Monday, June 25, 2007

A nice surprise.

This weekend was really nice! Friday Ronnie's parents and sister came over and we all went out for lunch at the Olive Garden (which I love). Ronnie never takes me there b/c he doesn't like Italian food. Crazy man. He was at work and was mad at us for going out without him. LOL He "wanted free lunch too". Then after that we went to Chuck E Cheese which of course thrilled the girls. Brandon had a giant poop while we were there. So bad I had to change his clothes and wipe him down from head to toe with wipes. Thank goodness I'm the prepared type and had 30 wipes in the box and an extra set of clothes. Grossness! On the way home my van made a noise and then the check engine light came on. It never fails! Something always is up.
Then on Saturday we dropped off the van (thanking goodness that we had the new car that fit all of the kids seats) and we set out to drive to Ronnie's sisters for bbq and to let the kids visit with their grandparents. Five minutes after we got there the phone rang. It was the dealership and our van was fixed. So we headed back to pick it up. The grandparents watched the two girls and we took Brandon and switched out cars and headed back to eat COLD bbq. But it was still good and visiting was nice. We ate fruit salad and Alexis complained about eating blueberries because she "didn't like them". We insisted that she eat at least one and then she discovered that she liked them. On the way home she informed me that the blueberries were in her belly "right here" while poking herself in the belly and telling me that her belly hurt. Umm I don't think it's the blueberries. It's the other junk you ate. Then Jordan chimed in to tell me that she had "bellybuttons in her ears". I must be going crazy because it only took me a second to figure out that she meant that she had holes in her ears like the hole in her bellybutton. Kids!
On Sunday Ronnie went out to cut the grass and then came in and told me to get a change of clothes for everyone that we were going to have a surprise. So I packed some clothes and some towels b/c I had a sneaking suspicion that we were going to the beach because Jordan has never been and keeps asking to go. Well I was right. We drove down to Bay St. Louis for a bit and let the kids play in the sand and the water. They had a blast! It was such a sweet surprise to get away for a bit. I get tired of being cooped up in the house.
This morning we've already been to hippotherapy (horse riding) for Jordan. Alexis is on Mach 10 hyper! She's bouncing off of the walls and is so disrespectful. And the new kicker... Whenever I tell her no to anything she punches herself in the head. So not cool. So I call the Dr's office and he's out of town until the 2nd and there's no alternate Dr. Fabulous. I'm really worried about her. This is just awful.
On a funny note... My DH is a huge Dale Jr fan and his announcement that he's moving to Hendrick Motorsports has him all riled up. Especially since he loves using the sponsors of the NASCAR drivers he likes. (No he doesn't drink Budweiser. LOL He never drinks.) All of the other sponsors though. Like Gatorade and Oreos. Etc. Well there are talks about Jr. being sponsored by Pepsi. And DH hates Pepsi. So Alexis and I have been teasing him that he'll have to drink Pepsi. All of the sudden Alexis says... I know we'll call Daddy's new car Pepsi. (All of our cars need nicknames.) DH hates it but it stuck. So Pepsi his Jeep is! LOL Poor man. He doesn't have a chance!


Adriann said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Aren't days like Sunday great!!! Enjoy the rest of your week...


Leah & Terry said...

Hey girl!! I am loving the beach pics!! Sounds like fun. As for your dh not liking Olive Garden??? That is just crazy, you should train him better than that girl!!! LOL. I hope you can figure out why your dd keeps hitting herself in the head... why is that doctors leave and have no replacement??? Do they seriously think no one will get sick, or is it that they just don't care?? Hmm, I'm thinking the latter on that one!! Hope the van isn't anything to expensive! {{{{ Hugs}}}}}