Friday, July 13, 2007

This CT thing is keeping me busy!

The new creative team has me hopping busy! And all of the kids appointments too. I am so excited for school to start just so I can get a break every now and then. I was so stressed out last night after bringing Brandon for his shots. They want him to go back to the surgeon. When we got to the Dr. it was STORMING raining. I mean coming in sideways. I had three kids, one me, and one, umbrella. Ummmmm... Ok. I threw my backpack over my back and grabbed the baby! So far so good. Then I told Alexis to unbuckle and wait by the door. I had to wake Jordan up. She had just fallen asleep! You can imagine how happy she was. She told me to "leave her alone". So I grabbed her in the other arm, and told Alexis to shut the door. I staggered to the overhang trying to hold an umbrella and two kids and Alexis' hand somehow. We finally made it. I set Jordan down to close the umbrella and she promply threw a fit and SAT in a puddle of water. Right in front of the window where everyone could see her. (I found out later that everyone was talking about the little girl who FELL in the water. No people she was having a tantrum!) Anyway we got in and waited in the waiting room for an hour. My kids are not good waiters.

Jordan was running in circles, playing with the trash can, and hollering HUP TWO, THREE, FOUR at the very top of her lungs. Like she's in the army. (One can only wish she had that much discipline) And she keeps opening the door. She very lovingly patted someone elses baby and made him cry. (he wasn't hurt but he was startled because he was trying to sleep) I just couldn't get there fast enough to keep her from "petting" him. Alexis was her usual Chatty Cathy self telling everyone in the waiting room what kind of underwear she was wearing and how Brandon is stinky when he poops (REALLY stinky).

When we got back to the room we had another 20 minutes of waiting so I decided to take them all to the bathroom. On the way to the bathroom one of the nurses (I'm sure she thought she was helping) gave them all pinwheels. Well my children are not content to blow on them and watch them spin. Alexis was spinning in 40 mph circles and Jordan used hers as a crude sword and began stabbing Alexis in the back with it while she was spinning. Brandon at this point is hungry and making his MMMMMMMMMMMM noise. (That means if you don't feed me in the next 10 minutes WATCH OUT) We get to the bathroom. Alexis is tired of being stabbed with the pinwheel so she's yelling at Jordan. Jordan's back to yelling HUP TWO, THREE, FOUR and now she's saluting us with her sword/pinwheel by bopping herself in the head. All of the sudden Alexis decides to get her Jordan back for hitting her and they start smacking each other with the pinwheels. I ignored them for as long as I could but it started looking like a fight scene from Pirates of the Carribean. So I figured I'd intervene before someone lost an eye. (Argh matey an eyepatch for us all!)

I carry/push/drag them all back into the exam room and a while later the Dr. comes in. I'm standing there at the table with the Dr. and I hear Alexis say... (Yeah Cookie turn it off!) and as I turn to say NO!! It goes dark. She turned off the lights. Alexis pipes up... I onliest told her to do it Mom I didn't do it!!! I find the switch, get it back on and order them to sit on the bench and DON'T MOVE! Brandon gets his shots and we leave. But not before the Dr. informs me that B is losing weight. I have to go back in a week to make sure he is gaining weight or I won't be able to continue breastfeeding him. The Dr. has the nerve to inform me that stress can decrease milk supply and ask me if I'm stressed. Lady you have NO IDEA! LOL

Alexis is doing better today. Adding the Adderall in seems to have made a HUGE difference. I'm so very thankful. It's been a quiet decent day!

Journalling prompt of the day: Are you crafty? What crafts do you enjoy doing?

Ya'll already know I'm a scrapbooker. Paper and digi! I love, love, LOVE it. I also do cross stitch and I like to pretend I can sew on my sewing machine (but it's just pretending. I kinda suck at it!) I also like making little arts and crafts with the kids.

P.S. Comments make me happy! Tell me what to write about tomorrow. Talk to me people!!!! LOL

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Martha said...

Oh Honey, I am so sorry for everything you are going through. If I lived closer I would totally come over and help you out with things. I sure hope the girls and Brandon give you some kind of relief soon. Maybe you should get hubby to watch them for awhile and you take time to go for a walk or to window shop or something just so you can get some fresh air. Must be hard taking care of the kids and having to take them all with you everywhere. It is hard for me & mine are older. Although they do get quite annoying in the stores.
I wish you peace and I will pray for you to get through all of this with the kids.
You take care of you too.