Friday, July 27, 2007

Just Breathing.

Today is a good day. The baby is asleep. I'm sleep deprived because Jordan has been up since 1am, but it isn't an exhausted sleep deprived. LOL I finished a new digi LO that got all sorts of compliments, and I was offered another month on the creative team. Alexis is doing pretty well. She keeps repeating things over and over but I'll take that over a temper tantrum any day.

Ronnie has promised to watch the kids so I can sleep tonight. I guess he's trying to attone for kicking me (yes literally) last night so I could get up with Jordan. He had to drive the commuter van this morning and had to get some rest. You know for the longest time he fussed about me going back to sleep after he left for work and said, "Well I get up earlier than you do." As an excuse to tell me how he was SO much more tired than I was. I later found out. On the days he doesn't drive that turkey sleeps the whole hour and a half drive in! He's getting tons more sleep than I am. Can you believe it! Men.

Oh and Jordan had a nightmare about Cookie Monster last night. That was why she was up at 1am. Poor baby is deathly afraid of one of Brandon's Cookie Monster toys. She told me that she dreamed that he was in her belly trying to get her to eat more cookies. Awww. Poor baby. Someone should tell Cookie Monster she already eats enough cookies for 6 people. That's why her nickname is Cookie!

So today I am just breathing. Getting by and trying to relax some. Oh. I found out that they are going to build a new subdivision behind us. Right behind us. So I'll have backyard neighbors. Thank goodness I have my fence now. Who knows if I'll like these people. All though it would be pretty cool if I did. Can you tell I'm a bit of a recluse? And speaking of recluses maybe they'll be less spiders and snakes and wiggly things if my backyard doesn't back up to the wilderness. Ick!

Enough babbling. Drumroll please: Journalling prompt of the day: What do you know about your paternal grandparents? Tell about your relationship with them.

This is not going to be good. Ok. By now you know that I was a one night stand baby. But what most of you don't know is that my Dad was my Mom's best friend's brother, and she was in LOVE or what she thought was LOVE with him. Anyway the stories I hear about my paternal grandparents are not good ones. My grandfather was a raging alcoholic. My Uncles who were also friends with my Dad told me a story about my grandfather coming home drunk and peeing on the stero in the corner. Lovely right? My grandmother was very subdued and was ordered around by my grandfather. Eventually she divorced him, and by the time I met my grandfather he'd been sober for quite a while and had become very involved in the church. He married a younger woman and I have an Aunt who is much younger than I am. My grandmother died of cancer a few years ago. Before she died I got to go stay with her for a week in Lake Charles, La. She was a very sweet and caring person, and I wish I could've known her better. I have a picture of her that I am going to scrap.



Estee said...

I think the cookie monster is creepy. I would have nightmares too!!! I am glad that you are hanging in there!! (((hugs)))

I linked your blog to my new blog, I hope that is ok!!!

Mindy said...

Tell her I feel her pain. I STILL have nightmares about the oommpa loompas from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Hate those creepy things.

Since my Dad died while we were young, we didn't see alot of them after he died. Most of my memories of them revolve around my grandfathers Alzhiemers and the things that happen with him.

Adriann said...

Hope you were able to get plenty of sleep.

Men are funny!!! My FH use to get an attitude when I would sleep in when he had to go to work. I wasn't a SAHM mind you, so I think I should have the right to sleep in.

I'm glad you were able to meet and spend time with your grandmother before she passed. I was able to spend time with my maternal grandmother right before she passed. We didn't have a good relationship while I was growing up, but I was able to forgive her her faults against me before she died. That was a true blessing and now I have closure in that relationship.

Sorry, didn't mean to post a two page essay. LOL!!!

Anyway, hope you had a fabulous weekend.


Leah & Terry said...

I hope you get some sleep soon. I have to go check out your new layouts now, I'm sure they are awesome. Great job with being on the creative team another month!!!