Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spider Man and an Oldie but a Goodie

Well this weekend was certainly eventful, but I know you don't expect anything less than that! Brandon's bellybutton opened up AGAIN. We went to the pediatricians office and they sent us to an emergency room over an hour away where they did the same thing that they do at the pediatrician's office (put silver nitrate on it to chemically burn it shut). I sat there for 6 hours on Saturday. The kicker? All of the Dr's kept saying. I have no clue why it's doing that let me ask my superior. Lovely. We go back for another consult next week with a surgeon. I'm praying it heals before then.

About a week ago Ronnie was out in the shed getting the lawnmower out and realized it was FULL of spiders. He called me out there to look at this HUGE spider. I told him to kill it! So he got a plastic kiddie bat and smacked the living daylights out of it. Well when he did it looked like some sort of science fiction movie. HUNDREDS of spiders started running around from where he'd smacked the big one. Apparently it'd been sitting on an egg sac. We both were FREAKING out! He got what he needed and shut the door FAST. So then after that we talked about it and he decided to take the shed down (It'd been damaged in Katrina anyway) and store his stuff on the carport until we could get a better (safer) shed. Sunday he went about taking it apart. I watched for the first few minutes and then took Brandon inside because it was HOT. Lousisiana in July. Not fun. So after about an hour I go check on him. He's got the plastic bat nearby and every now and then stops to smash a spider. It was gross. Poor man. He was so jumpy. And who can blame him. He actually saw BLACK WIDOW SPIDERS in my backyard. It's enough for me to not want to let the kids go outside at all!!!! Jeez. Funny story though. He was carrying the shop vac to the carport when something fell on his hand and he THREW the vacuum cleaner four or five feet because he thought it was a spider. It's kind of comical when you think that he's 6'4" and afraid of spiders. I am terrified of spiders though so I do have to thank him for being my hero, my Spider Man!

And yesterday was therapy day folks. Jordan has hippotherapy (horse) in the morning and she got to ride in a big girl saddle instead of on a blanket. She was IMPRESSED with herself and kept smiling and waving. See picture... Then we headed home. On the way home I was listening to a pop station and it said "Now for a blast from the past an oldie but a goodie." And Mambo Number 5 started playing. Ummmmm. Mambo Number 5 was popular in my senior year of high school. It's an oldie? That must mean I'm *GASP* old! This really upset me. I was traumatized. Jeez Louise! Add that to the crow's feet and I'm almost over the hill! LOL

Yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of trying to take the kids to the library after physical and occupational therapy. NEVER AGAIN. Okay maybe sometime again but not anytime soon! The baby was crying. Jordan was yelling to get out of the stroller. Alexis was taunting Jordan that she couldn't get out of the stroller. It was a nightmare! Then after we got out of there I put the stroller in the back of the van and promptly shut the door on the wheel of the stroller and dented it. Now it probably won't roll straight. Did I mention it was raining? Did I mention it there was a ton of construction on the street and it took me forever to get home? That'll teach me to try to read. Phooey! And Brandon screamed all the way home. He doesn't mind when we are moving but if you hit traffic and you have to sit still he hollers.

I have a new digital LO to show you all and I applied to be on a creative team this morning. Wish me luck. =0)

Enough rambling: Journalling prompt of the day.... In honor of how stinkin' hot it is here. What is your favorite season? Why? What do you like about each season?

Well let me just say it's not Summer!!! It was 101 degrees here yesterday. While I was doing all of that crazy errand running. And I forgot to shave my legs this weekend with all the insanity going on so I wore long pants. Yikes. What a mess! I hate Summer. It's so hot. The kids don't want to go play outside and I just always feel like I'm melting!!!!! The only good thing about Summer is that the kids are out of school and some days (yesterday) I begin to wonder if that's a good thing. LOL My favorite season would have to be the Fall. I love buying school supplies and the weather becomes tolerable and there's Thanksgiving which is always awesome, and you get to look forward to Christmas. The kids like to play outside again. All in all it's wonderful! Winter is nice too. I love snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate. Seeing the Christmas tree up and lit. The kids bundled up so much they look like miniature marshmallows. So cute! I love visiting with my family at Christmas time and lets not forget PRESENTS! And buying for the kids. Anticipating how much they'll love their gifts. Fun stuff! Spring is pretty cool too when the new flowers start coming in and the birds start coming out early in the morning and singing. Pretty awesome stuff! No matter how rough life gets it's the little things that make things worthwhile! =0)



P.S. Leave me a comment! I don't bite! =0) NmLady- Thank you so much for that website you left in my last comment section. I went and checked it out and it looks really helpful.


Mindy said...

Well, Thank god for your Spiderman!!! I am Spiderman in my house.

I've never tried to take Connor to the Library, not brave enough yet.

And for the questions....I live in OHIO so I love SUMMER!! Actually I love BASEBALL season, so by default, I love summer. By the spring I am itching for Spring Training to start. I miss my Cleveland Indians during the winter. Although it is easier to go out and play with Connor in the Spring & Fall and it is beautiful here during those seasons. But did I say I lave baseball season?


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean hate spiders and LOVE fall. Its my favorite season.


Leah & Terry said...

LOL!!! The spider story actually made my day. I needed a good laugh. I don't really blame him for freaking out, I would be too. The spiders spawning out of the original spider is actually giving me goosebumps!!!

Love the new digi LO.... can you hear me calling you from the dark side??? LOL. Good luck with the creative team thing, you really deserve it.

Questions.. I love summer. I live and breath for the heat. Now, I had to go check my thermometer because you measure in farenheit and we measure in celcius but 101 sounds pretty close to what we have been getting here in Canada!!! Now although that is a bit hot and humid for me, I love it. You have to enjoy it because before you know it, it's fall again and then the dreaded winter!!!! And then we all complain that we are freezing to death!! Well at least I am freezing to death anyway. LOL

Adriann said...

Oh Dear Heather,

Boy do you lead an exciting life. I'm sorry to hear about Brandon's belly button. And I can't believe the Doctors sometimes... Why do they get paid so much again?

Spider Man-- was so funny!!! I can imagine seeing that many spiders being a little jittery. LOL!!!

Good luck to you on the Creative Team application. I hope you get it. You are a talented designer and I love your work.