Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You HAVE to be kidding me + Talking Butt

It's been a few days... and guess what? Things are insane as usual. Does anyone watch South Park? If so I know you remember the episode where Cartman is on ADHD meds and sees little Christina Aguliera bugs chasing after him. That was pretty funny right? Well turns out it's kinda true. Alexis has ADHD and she had a hallucination the other morning. She swore up and down that there was a "big worm" under the couch that looked at her and stuck it's tongue at her. Umm my first thought... Holy crap there's a snake under my sofa. I put the baby down and ran and got a flashlight to look under the sofa. There was nothing but a piece of paper. I asked her is that the worm and she said yes. I reached under and pulled the paper out and showed her that it was just a piece of paper and she insisted that wasn't it there was a WORM. It went away. So my heart stops pounding and I go back to feeding the baby. She comes RUNNING into my bedroom all excited a few minutes later saying the worm was back. Come see! Again the same thing happened. I went in there and nothing was there! By that point I am freaking out. I try to get her to admit she's pretending. Being imaginative. Whatever! But she was insistent that she SAW THE WORMS! Jeez. So I brought it up to her psychiatrist and he says it's a hallucination and she has to go off of all of her medicine. OK YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! He said I'll just have to put up with the hyperactivity. It's not just an issue of me putting up with the hyperactivity. She gets so upset. She kept telling me all day. Is it time for my medicine yet? My head hurts. Great! So she's bouncing off of the walls. She's also been counting obsessively. The child counts everything. Over and over. I am worried about her. The Dr. says it could've been the Adderall causing the counting and the hallucinations and they should go away within two weeks, but it they don't it could be something else. GREAT! Oh and... our appointment was for 9:45 and at about 10:30 after sitting in the room for 45 minutes Jordan starting fussing and getting loud. I was trying so hard to get her to be quiet. The Dr. had the nerve to send his nurse in to ask us to use our inside voices. Ummm yeah. After waiting 45 minutes to see you the kids no longer have inside voices anymore! Am I wrong in thinking that 30 minutes is the uppermost limit that kids can sit still and be quiet. Especially a child with ADHD!? Argh! I wanted to tell him off but since he's the closest Dr. within MILES I didn't want to tick him off too bad. At least he apologized for making us wait.

My lovely husband bought himself a new used SUV. In his defense he kinda needed it. But I really didn't want another monthly note. So he bought me a Cricut cartridge to make me less mad. =0) I've got the Disney font collection now! Awesome!

A funny for you... Jordan's butt has developed it's own separate personality. You heard me right. LOL Remember how Jim Carrey made his butt talk on Ace Ventura Pet Detective? Well she talks to her butt and apparently it talks back. I was in there changing her diaper the other day and I asked her a question. She got really quiet like she was listening and then all the sudden said " My butt says yes Mom." Umm.... Does it say anything else?!? I am so outnumbered here! What do you say back to that? Honey your butt doesn't talk? Your invisible friend can't be your butt?! Pick a new invisible friend. And they say staying home with your kids isn't work!

Brandon James has discovered a wonderful thing.... His feet! He's fascinated. He talks to them, kisses them, and sucks on his toes. Gross I know but at least they are clean. As long as his feet don't start talking back. ROFLOL


Lisa said...

Ya sometimes DR.s act like they know everything, but they no stay at home mom. They couldnt handle it. LMAO

Jane said...

oh boy!!! you do live an exciting life!!! Butt talk that is too funny!!! Thanks for sharing that LOL!!!

Adriann said...

Thank God for children's church because my 5 yo couldn't stay still for longer than 15 minutes. I think our society has forgotten what it is like to be a child. They expect them to be these quiet, still, little adults. They are children!!!!! I can't believe the Dr... Sounds like Heather's adventures of being a SAHM is quite interesting and never dull. Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Mindy said...

Wow, is all I can say! My twin sister and I shared a imaginary friend. He was a teenage boy named Bo Dennison. We had issues. At least I wasn't the only person who saw him. LOL Good Luck with the talking butt and no medicines. It's gonna be quite a summer for you.