Monday, August 13, 2007

Surgical Saga

Ugh. Where to begin?!? Okay Friday morning at 10:30 was Brandon's surgery. I got up and fed him at 5:30 and we left. We got there fine. Ronnie had to stay home to bring Alexis to registration and Ronnie's Mom watched Jordan for me so it was just Brandon and I for the long ride to the hospital. My Mom met me at Children's Hospital. We were there early so we had time to settle in. We played with Brandon while waiting for them to take him back. I got nervous when they came to get him. He was so cranky and hungry from not eating before the surgery and we got to go down to the surgical unit and they had rocking chairs for the parents to wait. I guess my Mom was nervous too because we were both rocking away in the chairs. The surgeon came in and spoke to me before the surgery. He told me that he would take care of him and then the nurse came to get him. He woke up (the nervous rocking lulled him to sleep) screaming at the top of his lungs. It almost broke my heart to hand him over to her.

The surgery itself took an hour which felt like an eternity. My Mom did her best to keep me entertained and even at one point had me laughing out loud with her crazy stories about my brothers. She bought Brandon an adorable frog in the gift shop and we just waited. A few times I watched the other surgeons come in and out and tell people that their children were done. They had been there for HOURS. This made me feel grateful that the surgery was not needed for something more serious. They finally came to get me and my little man was so goofy. He looked at me all cross eyed and then buried his head in my neck. My poor boy! It took him about an hour to get oriented enough to want to eat. Which if you know Brandon is a rarity! He loves to eat! After he ate a good bit and kept it down they let us go home around 2pm.

We got home fine. The ride was long again but he slept most of the way. I cleaned up around the house and we ate dinner. Regular stuff. We got the girls bathed and put to bed and then I put Brandon down. I was sooooooo tired. We laid down around 10 and I checked Brandon before I went to bed. (He's sleeping in our room now. Which is a whole other story! Someone mention in the comments and remind me to tell ya'll why he's in my room!) Around 12 I heard him whimper, I said "Okay Bubba I'm coming." Then I went to the bathroom. When I went to pick him up I felt something wet so I turned the light on. His whole bed was covered in vomit. TONS of vomit. I freaked out then changed his clothes and had Ronnie change the bedsheets. I brought him into the living room to rock him back to sleep because they had warned me that he "might throw up once or twice due to the anesthesia". Well... He kept throwing up, and throwing up, and then finally just dry heaving. He was turning pale and lethargic so I started worrying about dehydration and brought him to the ER here near my house.

We got to the ER around 4am. I told them what was wrong and they decided that it was just from the anesthesia and gave him a suppository to stop him from throwing up and sent us home. It was 6am. I ran to the drugstore. By this time I was operating on 2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. NOT GOOD! I made it home and ate a biscuit, handed Brandon to Ronnie and passed out.

For one hour! Ronnie came into the bedroom and told me that Brandon "feels SO HOT"! I jump up and feel him. He's burning up. The thermometer says his temperature is 101.6. I decide to take him back to the ER again. Knowing they'll probably laugh at me but something is "not right". Call it mother's intuition. Whatever. We get there around 9:30.

Brandon is admitted back to the rooms right away but we wait hours before seeing a doctor. The doctor orders all kinds of tests and an IV. They couldn't get the IV!!! They stuck that poor baby 7 times! I had to help hold him down. He cried so hard for so long and then he just got quiet. And that broke my heart. It was like he thought "well I guess Mom won't help me so I give up". I ended up bawling after everyone left the room. The finally got the IV in his foot. It was HORRIBLE. They admitted us because the tests came back fine and there was no explanation why he had a fever. His fever ended up getting up to 103.4 at one point.

We spent two days in the hospital and just got home today. Eventually they decided that his immune system was reacting to the surgery and trying to fight an infection before there was one. I know crazy huh? I'm not sure I buy that explanation but he has a follow up with the surgeon on Thursday. I'm supposed to watch for fever, throwing up and swelling again. He is so tired. I'm praying he is okay. He's on oral and antibiotic cream now.

Jordan and Alexis had a really hard time while we were gone. Especially Jordan. It was awful! She kept crying for me on the phone and telling me that she "Berry always loves her Momma and wants her and Brandon to come home". Tomorrow is Jordan's first day back at school. I just hope she has a good day and is happy to be there. My poor darling. She never eats at school either. Alexis starts back on the 20th. When they all go back to school I'm going to just sleep all day when Brandon sleeps. For the past three days I'd say I got a total of 8 hours of very light sleep. I'm exhausted.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers! I just know they helped. =0) No time for a journalling question! Sorry!



Linda said...


You poor dear!!! I'm glad he's okay now. If I lived near you, I'd go babysit so you could get some sleep.
Boy won't you have some stories to tell Brandon when he's older??? Things will get better!

Love ya,

Mindy said...

Heather, bless your heart!!! I hope this is the beginning of the end of the journey for you all. You are in my prayers. Mindy

Leah & Terry said...

Did you know that I think you are one of the strongest mother's I know??? You have been having such a hard time lately, I would have cracked by now, but you ROCK!!! Hang tough girl. I will be thinking of you!

Jane said...

you poor thing, I hope you get sleep soon! God gave mothers the ability to go without sleep for just these kind of reasons!!
I hope poor Brandon is better soon!! Poor little thing! At least you can be comforted in the fact that he won't remember this later in life!! :)

*reyanna* said...

LOTS of HUGS, Heather, My Dear! You will most definitely be in my prayers! You'll get sleep soon. Stay strong, Sweetie! :D

Adriann said...

Wiping the tears from my eyes. Poor Brandon. I hate it for him. All of this will just make him stronger.

You guys are always in my prayers. Asking God to show you favor in All things.


Sigmagirl said...

I am so glad he is okay! That is so scary. I know I have felt the same. Mark has had a couple surgeries... your story was almost exactly our experience, except the reaction part. It broke my heart! Hope all is well...

BB said...

This sounds just awful! Hopefully, your little one is feeling better soon and you get some rest. Hang in there.

Estee said...

Oh Heather!!! How awful!! I swear that there should be a few extra hours during the weekend where we could steal a few hours of sleep, don't you think? I hope that Brandon is doing better, I can totally relate to how awful that is! Paizlee was 5 weeks old when she had her surgery and I was a hysterical lunatic!! We could feed her for 48 hours before the surgery, so she screamed for 48 hours. The nurses kept coming in and asking me if I needed a break, but I couldn't put her down I felt so bad. They even had to clear out the rooms around us because no one else could sleep, LOL!! I am so glad that you are finally home and hopefully getting some rest. Huge hugs to you and your family!!!