Thursday, August 2, 2007

Missing in Action

Well ladies. I'm sorry I've been missing. I have been counting the seconds until August 20th so I can get a break. Alexis has been having a really hard time. Brandon's belly button is still really icky. I'm not looking forward to his surgery but hopefully everything will be all fixed up and he won't have to worry about it any more. Poor little man. Anyway the reason I've been missing other than that is I made another digital CT team. Which means I now have to do 3 layouts per week. So I'm busy busy, but it's a whole lot of fun. If you ever want to see my layouts or wonder what I am up to you can check the Links I Love section on the right hand side to get to my gallery.

Long Awaited (Sorry) Journalling Prompt of the Day: Tell about the fashion trend changes you've seen in your lifetime.

OMG you want to hear about fashion from someone whose uniform is shorts and Hanes Her Way T-Shirts! ROFLOL Okay well... I am a true child of the 80's. I remember like yesterday how very COOL I was when I got my very first tie dyed shirt. I was so excited to wear it to school! With what you may ask.... Black leggings and two pairs of neon socks! Together! Neon Orange and Lime Green. Not to mention Ellesse shoes that were the HOTTEST thing in my school. Everyone had to have them AND my hair was spiral permed. And I remember begging my Mom to pay 100 dollars to get it done. Looking back.... OMG! Seriously.

Then in the 90's... Flannel shirts. I wore flannel shirts to school all the time. Over a colored T-shirt that had to match the print. I had long blonde hair and HUGE poofy bangs. And I remember crying in the morning if my hair didn't curl up into the poof exactly the way I wanted it to. I wore baggy jeans and platform sneakers. What a disaster! If I could see myself now I probably would point and laugh at myself. Oh and let's not forget the must have jean jacket.

I think I can very safely say that I have never been a fashion icon... Oh there are my parachute pants. I'm going to jump on outta here!



Jane said...

Fashion trends!!! they are always something and I have never followed to closely except when I wss in High School that is and the same stuff I wore then is in the stores now and has been for a while (even though I can see the hippy stuff fading some)so when I go shopping with my 24 year old daughter I can pick out clothes like a dream!!! She is like wow Mom!!! that looks great!! I'm really picking what I would wear if I could!!
I hope the belly button gets better soon...congrats on the other design must realy be busy. From what I have seen your pages look awesome!!!

Mindy said...

Heather, what kinda of clock do you have at your house??? You must have sort of special clock that has 28 hours instead of 24 hours. How do you manage to be on 2 CTs, make at least 3 LOs a week (digi or not, that's a lot) handle 3 children that all have their own special needs, breast feed, clean, cook, and talk to your Hubby. Good grief woman. I know you do it cause you have to but WOW, I'm in awe of your superwoman talents. Rock On, Girl!!!

As for my fasion trends I refuse to look back at ANY of them. As far as I'm concerned it didn't happen. And you can't make me think other wise!!!! And don't go asking my twin sister for proof. I've brainwashed her (for her own good, of course) LOL What I will say is Jr. High School was NOT a good fashion time for me. And I'll leave it at that. :)

Leah & Terry said...

I agree with your friend Mindy. How on earth do you manage to get so much done??? I can barely keep up with the house and the kids!!!LOL. August 20th?????

Try September 9th here for back to school. I could really use the break to scrapbook again and catch up with my girls, this includes you of course!!! Take care sweetie!

Estee said...

OMG!! I am so excited that you wore neon socks! Me too!!!! LOL! No one else has ever been able to understand what I was talking about and you totally do!

I hope that Brandon's belly button gets better soon, I know it is so rough to deal with!

Congrats on the new design team!!! :)