Friday, June 29, 2007

A quiet, decent, scrappy day.

Wow. I actually got two scrapbook pages done for a circle journal I'm doing with my grandmother. (If you are reading this Maw don't go check my gallery or your surprise will be ruined!!) It's been a pretty quiet day. I really haven't had to fuss at Alexis much which is a relief. I hate having to fuss at her. I feel like that's all I do sometimes! Brandon is in his swing watching the dog itch in her kennel. Hey if it keeps him occupied! He's on a no nap kick today. So he's getting cranky. Hopefully the monotony of the swing and staring at the dog will knock him out.

OMG last night I about died laughing. You have to check out this blog about nocturnal knock knock jokes. I just had to tell them to my DH and I was crying laughing. He said "This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder why I married you." Hehehehe. Then he cracked up laughing. Poor man. He has no idea how in trouble he is. A lifetime with me. Jeez. I'm glad I'm not him. =0)

Oh here's a super cute picture of my son. IMO humble opinion...

Now for the (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) Journalling prompt of the day... Do you play an instrument? How did you learn it? Is it useful? How proficient are you?

Hmm well... In 3rd grade everybody HAD to take music class and HAD to play an instrument. Music to me feels like math. With lots of numbers. 1/4 notes 8 beats. Phooey. I hate math. So I really didn't care what instrument I played. (My vote was for drums but for some reason my parents vetoed that really fast. I wonder why?) So my parents figured out that the cheapest instrument to buy was the clarinet, and since I wasn't really interested they didn't want to spend a ton of $$$. So a clarinet it was. It took me FOREVER to figure out how to put it together. (Still not sure I did it right to this day.) I got it together in the classroom and then was instructed to wet the reed which had something to do with sticking it in your mouth and soaking it with spit. Ewww! It reminded me of the tongue depressor thing at the Dr's. So not appetizing. The music teacher was Dr. Himel. I find it rather ironic that he had a doctorate and was teaching whole bunch of moronic 3rd graders to play music but Hey to each his own right? He had a huge bushy beard with hair to match. He kind of reminded me of the guys that they always get to play Zeus on the cheesy movies. And he did not like me. Which was fine with me because I didn't like him either. I wasn't coordinated enough to get my fingers on the right buttons and blow at the right moments. You could pretty much say I blew at blowing on the clarinet. Hehe. Oh well. This guy thought he was conducting a symphony and half of us didn't cut it. Needless to say in fourth grade when we got to choose our elective I did NOT stay with music. I did end up joining the choir in High School because I LOVE to sing. I ended up singing solos and duets (Several with my partner in crime Lisa) at a bunch concerts. At the first concert where I had to sing by myself I was so grateful that I wore a long skirt because my knees were shaking SO HARD I was sure I'd have been laughed at hilariously. I thought it was pretty funny myself later. You can see on the tape my dress moving slightly. It was nothing compared to what was going on underneath it. =0) After being such a prominent singer in High School (My one claim to fame.) I've been relegated to rousing renditions of the Backyardagins and Wonderpets theme songs. I have a extensive repertoire of Disney songs as well. Oh well at least the kids like them!


Mindy said...

Glad to hear things were calmer at your house today. That is a super cute pic of your son.

As for a instrument, I went the trumpet & clarinet. Didn't like either. That's when I swtiched to choir and LOVED it. I even went to college to be a choir teacher. I soon found out that I had the BEST h.s. choir teacher. Because she made us all feel we were the best. I found out quickly in college I was NOT the best or even very good. So, to nursing school I went. Oh well, my DS used to like it when I sang to him. Now at 2 1/2 he's decided he doesn't like it so much anymore. Hope you have another scrappy day tomorrow! Mindy

Adriann said...

Brandon is a cutie patootie! I checked out the running blog. I'm too excited and can't wait to get started... This will definitely help me in my weight loss program. Thanks for the link!

Martha said...

Oh my he is so darn cute. He is getting so big too. I'm going to check out those jokes. I could use a good laugh.