Thursday, June 28, 2007

I've got a talking butt too...

Well not really. Remember a couple of entries back I posted about Jordan's talking butt? Well. Today was my lovely 3 mos. checkup after having the baby. My wonderful in-laws came up to the house to watch the girls so I could escape with only 1 kid at the appointment with me. Brandon and I get to the Dr. and I go around the back to get the stroller only to realize... It's in the other car! Great. I have to hold a 15 lb. monster on my chest on top of being forced to have a pap test. Ick. We go in and sit for a minute and this totally rude chick just STARES at my son. Ok start a conversation, ask me how old he is, but quit looking at him like he's edible! Seriously. Thank goodness my Dr's office is quick. We go to the back and I tell the nurse I forgot his stroller and they very happily volunteer to hold the baby for me. So far so good. I change and they come back in with the baby and hand him back to me. He's sitting on my chest and the Dr. comes in and doesn't say anything until... you guessed it... he sits down between my legs... and says "Hi Mrs. Landry, How are you today?" I just about die trying not to laugh because all of the sudden I have a mental picture of my rear end talking to him and saying "Just fine doc, and you?" I mean come on look at my face when you talk to me! My butt doesn't answer. Oh and he had put me on birth control but it made my milk dry up. I tell him this while he's doing the lovely breast examination. And he giggles and says "It's kind of hard to imagine your breast milk drying up." (I am rather um well endowed.) Then he recovers and very professionally says "Of course it doesn't have any thing to do with breast size." Umm ok.

But my daughter's butt does answer questions. Yep her butt is still talking and it says yes to every question you ask it. "Jordan, What does your butt say about going outside?" "Yes." "Jordan, What does your butt say about taking a nap?" "Yes." Apparently her butt is much more agreeable than she is. =0)

Okay now I know you've only been reading that to get to the journalling question of the day... So here goes....

What is your favorite kind of comfort food? Do you enjoy cooking? What is your favorite thing to cook?

Not fair to ask this question on a day I'm dieting. Phooey. Okay my favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes with country gravy, not pretend mashed potatoes. Real ones with cream, and real butter, salt and pepper. Yum! And homemade gravy made from a roux. Yum! I don't mind cooking. I don't really love it. DH loves my cooking thankfully though. I know I used to make a lot fancier food for him. Homemade cookies and bread and all kinds of stuff. He jokes that once we got married I quit cooking. NOT SO! =0) Just soon after. Hehe. One of my favorite cooking disasters of mine is the time I tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the first time. Everything came out beautifully. The mashed potatoes, peas, stuffing, etc. It was time to take the turkey out of the oven and I was too nervous to carve it b/c I'd never carved one before and had no clue what I was doing so I let my mother-in-law do it. Well she starts carving with the electric carving knife and I see something white. Really white. Not white meat. Umm what's that? She stops cutting and we discover that I left a bag in the turkey. I had known there was a bag in the turkey and I pulled it out. Well apparently sometimes turkeys have TWO bags according to my mother in law. Great! My lovely, sweet, supportive Ronnie died laughing. Rolling on the floor almost hurting himself laughing. Have you noticed there's a theme to this blog? People laughing at me maybe? =0)

P.S. We ate the turkey anyway and it was awesome. Apparently leaving the bag in makes it extra tasty. You should try it! LOL


Martha said...

OMG! This time I seriously was laughing my ass off. I feel for you darling. I know horrible it is to have to have them darn paps. I just had mine too. Thankfully the Nurse Practitioner does mine. But I know about the whole butt talking thing all too well. I try so hard and pray to God it doesn't decide to talk to them. Maybe you should've. lol.
Good thing the turkey was still good. I think i have done that before too.

Elizabeth (peachiebeth) said...

You are too Funny! Reading this brightened my day! Now I am off to write about my comfort foods!

Mindy said...

Why do the OB/GYNS insist on talking to you when they are down there. I say get in, get done, get out. I don't need you to be nice to me while you're using me as a puppet! Heather, why didn't you leave him in his infant carrier?

The question is do I like cooking? Not really, I don't hate it. But, I don't love it either.
Comfort food? Tuna & noodles, my DH won't touch it. But I am raising my DS to eat it with me. My fave thing to cook is anything in the crock-pot. How easy is that??? Or lazy, I don't know which!!!

Adriann said...

Your comfort food sounds yummy! I'm dieting too and you are tempting me girl. Stop it!!!!

Enjoy the weekend!