Friday, July 6, 2007

Adjusting to the madness.

Well today hasn't been wonderful, but it hasn't been terrible either. I guess it's good to have a reason why Alexis acts the way she does. I ordered two books today from about bi-polar disorder in children. I really hope that I can find some strategies to deal with her behaviors. Today has been kinda laid back. I read on the Internet that this medicine takes 4-6 weeks to work effectively. I hope we see some improvement soon. It's scary to see how angry she gets sometimes.
I'm going to keep this entry short b/c I'm working on a scrapbook page. It's quiet for a minute so I'd better take advantage. Journalling prompt: Talk about your family traditions surrounding Halloween.

My family growing up always went trick or treating. We'd dress up and have a bonfire to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and invite all of our friends over. We dressed up in very strange costumes. One time my brother was a pirate. In full pirate costume with eye patch and everything and decided at the last minute that a clown wig would complete his ensemble nicely. So he was a clown/pirate. One year I decided to go as a dead witch. I wore my black floor length nylon nightgown and painted my face white with fake blood dripping all over. I added vampire teeth to add to the effect. Strange huh? When we'd go up to houses people would say what a nice ummm costume you have there. LOL As I've gotten older and the world has gotten a bit more dangerous Ronnie and I made the decision not to let our girls trick or treat. He never went trick or treating as a child and didn't really miss it. So we usually spend Halloween as a family. Going out to eat or something fun. I'd like to restart the bonfire tradition even if we don't actually let them trick or treat when they are older and know not to fall INTO the fire. I'll get them to dress up too. I think Jordan would make a cute fairy/firefighter. =0)



Mindy said...

I'm glad today was a calmer day for you. I know you will find the best way to deal with everything.

Halloween!!! I loved halloween, we always went trick or treating and my Mom would take us to our Grandparents house so they could see us in our costumes. Being that I am a identical twin we always had to have matchy matchy costumes. Which I HATED then but of course think is really cute now. My most memorable costume was when we were in 1st grade. My older sister made us dice costumes. She got big boxes and cut out arm, leg, head holds and painted them like dice. The funny part is at our school we always had a halloween party and each class would parade around all the others classrooms so all the kids in your grade could see your costume. Ours were TOO BIG to get through the aisle of desks and we kept getting stuck. Finally by the 3rd classroom we just stood at the front of the classroom. I wish my Mom had been better at taking pictures, I can't find a single picture of us in those costumes.

Adriann said...

Hey! Congrats on your weight loss. I've started the running plan and I'm feeling good about it. I need to do week 1 over because I only did 2 days instead of 3, but at least it's a start.

Still praying you for you and Alexis.


nmlady said...

You may already know about this website but just in case you don't I thought I would leave you a comment.

My daughter was misdiagnosed as bipolar2 last March while hospitalized after attacking me. The meds (lithium and prozac) did nothing for her behavior so the pscyh we started seeing after she returned home took her off the meds and increased her prozac. She was diagnosed by him as severely depressed. I feel she is doing much better. She wants to go off the meds because she says she's not depressed (of course not because you are on meds). I have been told this is the hardest part of dealing with a child with a mental illness is getting them to take their meds. Your family is in my prayers.