Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jojo's Crush, A New Trick, and Pincher.

Brandabug is feeling much better this morning and thanks go out to everyone for the prayers! He seems a bit congested but so am I. I hope that is over quickly. He's learned a new trick. Pushing down with his feet while he's on his back to lift his butt in the air! It's cute. He does it over and over and bounces. LOL This morning when Jordan woke up she asked to watch tv. I turned it on and Diego (Dora The Explorer's Cousin) was on. She runs to the TV and sighs in this dreamy voice... Momma Diego is soooooooooooooooo cute! WHAT?! She's 3 and she has a crush. She danced with him to all the songs and helped him rescue the animal in trouble. She kept hollering for him to help her too. In Spanish. Ahhhh young love!? LOL

In my last blog entry I mentioned that Brandon is sleeping in our room. I moved his crib in there the day before the surgery, but not because I wanted to watch him closely after the surgery. Although I did want to. Some of you know Jordan and Alexis were sharing a room. Against Dr. Kutner's (Lexie's Psychiatrists) advice. He had said that we should never leave them alone together for even a minute. Well this is only a 3 bedroom house and I had a really hard time thinking that Alexis would hurt Jordan. Jordan kept getting these bruises on her legs and her butt. I thought it was because of her falling (she falls alot due to her balance issues and cerebral palsy). Well last week one night Jordan told me she had dreams that monsters were pinching her. She's always been a hard sleeper and talked in her sleep. I didn't think anything of it. Until one night I heard rustling around in their room over the baby monitor and then heard Jordan cry. I ran in there and Alexis was out of bed. I asked her what she was doing and in a really ugly mean voice she yelled "I didn't do NOTHING!" I let it go for the time being because I just thought she was sneaking around playing with toys.

The next morning I found a HUGE new bruise on Jordan's butt. It got me to thinking. That night I stayed awake. Listened to the monitor and heard Alexis out of bed. Ran in there but she had heard me getting up out of my bed and jumped into her bed on top of her covers. I told her not to get out of bed again because I know when she does! She pretended to be asleep. The next morning I asked her what was going on and eventually got it out of her that she's been pinching Jordan in the middle of the night. All of those bruises and all of the crying I thought was just nightmares was Jordan getting pinched. I felt terrible for not listening to the doctor, and I resolved to keep the other two kids safe. When asked why she was pinching her she said "because sometimes she wakes me up in the morning and it makes me mad', but Jordan wasn't waking her up.

So that day I put Alexis is her old room, left Jordan in hers, and moved Brandon to ours. Eventually we plan to close in the carport to make a 4th bedroom. At first I really was stressed over all of this. I am just not going to ever leave Alexis alone with either of the other kids or the dog. I wanted to believe different. I should've listened to the Dr. I feel like it's my fault Jordan got hurt.

Yesterday was Jordan's first day back at school! She was excited. She cried a little bit when I left but the teacher said she did excellent once she calmed down. She's getting so big. Alexis starts school on the 20th and then it'll just be me and Brandon at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Exciting Journalling Question of the day: Describe a Childhood Birthday.

When I was little birthday parties weren't like they are now. You didn't rent a venue. You didn't have it catered. Your Mom or Dad baked you a cake (If you were lucky you got one of the fancy ones from the store), and you got to invite a few friends over to your house. You might have ice cream too. MIGHT! There were no 20.00 party favors. You got candy in a bag and a hat if you were lucky. Some parties didn't even have favors! We drank Kool Aid with our cake and went outside to play. No bouncy thing, or water slide. No organized games to play with hired characters. No train, no snowball vendor! NOTHING! And you know what? Those parties were pretty darn cool to me. We were relaxed, not rushing to five million activities. We made up our own games using our imaginations! I miss those days, but not enough to actually have a party at my house! I'm renting a venue for sure! I know I'm a hypocrite. Shoot me. LOL


Adriann said...

Glad to see Brandon is doing well. How cute that Jordan has a crush on Diego!

Don't beat yourself up about the girls sharing a room. We can't see and do everything as mothers. At least you caught the behavior before it turned into something serious. Still praying for you all.

Enjoy your week!

Estee said...

Don't feel bad about the decision that you made to keep them in the same room, you were following your heart. Bruises will heal, no harm done. You remedied the situation, so don't feel bad!! (((hugs))) We, as moms, always take everything to heart, don't we? You are doing your best and you have your hands FULL! (((hugs))) to you!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I love the Diego comment. That is too cute!
My youngest dd is 3 and with 11 and 15 year old sisters in the house, she talks about cute guys all the time. It's too funny!!
I LOVE to host birthday parties, but the simpler the better. I usuallymake my own cakes and come up with my own theme. It's more fun that way!
Glad to meet you...I wandered over her from someone else's blog (can't remember which! lol)

*reyanna* said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you had to split up the kids. But I think it's nice you gave Alexis the benefit of the doubt. I hope everything gets better in that department. I'm glad Brandon is feeling better too! :D And your question of the day answer was so funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Mindy said...

Heather, don't let this eat at you. There's nothing you can do about it now. You did the right thing by moving them and keeping a closer eye on them all. You are learning as you go here. There is NO handbook and how to handle every situation you are going to get into now. Just do the best you can.

It's funny but I don't remember a lot of our parties. Thet were mostly low key like yours. ALthough we always got store bought cakes. But only because My Mom CAN NOT BAKE. It's seriously not safe for her to bake. People get hurt. But what's even funnier(to me at least) is the ONLY time I have company is for Connor's b'day. I don't do holidays or picnics. I will only open my house for my baby. (I must love him) Although in a year or so I may do Chucky Cheese or something like that.

Oh yeah, be happy Jordan's crush is on someone like Diego who is helpful and polite. It could be on Bart Simpson. AT least she likes guys who will take care of her. hehehe

Kelly aka Dazed said...

I'm so relieved to hear that Brandon is doing so much better!

On birthday parties...wish you lived closer...we pretty much have the old fashioned (so you speak) birthday party around here - in fact, all we've got planned this time is for a BBQ grill for some hot dogs and an afternoon of fun in the yard. Yippee!! \

Hugs to you all!!