Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A shave, a shower, and a show!

What is it about getting in the bathtub that makes your children instantly "need" something urgently? I've been doing a photo a day of myself for a scrapbooking challenge and thought that I'd take a picture of my Oh so cute feet. LOL Well my Oh so cute feet are connected to my (then) very hairy legs. =0) So I got a bright idea that I would shave AND paint my toenails in the same day. I know I was asking for trouble. How dare a new Mom try to do anything related to self-care?

I painted my toenails while playing with Brandon lying next to me on the floor. Then I fed him. To the top. I mean he was way full. And then I handed him off to his Daddy for my 20 minutes of bliss in the shower. Well not so much. Have I mentioned I hate shaving my legs? So much that I wish the razor wouldn't have been discovered. I mean if it wouldn't have been discovered we'd all be hairy but we wouldn't know being hairy was bad. LOL

So I'm in the shower for 5 minutes. My hair is soapy and I hear... "Momma!" "Momma!" Daddy wants to know if you are almost done. (Umm yes I bathed and shaved and washed my hair in 5 minutes!!!) "No Alexis! Why?" I said. "Because Daddy needs you. The baby pooed." (Okay I am so not getting out of the shower. I deserve to shave my legs!) "I'll be done in a minute." I say. And then I start shaving at warp speed. By now the baby is crying, I can hear him through the door. I begin to suspect that this is all a grand conspiracy to keep me smelly and dirty so I can't run away. =0)

Alexis is back. "Mommy I gotta potty." (Oh great!) So she comes in and I get to listen to her potty while still shaving at warp speed. We have a discussion about how when she's 18 she's going to be able to do whatever she wants. Just like I get to do whatever I want she says. Ummm exsqueeze me? I get to do what I want?! LOL I try to explain to her that someone will always be telling her what to do. Probably me. And her boss. And her Daddy too. She is bummed out by this. Well so am I! LOL She peeps into the shower to check out what I am doing and informs me that when she's older she's going to shave. Great! I know you'll love it. (For the first 2 months and then it's a chore!) She leaves.

Jordan is in her room across the hallway from the bathroom and she starts hollering. "I want Mommy to sing the Backyardagins!" And she's getting frantic. Those of you lucky people who haven't watched the Backyardagins just don't know what you are missing out on! Now I've been in the shower for 10 minutes. I start singing. I am desperate just to finish shaving BOTH legs. Come on how funny would that be? One shaved leg! I could take a picture of one foot for the photo challenge!?

Still singing at the top of my lungs I finish up and shut off the water. The baby is now screaming!!!!! I am soaking wet. Drying off at warp speed. Jordan is crying... I want my Mommy! Alexis is asking for something to drink and I rush to the bedroom to get dressed. When I'm dressing I notice I missed a few hairs on my legs. (I wonder how that happened?) Phooey! DH comes in and shoves the baby at me.

Is it any wonder I am exhausted?! Argh! Anyway all of that for this photo that I took today to put into the challenge. These are my feet, and mostly shaven legs, propped up in front of the computer I am addicted to. Worth it? I guess so. I feel better when I'm clean! LOL

Hugs, and thanks for reading,

P.S. Did I mention I love comments?


Jane said...

So funny...well, to me anyway!! I like the pic of the painted toes and the shaved legs!! One day you will get to shower in peace and probably miss all this ;)

*reyanna* said...

okay... your husband doesn't change poopy diapers? Did I read that correctly...?


Estee said...

I am totally cracking up here!!! I would like to know what Backyardigans song you were singing, because I am partial to Tea Time and the ones from the Arabian Movers. "Arabian Movers! We move Arabian things!!"
Why is it that everyone has to use the bathroom when we take a shower? Last night I told Brad that I HAD to take a shower and Breuklyn AND Brad had to come in and use the bathroom. I mean, come on! I am not in there that long!! :) And of course Brad is all agitated... "Don't look!!" Oh geeze, I see enough butts in one day, thanks. Changing diapers is right up there with shaving legs, in my opinion, it is all awful tedious stuff. I can't wait to read more! (((hugs)))

toofclnr said...

this is the cutest entry i've read today on a blog!! hee true and yet still so worth it isn't it? Your legs and toes look great by the way...congrats! enjoy your week!

toofclnr said...

he hee hee...this is the best blog i've read all day!! it's so true, but yet still so worth it isn't it?
Your legs and toes look great by the way.....awesome photo!!!
have a great week!

Leah & Terry said...

LOL. I loved this story because it sounds like my house!! I have often wondered why the kids come to me, when they can see I am obviously busy. Now I just say this.... Hey!! Do you see your Dad over there?? I think he still works, bug him!!!!


Shirley said...

So funny! The woes of a mom..I totally understand..I didn't even have mine shaved for my leg shot, lolol..I can choose, shampoo or shave, but NEVER both in the same bath.

Adriann said...

ROTFL!!!! Too funny. I remember those days. I have one 5 y/o and I can only take a soak bath when he is sleep. God bless you dear lady :).

Nice blog. I will be checking on you here also.

Adriann from

mindakms said...

This was Supa funny, but your husband? Really needs to step up to the plate! For reals.

NJStampinMom (aka Lynn) said...

ROFL! LOVE THIS! As you know from your girlfriends/sisters/etc. and from the comments already you are not alone my dear. I must say - I'm REALLY excited to finally meet someone who's DH has no clue what to do with a poopie diaper. My darling husband never changed a single diaper the whole time our two kids wore them - he wasn't even thrilled about taking little people potty :) HOWEVER... my now that my kids are 10 and 13, my 3 year old niece asked him to take her potty and he said he'd ask me to take her and she say "Oh comeon Unlcle Steven, it's not that hard!" ROFL!!! :)
By the way - I'm honored you went to all this trouble for my challenge - and thrilled you're on board :)

Mindy said...

Have I mentioned I hate shaving my legs? So much that I wish the razor wouldn't have been discovered. I mean if it wouldn't have been discovered we'd all be hairy but we wouldn't know being hairy was bad. LOL

O.K. That whole thing is so funny. I really think we need to throw out the razors. At least until our children are in Jr. High. So so funny.

Mindy said...

The whole thing about wishing razors were never invented is hilarious. At least you got to get in the shower, today I just held my head under the faucet to wash my hair. I hoping for a real shower tonight after the DS is in bed. Mindy