Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moose Farts and Mopping Me

Why does the weird stuff happen to me? Seriously. Wednesday of last week I had to have two teeth pulled. My stupid wisdom teeth came in wrong. Well I was nervous about it to begin with because I had to be put to sleep and had to sign this paper that said... you know you can have other teeth broken if these are hard to get out, you may swallow tooth pieces, you may have an infection at the IV site, you may die, you may turn into a purple people eater when the anesthesia wears off (yadda, yadda, yadda). I swear they try to scare you half to death before the procedure even starts!!! I had to pump milk for a month to get Brandon enough to last for the 24 hours I couldn't feed him due to the anesthesia. Seriously that kid can EAT! So I take the relaxing pills that I'm supposed to take and DH drives me to the "oral surgeons". Not just a dentist. A surgeon! Yikes. (Refer to my last blog on how much of a weenie I am about blood and icky surgery stuff! LOL)

I get in there and they inform me that I'm going to have to put a second mortgage on my house to get the surgery done. Okay not really but 818 dollars is a lot of money! They take me back and put me in the chair and put this wonderfully loopy gas on my nose. Yum! I'm breathing as deeply as I can hoping to be as knocked out as possible when they do the IV. I hate needles! They cover me up in a blanket, and the big light comes on. Oh boy. Then the doctor comes in. He asks the nurse and anesthesiologist if they heard about Moose gas causing global warming?! He says apparently Norwegian moose toots are causing global warming. They make the same amount of emissions in a year equal to an over 1000 mile car trip! In my head I'm thinking I must be dreaming. I must be asleep. The surgeon is talking about Moose farts! Then he says "I was going to buy a moose but now since I know they are that gassy I don't want one anymore." Is he serious?! Why do you need a moose? That's crazy.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I was out! The next thing I remember they were walking me to the car. As soon as I was capable (drooling gauze and all) I went to the computer to look it up and here it is!!! http://newsbusters.org/blogs/matthew-sheffield/2007/08/22/norwegian-moose-burps-blamed-global-warming MOOSE TOOTS ARE CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING! I was really afraid that my poor drug addled mind had invented it all. LOL

On a different topic... My kids. Gosh they can come up with some stuff. Jordan is a little parrot. Whatever you say will eventually come out of her mouth, and usually not at the best time. Like when my Mother-In-Law was here and she dropped something and said DAMN IT! Really loudly. My MIL didn't catch it though thank goodness. Well Jordan has taken to repeating the things that Alexis says which isn't funny sometimes because she's picked up saying... Nobody likes me. I hate everybody. Recently Alexis was in one of her moods and was stomping around griping about how the world has it out for her, and Jordan was repeating everything back to her. Very loudly! (Jordan does everything very loudly just like me.) Well Alexis stormed into the kitchen and yelled at me. MOMMA!!! JORDAN WON'T QUIT MOPPING ME! It took me a full 5 minutes to stop laughing and understand that she was trying to tell me that Jordan was 'mocking' her. Hehehe. I swear sometimes I'm evil with the stuff I think is funny, but if you'd have seen how mad she was about being mopped... You'd have laughed too!

Brandon's bellybutton is still gross! We went back Thursday for another check-up and it looks like it's reforming another granduloma. Great! At least we won't have to do another surgery because we know it's not connected to the bladder. It's just gross and painful for him. Poor little dude. Thursday morning was also Alexis' psychiatrist appointment and we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel! After an ADHD med change to methyline and an increase in her bipolar meds she is doing almost 100% better. She's still got an attitude but I don't think that's a medicine issue. I just think she's a diva. LOL Thank God things are getting better. I really appreciate everyone's prayers for her. I just know they are helping.

This past weekend was pretty uneventful in spite of my poor pitiful teeth. Eating mashed potatoes and jello for a week sucks, but hey it could be the newest diet plan b/c I'm sure I've lost weight. LOL Yesterday was wild. Jordan had to go get her handicapped parking permit. She has a hard time walking long distances and is getting too heavy to carry. So we went and did that in between her 3 therapies yesterday. She's really excited to be going to school and they are spoiling her rotten because there are 3 aides and a teacher and only 3 kids. So she's got someone's undivided attention at all times. Something I know she was missing here at home with the new baby.

So that's my update. The two girls are at school and Brandon is asleep and me... well I'm just sitting here listening to the quiet. Amazing!

Fabulous journalling question of the week... Describe family reunions. Who, where, when? Why are they important?

I'm getting to the bottom of the journalling question set I have now. I'll have to find a new set. Anyway. Family reunions. We don't really have an organized family reunion. Although I did go to one on my biological Dad's side of the family where I met a ton of people I that I had no idea who they were and I'm sure they probably had no clue who I was either. I mean it's kinda funny to say... Hey here's Heather... She's the bastard child I was telling you about. LMAO They did introduce me as his daughter which was very sweet. On my Mom's side of the family we all get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year which is just awesome!

Hugs to all!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Too much going on...

So Thursday we went back to the surgeon to have Brandon's bellybutton checked out. Turns out the top healed over too quickly and formed a pocket of infection which the Dr. reopened in the office and had stuff coming out everywhere. Brandon was sooooo upset. Inconsolable. My poor little man. The Dr. told me I have to stretch the bellybutton hole to keep it open. Grossness! My son has a 1/2 deep hole in his belly. I'm so not good at this! I'm such a weenie that I passed out at 16 years old after skinning my knees while riding my bike. I was sitting on the side of the tub washing my knees off and *WHUMP* fell right off the side of the tub in a dead faint. I woke up on the floor with water running everywhere. I'm SUCH a WEENIE! But I'm also a Mom so I'm sucking it up and doing it but not without making faces and sympathetic noises. Ouch!

Oh guess what! My Mother-In-Law (who I know means well)... She thinks I told Alexis that I'd be happy when she moves out. Well that's NOT what I said!!! Alexis has been fascinated with the fact that she's going to grow up and get married someday. (*I have said I feel sorry for the man who marries her but that's a whole 'nother topic that has something to do with how messily she eats! He'll have to watch her chew with her mouth wide open!) Anyway she mentioned before Brandon's surgery that when she got married she and her husband were going to live here with Ronnie and I. I explained that's not how it's supposed to work. You'll move into your own house with your husband. She asked me if I'd be happy when she left (because I always tell her I miss her and am sad when she's gone) and I said I would be happy for her because getting married is a happy thing! Apparently she told my MIL that "Momma says she'll be happy when I leave and get married because she never wanted kids anyway!" Ummmm WHAT?! And my MIL swallows that hook, line, and sinker and tattle tales to Ronnie on the phone... You'll never believe what Alexis said Heather told her!

Okay first off common sense should've told her that I didn't say I never wanted kids! Ronnie and I went through YEARS of infertility treatment before and after adopting the girls. Second, Alexis makes stuff up! She's bipolar (Don't get me started on how my MIL doesn't think anything is wrong with Alexis!) Third, She had to see me before she could talk to Ronnie! Why on earth didn't she just say, "You know Heather, Alexis said something crazy earlier..." and then let me explain? No she had to go tattletale to Ronnie. Of course Ronnie thought it was funny and laughed. Then she got mad at him. Fourth, You know it really hurts my feelings that she's known me for 7 years and had any thought at all that I might have said something like that. REALLY hurts my feelings. Of course Ronnie got put in the middle of it. I told him next time to tell her if she has a concern to talk to me. I know she probably meant well but Honestly! She must think I'm a horrible person!

Today was Alexis' first day of school! Thank goodness b/c she was going stir crazy around here. Friday she got the brilliant idea to hide a mouthful of Spaghetti O's in her mouth then went and rubbed them in to her bed spread. I know she was probably just exploring her artistic sensitivities. LOL The problem came in when she smuggled liquid hand soap into her room to try to scrub out the Spaghetti O stains. IT WAS EVERYWHERE! My washing machine doesn't like washing comforters full of hand soap. It makes a really squishy sound. I was worried the soap bubbles would overflow but I got lucky on that part. Saturday her therapist said that I need to tell her Dr. we need a huge med adjustment. Alexis isn't sleeping at night and it isn't at all safe to have her wandering around doing God knows what! She could hurt herself or someone else. She told the therapist she wanted to cut the baby doll they were playing with in play therapy. I was freaking out. The therapist says if the aggression doesn't get better she may have to be treated in the hospital for a while. I am praying for that not to happen. I just know she'd be terrified and think we were giving her away for being bad. =0( I have so much going in my head about this... And I just don't know what to do.

Jordan didn't have school today. She was sick so I had to cancel her therapies and take both she and Brandon to the doctor. She has an ear infection and congestion and will be on antibiotics. Mr. Brandon has congestion and needs Benedryl. I haven't slept for 3 nights!!! I've slept sitting up holding him in the recliner. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Sunday we all went to IHOP for breakfast which was an adventure in itself because Ronnie is out of his ADD meds and was CRANKY as all get out. He goes tonight for a refill and tomorrow I'll be there bright and early to get it! Well it was nice but we saw Jordan's biological Aunt. She saw me and knew who I was and didn't even say hello to me or to Jordan. Of course my brain ran at first to that she just was nervous or didn't know what to say. Later I thought that it just might be too painful for her to deal with (She was the Aunt who said she couldn't take care of her after visiting her in the hospital and seeing how involved her care would be.) Or it could've been that she had her own daughter with her and didn't want to have to explain who Jordan was. Either way it just made me sad. I had invited visitation after the adoption but no one in her birth family has pursued it. I send birthday and Christmas pictures and have only gotten 2 letters for Jordan in 2 years.

And now... time for the AMAZING journalling question of the day (OK so it's been more like of the week lately sorry!) Describe your mother's wedding dress. What do you know about her wedding?

I was 5 years old when my Mom got married to my step-dad. I remember the ceremony being held at his Aunt's house. It was a really nice ceremony outside in Buras, La. All of his nieces and nephews were there and I remember playing with them going down a plastic slide after the ceremony was over. (It's funny the little things you remember.) I remember she wore a powder blue dress and she looked so pretty and happy. Her hair was curled and her make-up was perfect. I remember thinking too that I hope I looked as pretty on my wedding day.


P.S. If you got this far... Thanks! LOL

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jojo's Crush, A New Trick, and Pincher.

Brandabug is feeling much better this morning and thanks go out to everyone for the prayers! He seems a bit congested but so am I. I hope that is over quickly. He's learned a new trick. Pushing down with his feet while he's on his back to lift his butt in the air! It's cute. He does it over and over and bounces. LOL This morning when Jordan woke up she asked to watch tv. I turned it on and Diego (Dora The Explorer's Cousin) was on. She runs to the TV and sighs in this dreamy voice... Momma Diego is soooooooooooooooo cute! WHAT?! She's 3 and she has a crush. She danced with him to all the songs and helped him rescue the animal in trouble. She kept hollering for him to help her too. In Spanish. Ahhhh young love!? LOL

In my last blog entry I mentioned that Brandon is sleeping in our room. I moved his crib in there the day before the surgery, but not because I wanted to watch him closely after the surgery. Although I did want to. Some of you know Jordan and Alexis were sharing a room. Against Dr. Kutner's (Lexie's Psychiatrists) advice. He had said that we should never leave them alone together for even a minute. Well this is only a 3 bedroom house and I had a really hard time thinking that Alexis would hurt Jordan. Jordan kept getting these bruises on her legs and her butt. I thought it was because of her falling (she falls alot due to her balance issues and cerebral palsy). Well last week one night Jordan told me she had dreams that monsters were pinching her. She's always been a hard sleeper and talked in her sleep. I didn't think anything of it. Until one night I heard rustling around in their room over the baby monitor and then heard Jordan cry. I ran in there and Alexis was out of bed. I asked her what she was doing and in a really ugly mean voice she yelled "I didn't do NOTHING!" I let it go for the time being because I just thought she was sneaking around playing with toys.

The next morning I found a HUGE new bruise on Jordan's butt. It got me to thinking. That night I stayed awake. Listened to the monitor and heard Alexis out of bed. Ran in there but she had heard me getting up out of my bed and jumped into her bed on top of her covers. I told her not to get out of bed again because I know when she does! She pretended to be asleep. The next morning I asked her what was going on and eventually got it out of her that she's been pinching Jordan in the middle of the night. All of those bruises and all of the crying I thought was just nightmares was Jordan getting pinched. I felt terrible for not listening to the doctor, and I resolved to keep the other two kids safe. When asked why she was pinching her she said "because sometimes she wakes me up in the morning and it makes me mad', but Jordan wasn't waking her up.

So that day I put Alexis is her old room, left Jordan in hers, and moved Brandon to ours. Eventually we plan to close in the carport to make a 4th bedroom. At first I really was stressed over all of this. I am just not going to ever leave Alexis alone with either of the other kids or the dog. I wanted to believe different. I should've listened to the Dr. I feel like it's my fault Jordan got hurt.

Yesterday was Jordan's first day back at school! She was excited. She cried a little bit when I left but the teacher said she did excellent once she calmed down. She's getting so big. Alexis starts school on the 20th and then it'll just be me and Brandon at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Exciting Journalling Question of the day: Describe a Childhood Birthday.

When I was little birthday parties weren't like they are now. You didn't rent a venue. You didn't have it catered. Your Mom or Dad baked you a cake (If you were lucky you got one of the fancy ones from the store), and you got to invite a few friends over to your house. You might have ice cream too. MIGHT! There were no 20.00 party favors. You got candy in a bag and a hat if you were lucky. Some parties didn't even have favors! We drank Kool Aid with our cake and went outside to play. No bouncy thing, or water slide. No organized games to play with hired characters. No train, no snowball vendor! NOTHING! And you know what? Those parties were pretty darn cool to me. We were relaxed, not rushing to five million activities. We made up our own games using our imaginations! I miss those days, but not enough to actually have a party at my house! I'm renting a venue for sure! I know I'm a hypocrite. Shoot me. LOL

Monday, August 13, 2007

Surgical Saga

Ugh. Where to begin?!? Okay Friday morning at 10:30 was Brandon's surgery. I got up and fed him at 5:30 and we left. We got there fine. Ronnie had to stay home to bring Alexis to registration and Ronnie's Mom watched Jordan for me so it was just Brandon and I for the long ride to the hospital. My Mom met me at Children's Hospital. We were there early so we had time to settle in. We played with Brandon while waiting for them to take him back. I got nervous when they came to get him. He was so cranky and hungry from not eating before the surgery and we got to go down to the surgical unit and they had rocking chairs for the parents to wait. I guess my Mom was nervous too because we were both rocking away in the chairs. The surgeon came in and spoke to me before the surgery. He told me that he would take care of him and then the nurse came to get him. He woke up (the nervous rocking lulled him to sleep) screaming at the top of his lungs. It almost broke my heart to hand him over to her.

The surgery itself took an hour which felt like an eternity. My Mom did her best to keep me entertained and even at one point had me laughing out loud with her crazy stories about my brothers. She bought Brandon an adorable frog in the gift shop and we just waited. A few times I watched the other surgeons come in and out and tell people that their children were done. They had been there for HOURS. This made me feel grateful that the surgery was not needed for something more serious. They finally came to get me and my little man was so goofy. He looked at me all cross eyed and then buried his head in my neck. My poor boy! It took him about an hour to get oriented enough to want to eat. Which if you know Brandon is a rarity! He loves to eat! After he ate a good bit and kept it down they let us go home around 2pm.

We got home fine. The ride was long again but he slept most of the way. I cleaned up around the house and we ate dinner. Regular stuff. We got the girls bathed and put to bed and then I put Brandon down. I was sooooooo tired. We laid down around 10 and I checked Brandon before I went to bed. (He's sleeping in our room now. Which is a whole other story! Someone mention in the comments and remind me to tell ya'll why he's in my room!) Around 12 I heard him whimper, I said "Okay Bubba I'm coming." Then I went to the bathroom. When I went to pick him up I felt something wet so I turned the light on. His whole bed was covered in vomit. TONS of vomit. I freaked out then changed his clothes and had Ronnie change the bedsheets. I brought him into the living room to rock him back to sleep because they had warned me that he "might throw up once or twice due to the anesthesia". Well... He kept throwing up, and throwing up, and then finally just dry heaving. He was turning pale and lethargic so I started worrying about dehydration and brought him to the ER here near my house.

We got to the ER around 4am. I told them what was wrong and they decided that it was just from the anesthesia and gave him a suppository to stop him from throwing up and sent us home. It was 6am. I ran to the drugstore. By this time I was operating on 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. NOT GOOD! I made it home and ate a biscuit, handed Brandon to Ronnie and passed out.

For one hour! Ronnie came into the bedroom and told me that Brandon "feels SO HOT"! I jump up and feel him. He's burning up. The thermometer says his temperature is 101.6. I decide to take him back to the ER again. Knowing they'll probably laugh at me but something is "not right". Call it mother's intuition. Whatever. We get there around 9:30.

Brandon is admitted back to the rooms right away but we wait hours before seeing a doctor. The doctor orders all kinds of tests and an IV. They couldn't get the IV!!! They stuck that poor baby 7 times! I had to help hold him down. He cried so hard for so long and then he just got quiet. And that broke my heart. It was like he thought "well I guess Mom won't help me so I give up". I ended up bawling after everyone left the room. The finally got the IV in his foot. It was HORRIBLE. They admitted us because the tests came back fine and there was no explanation why he had a fever. His fever ended up getting up to 103.4 at one point.

We spent two days in the hospital and just got home today. Eventually they decided that his immune system was reacting to the surgery and trying to fight an infection before there was one. I know crazy huh? I'm not sure I buy that explanation but he has a follow up with the surgeon on Thursday. I'm supposed to watch for fever, throwing up and swelling again. He is so tired. I'm praying he is okay. He's on oral and antibiotic cream now.

Jordan and Alexis had a really hard time while we were gone. Especially Jordan. It was awful! She kept crying for me on the phone and telling me that she "Berry always loves her Momma and wants her and Brandon to come home". Tomorrow is Jordan's first day back at school. I just hope she has a good day and is happy to be there. My poor darling. She never eats at school either. Alexis starts back on the 20th. When they all go back to school I'm going to just sleep all day when Brandon sleeps. For the past three days I'd say I got a total of 8 hours of very light sleep. I'm exhausted.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers! I just know they helped. =0) No time for a journalling question! Sorry!


Monday, August 6, 2007


Friday afternoon something seemed to be in the air. After juggling three kids at the appointment for Jordan's braces to be repaired so they would stop rubbing on her feet, we came home and Jordan laid down for her nap. Jordan is the type of child that has to wake up entirely on her own or her whole day is ruined. Well, Alexis was in one of her cranky moods and kept yelling and acting up. Brandon was trying to go to sleep but he couldn't because of the noise so he got super cranky. I'm trying to soothe him and get Alexis quiet when she yells and wakes Jordan up. She starts screaming! She startles so easily. So she was scared and tired and just beyond all reason. So now all three of them are screaming. There are 30 minutes left until Ronnie gets home and I don't think I'm going to make it. I put Alexis in time out and hold Jordan and Brandon and we are all sitting on the floor in the living room. I start rocking the smaller two and singing to them and I all the sudden burst into tears. So now everyone's crying. Alexis is having a huge tantrum... Nobody loves her.... Everyone hates her! Jordan is crying... She's tired... She wants her daddy... Brandon is crying.... He's exhausted... and I who hardly ever cry can not take any more. It's about 5 minutes before Ronnie would get home and all of the sudden I get this mental image of him walking in and we are all on the floor crying. This strikes me as hilarious and all of the sudden I'm dying laughing and still crying at the same time. OMG this motherhood stuff gets really interesting. I managed barely to pull myself together before Ronnie walked in the door. I knew he could tell that I'd been crying but I didn't feel like explaining. I was just so OVERWHELMED. Later that night Brandon and I escaped to Walmart. We went grocery shopping. I got back at 9PM. We shopped really slow. Who knew Walmart could be a vacation! I always thought people who hysterically cried were wimps. Well. I know better now. LOL Or maybe I'm a wimp?! Who knows.

Saturday I spent most of the day reading the new Harry Potter book. I had decided that I deserved a break. I left the laundry undone. Didn't do dishes. Barely cooked. Until I had the whole book read. OH MY GOODNESS. I'm not going to go into detail for anyone who hasn't read it but OMG it was awesome! Seriously. I'm such a dork!

Sunday I spent the whole day paying for not doing housework the day before. Ick. I had tons of laundry and everything else to do but it was so worth it. I needed a day of down time. Today is Monday. Therapy day. One of the therapies cancelled but I still have two to go to for Jordan. I'm going to drop off some books we rented at the library. I'm not crazy enough to go in. We'll do a driveby and I'll throw them in the book depository. I'm not a glutton for punishment you know!

The fabulous journalling question of the day: What is the most important lesson you've learned that you would like to share with others.

Most probably that would be 'don't sweat the small stuff". Don't obsess over every little minor upset in life. Ask yourself "Is this problem I'm having today going to matter to me tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now?" It really helps put things into perspective for me. Something that might be bugging me horribly today won't even matter to me next week and isn't as huge of a deal that I feel it is at the time! Learning this lesson has helped me to sit back and enjoy the ride. Sure it's a wild ride but it's also fun! And just look at the memories I'm leaving my kids (besides the one of us all crying on the floor LOL)


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Missing in Action

Well ladies. I'm sorry I've been missing. I have been counting the seconds until August 20th so I can get a break. Alexis has been having a really hard time. Brandon's belly button is still really icky. I'm not looking forward to his surgery but hopefully everything will be all fixed up and he won't have to worry about it any more. Poor little man. Anyway the reason I've been missing other than that is I made another digital CT team. Which means I now have to do 3 layouts per week. So I'm busy busy, but it's a whole lot of fun. If you ever want to see my layouts or wonder what I am up to you can check the Links I Love section on the right hand side to get to my scrapbook.com gallery.

Long Awaited (Sorry) Journalling Prompt of the Day: Tell about the fashion trend changes you've seen in your lifetime.

OMG you want to hear about fashion from someone whose uniform is shorts and Hanes Her Way T-Shirts! ROFLOL Okay well... I am a true child of the 80's. I remember like yesterday how very COOL I was when I got my very first tie dyed shirt. I was so excited to wear it to school! With what you may ask.... Black leggings and two pairs of neon socks! Together! Neon Orange and Lime Green. Not to mention Ellesse shoes that were the HOTTEST thing in my school. Everyone had to have them AND my hair was spiral permed. And I remember begging my Mom to pay 100 dollars to get it done. Looking back.... OMG! Seriously.

Then in the 90's... Flannel shirts. I wore flannel shirts to school all the time. Over a colored T-shirt that had to match the print. I had long blonde hair and HUGE poofy bangs. And I remember crying in the morning if my hair didn't curl up into the poof exactly the way I wanted it to. I wore baggy jeans and platform sneakers. What a disaster! If I could see myself now I probably would point and laugh at myself. Oh and let's not forget the must have jean jacket.

I think I can very safely say that I have never been a fashion icon... Oh there are my parachute pants. I'm going to jump on outta here!