Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's never a calm day around here.

EVER! Last night Jordan was eating her dinner. I was eating mine and chatting with her and the rest of the family when all of the sudden she started choking. Ronnie hit her on the back like he usually does when she does that and nothing happened. She was starting to turn red and was gasping for air. I ran over unbuckled her booster seat and had to do the Heimlich maneuver! She spit out a huge piece of bread on the floor. OMG! I was so upset so I'm hugging her tight and telling her it's okay and she says.... "Put my down Momma. I want to walk." Crazy kid! I'm trying to make sure she's alright and she wants down. Ok HOW ABOUT A THANK YOU?! Or I'm ok Mom. Anything but "put my down". LOL

Such is life I guess. I'm just glad she's ok. This morning I went on my first run on the program that's supposed to have me running a 5k within 2 mos. Ugh. It actually wasn't that bad. The hardest part was trying to keep Jordan in the stroller. She so didn't want to be in that thing! She did find it hilarious when I started running and various things (both in the stroller and out) started jiggling. Jordan and Brandon were in the stroller and Alexis was walking/jogging with me. Alexis was not impressed! I thought she'd be glad to be outside but she mostly whined and fussed about having to run. Seriously I'm old and out of shape and she's young and energetic but she whined the entire time. I wanna go home. It's hot. I'm tired. My shoulders hurt (This while pointing at her sides). I don't think she's invited next time I go. But the plus side is that she seems to be in a better mood and isn't as hyper. So maybe on second thought I'll make her go. LOL

I decided to start doing my journalling prompts on here. So here's today's... Feel free to join me if you want to and comment to tell me if you did it and I'll visit your blog and comment.

Do you consider yourself a good driver? How is your driving record?

Oh ick. Okay... I'm probably not the best driver. I'm one of those distracted people you're probably cursing at when you drive behind them. I've been in 3 wrecks and 1 almost wreck. And I backed my truck into a fence once, and an SUV into a ditch. LOL Jeez. That sounds so bad! When you add it all up. And there's the one ticket where I was going 97 in a 55. ( I wanted to see how fast the car would go. It was on an open road. I got in BIG trouble when I got home.) They EVEN TOOK MY LICENSE UNTIL I PAID THE TICKET!! I will add that all of these instances except the almost wreck happened before I had children. Maybe having children makes you a better driver. Anyway for your entertainment I'll describe backing my SUV into a ditch. =0) It was late one night and a friend and I were planning to go out. No I wasn't drinking! My Mom had parked her car in an awkward position and I was trying to back up out of the driveway with a ditch directly behind me. I thought I had it clear until I put it in drive and started to go and then didn't. Instead I slid back. Into the ditch. Headlights pointing to the sky! And at this point my best friend (Thank You Lisa!) is dying laughing. She's always so helpful! We tried EVERYTHING to get that stupid SUV out of the ditch. Including my brother sitting and jumping on the hood while I pressed the gas. (Yes I know not smart!) But nothing worked so finally I had to call a tow truck to pull it out. Full of mud and all nasty. The tow truck driver was rolling laughing too. Hey can I help it? I'm a blond! Hehe.


Martha-- lv2scrpbk said...

OMG! I love the backing into a ditch story. Sorry but I had to laugh too.
The whole "put me down" thing, don't worry at least she was ok and back being awnrey(can't spell).
I love reading your blogs. I want you to know even if I don't always comment, I always read them. Everyone of them.
Have a fantastic day. Well at least try. LOL :)

Leah & Terry said...

LOL> Loving the driving stories!!! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

OMGOSH! I do remember that day! Even though it was 100 yrs ago! lol
Dude that was so funny, it happened so fast. I think i peeed on myself that day. LMAO

Mindy said...

I, like you, am I much better driver since I had my son. It's been about 6 years since I got a ticket. I do tend to go a little over the speed limit but not too bad. My distraction is not only my 2 1/2 y/o DS. But that I am without a doubt the worlds best car singer. I did go to college for a while to become a singer. So, I believe I am great in the car. I know all the words and am never off key (in the car) I'm only slightly offended that my DS has recently started yelling NO MOMMY NO when I sing. He just doesn't know good talent. Other than that, no close calls or tickets in several years. Mindy

BB said...

Thanks for the blog comments. I actually stumbled across your blog yesterday as well. Loved the story about the ditch! I have a dear friend whom we refer to as ditch comber because he put 3 different cars into the same ditch in one day.

Adriann said...

Good luck on the running. I so desperately want to run again. I use to run 3 miles 3 - 4 times a day. Now, I can barely walk a mile without getting out of breath. I'm glad Alexix seemed calmer after the run. Yeah! You might want to take her along next time. LOL!!!

Good journaling prompt. You've given me an idea to start blogging more.

Hope you are having a great day!

Adriann said...

just saw my post and meant to say 3 -4 times a week...