Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Isn't it ironic?

Last night Ronnie had a Dr's appointment. He's been trying to study for his CPA exam and says he's having a hard time. He can't focus and his mind is racing too much to study. Well you know what that sounds like? ADHD. I had him ask the Dr. about it and yep you guessed it. He has ADHD. He's going to be on Adderall. Just like Alexis. It's kind of ironic because he's fussing at Alexis all the time because she doesn't listen and can't pay attention. Well what now Bubba you have the same problem! I really hope the Adderall helps him. I have to go get it at the pharmacy in a little bit but Brandon is taking a nap and we are NOT waking him up. Jordan had a rough night last night and didn't sleep well at all.

Today has been kind of *GASP* calm! I know you don't believe it! LOL Alexis has been watching TV and kinda hanging out and Jordan has been her loud self but has been just kinda hanging out too. No fighting. It's a miracle! My new washing machine is coming tomorrow. Which is great b/c the banging on the washing machine isn't working anymore. Right now it's sitting there with a full load of clothes in a full load of water. Crud. Trying to figure out what I'm going to do with that. Ick!

Ronnie made the comment this morning that after the kids are all in school he thought it'd be a good idea if I go to college. WHAT! Ok I'm excited. I miss learning new things and one of my biggest regrets is not being able to finish college. My grandma went to college late (after her kids were grown). I'd love to go back. I really would like to be an occupational therapist specializing in pediatrics. Really I would. It would be 5 years from now before I could start but I'm excited! Really excited. LOL

Journalling prompt: Do you dream at night? What do you dream about?

Last night I was dreaming about the CT LO I had to finish this morning. LOL Yes I dream about scrapbooking usually. And every now and then I dream some really off the wall stuff. For example, One time (while pregnant) I dreamed that Ronnie and I took the kids to the Zoo and we were walking on a pier in the alligator exhibit (which in real life has very high sides) that didn't have any sides on it. Well there was a gator right next to the pier and Alexis reached down to "pet" it. As she did the alligator comes up to eat her. I grabbed her by her foot and yanked her upside down in the air. As I did Jordan started to go over the other side of the pier and I grabbed her up by her foot too! Then I started running down the pier (hugely pregnant in my dream too) with a kid in each hand upside down and alligators snapping at them the whole way through. And I was yelling at Ronnie. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. YOU WERE THE ONE THAT WANTED TO COME TO THE STUPID ZOO. LET'S SEE THE ALLIGATORS YOU SAID. YEAH HOW MUCH FUN IS THIS! Even in my dreams I'm mean. LOL


Adriann said...

Funny dream! Love you new LO's! They are slammin!!! Glad to hear that this are Shhhh! You deserve those days every now and again.

Hurray for you!!!!! On going back to school. I know it's going to be a few more years, but it is going to feel so good when you get back. I'm going back to school this fall. I'm studying to be an RN and I'm stuck with a PreCalculus class that I must take before I can take my clinicals. I've taken all of my science classes and they were a breeze. It's this math that's going to kill me. Keep me in your prayers.

Glad to see you getting a break for a while.

Enjoy the week!

Anonymous said...

Wow unreal about your hubby! Hope the meds kick in quick and help him with his study's. Glad you have a calmer day. I'd say you were due. Hope your able to get that washer to work and cleaned out.