Friday, June 1, 2007

The Great Indoors

There's a tent in my living room. Okay it's kinda goofy I know, but it's summer vacation. The kids are already getting bored and I'm desperate. LOL Ronnie and I had this brilliant idea to send Alexis to summer camp a few months ago. We signed her up and paid the registration fee and then call me crazy but yesterday I decided to cancel it. Why? Am I a glutton for punishment for wanting to have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 3 mo. old home all day all Summer long? Probably! But the truth is that I missed them when the two oldest were in school. There was no time for fun anymore (or tents in the living room). So here's to Summer.. Bug bites, skinned knees, and water up your nose when you swim. I'm tired of fussing at the kids. Let's play!!!

Why the tent in the living room you ask? Well it's something the girls will probably remember for the rest of their lives! I mean come on who does that? I remember my grandma doing stuff like that. We used to go pick up empty refrigerator boxes behind the Sears store when I was little and we would play in them for HOURS! It used to drive my Grandpa insane! I'm beginning to see the bright side of driving your husband insane too. It keeps them on their toes. My husband must be getting used to it though because I kid you not.. He didn't even bat an eye last night when he came home to this! LOL And yes, I did get in the tent with the kids. You're never too old to have fun!

Speaking of husbands I have to say mine is great! He actually ventured into the scrapbook aisle at Walmart last night and bought me some paper. Cute paper at that! Well I'd better sign off for tonight and make it look like I've been doing something all day. It's why hubby pays me the big bucks!




Lisa said...

Heather ur nuts, but i love ya anyway. i bet lexie loved the tent idea. i remember when i lived in ocean springs, ms my mom would help me make a tent with the couch and chair cushions. great memories. ttyl dawg!

Jane said...

I LOVE it!!! your a super duper mom!! and you are right, they will remember it always my kids still talk about some of the nutty things we did!!
Have fun!!

Leah & Terry said...

Hey girl!!! Loving the new blog, I guess you finally decided to join the rest of us crazy girls over here at blogspot. LOVING the new tent idea, I am going to try that this summer, unfortunately my kids have school till June 28th :(

Awesome blog =)