead and do the enema. We had it done and they found the blockage and when they did the x-ray after they said it looked clear but we had to be transferred by ambulance to another hospital with a pediatric surgeon on staff. We got there at 3:00 in the morning. Brandon kept trying to sleep but people kept coming in to poke at him. They wouldn't let me breastfeed him so he was furious.

The next morning the surgeons came in and evaluated him. It was a teaching hospital so 8 different people were in and out of the room. Two of them were Dr's and 6 were interns. Every single last one of them pushed on his tummy and his little genitals to check for a hernia or something abnormal. It got frustrating because I wondered if they were even looking at his chart to know that the last person did that. It was hurting him so bad. He would go to sleep for 5 minutes and a new person would come in. Being a scrapbooker of course I took pictures of him in the hospital. I will have to do a page about it. I was so scared for him.

Finally yesterday afternoon they let us out of the hospital with a promise that we'd follow up with the surgeons on Wednesday. We will be doing that tomorrow and I'll keep everyone posted. It does look like the intussuception has corrected but there is a 10% chance that it'll reoccur so please keep us in your prayers.



NJStampinMom / "Lynn" said...

Oh Heather - how horrific! Of course I will keep all of you in prayer and send lots of good wishes your way. Thank god your grandmother knew what to suggest or they could still be trying to figure out what goes on with him. PLEASE do keep us updated!!

Martha (lv2scrpbk) said...

Heather I am so sorry for your little guy. I know how you must feel. I can't even imagine having to be in your shoes right now. Hopefully he will get better and not have to go through surgery. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Adriann said...

Heather, lifting you and your family up in prayer. I pray that the procedure went well and that there is no chance of reoccurance. In Jesus Name!


toofclnr said...

Keeping you and your family in my prayers, take care!

Estee said...

Oh Heather!!!! Oh man does that bring back awful memories! I am so sorry, I know how scary that can be when you don't know what is wrong and all you want to do is fix it. Good for you for following your instinct and going immediately to the ER. I also can relate to the teaching hospital, random people kept coming in and asking if they could feel the pyloric muscle in poor Paizlee which would make her throw up. After 7 or 8 students came in and did that, I started telling them NO. It got old, really fast. Also, didn't you hate the beds that they had there? They look like cages! I had a hard time with that. I hope that Brandon is feeling better really soon. Huge big (((hugs))) to you and to your family!!!

Leah & Terry said...

Well first of all I would have punched the guy who was making jokes!!! You must be a total basketcase. You must be so stressed out. I will pray for you guys that everything works out.

{{{ Hugs}}} Heather.

~*AMY*~ said...

oh my goodness sweetie, saying tons of prayers for you and little buddy. hang in there and please keep us updated!

Mindy said...

Wow, Heather, I feel so bad for you. We went through a similar situation with my DS. Different health problem same scenario. It is very scary to ride in a ambulance with your baby. And of course my DH had to go home and get clothes and such so I had to do it myself. We were there 8 days and I know what you mean about everyone pushing and poking at your baby at all hours of the day and getting NO sleep. I will be keeping you & your family in my prayers. I know you can use it.