Monday, August 20, 2007

Too much going on...

So Thursday we went back to the surgeon to have Brandon's bellybutton checked out. Turns out the top healed over too quickly and formed a pocket of infection which the Dr. reopened in the office and had stuff coming out everywhere. Brandon was sooooo upset. Inconsolable. My poor little man. The Dr. told me I have to stretch the bellybutton hole to keep it open. Grossness! My son has a 1/2 deep hole in his belly. I'm so not good at this! I'm such a weenie that I passed out at 16 years old after skinning my knees while riding my bike. I was sitting on the side of the tub washing my knees off and *WHUMP* fell right off the side of the tub in a dead faint. I woke up on the floor with water running everywhere. I'm SUCH a WEENIE! But I'm also a Mom so I'm sucking it up and doing it but not without making faces and sympathetic noises. Ouch!

Oh guess what! My Mother-In-Law (who I know means well)... She thinks I told Alexis that I'd be happy when she moves out. Well that's NOT what I said!!! Alexis has been fascinated with the fact that she's going to grow up and get married someday. (*I have said I feel sorry for the man who marries her but that's a whole 'nother topic that has something to do with how messily she eats! He'll have to watch her chew with her mouth wide open!) Anyway she mentioned before Brandon's surgery that when she got married she and her husband were going to live here with Ronnie and I. I explained that's not how it's supposed to work. You'll move into your own house with your husband. She asked me if I'd be happy when she left (because I always tell her I miss her and am sad when she's gone) and I said I would be happy for her because getting married is a happy thing! Apparently she told my MIL that "Momma says she'll be happy when I leave and get married because she never wanted kids anyway!" Ummmm WHAT?! And my MIL swallows that hook, line, and sinker and tattle tales to Ronnie on the phone... You'll never believe what Alexis said Heather told her!

Okay first off common sense should've told her that I didn't say I never wanted kids! Ronnie and I went through YEARS of infertility treatment before and after adopting the girls. Second, Alexis makes stuff up! She's bipolar (Don't get me started on how my MIL doesn't think anything is wrong with Alexis!) Third, She had to see me before she could talk to Ronnie! Why on earth didn't she just say, "You know Heather, Alexis said something crazy earlier..." and then let me explain? No she had to go tattletale to Ronnie. Of course Ronnie thought it was funny and laughed. Then she got mad at him. Fourth, You know it really hurts my feelings that she's known me for 7 years and had any thought at all that I might have said something like that. REALLY hurts my feelings. Of course Ronnie got put in the middle of it. I told him next time to tell her if she has a concern to talk to me. I know she probably meant well but Honestly! She must think I'm a horrible person!

Today was Alexis' first day of school! Thank goodness b/c she was going stir crazy around here. Friday she got the brilliant idea to hide a mouthful of Spaghetti O's in her mouth then went and rubbed them in to her bed spread. I know she was probably just exploring her artistic sensitivities. LOL The problem came in when she smuggled liquid hand soap into her room to try to scrub out the Spaghetti O stains. IT WAS EVERYWHERE! My washing machine doesn't like washing comforters full of hand soap. It makes a really squishy sound. I was worried the soap bubbles would overflow but I got lucky on that part. Saturday her therapist said that I need to tell her Dr. we need a huge med adjustment. Alexis isn't sleeping at night and it isn't at all safe to have her wandering around doing God knows what! She could hurt herself or someone else. She told the therapist she wanted to cut the baby doll they were playing with in play therapy. I was freaking out. The therapist says if the aggression doesn't get better she may have to be treated in the hospital for a while. I am praying for that not to happen. I just know she'd be terrified and think we were giving her away for being bad. =0( I have so much going in my head about this... And I just don't know what to do.

Jordan didn't have school today. She was sick so I had to cancel her therapies and take both she and Brandon to the doctor. She has an ear infection and congestion and will be on antibiotics. Mr. Brandon has congestion and needs Benedryl. I haven't slept for 3 nights!!! I've slept sitting up holding him in the recliner. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Sunday we all went to IHOP for breakfast which was an adventure in itself because Ronnie is out of his ADD meds and was CRANKY as all get out. He goes tonight for a refill and tomorrow I'll be there bright and early to get it! Well it was nice but we saw Jordan's biological Aunt. She saw me and knew who I was and didn't even say hello to me or to Jordan. Of course my brain ran at first to that she just was nervous or didn't know what to say. Later I thought that it just might be too painful for her to deal with (She was the Aunt who said she couldn't take care of her after visiting her in the hospital and seeing how involved her care would be.) Or it could've been that she had her own daughter with her and didn't want to have to explain who Jordan was. Either way it just made me sad. I had invited visitation after the adoption but no one in her birth family has pursued it. I send birthday and Christmas pictures and have only gotten 2 letters for Jordan in 2 years.

And now... time for the AMAZING journalling question of the day (OK so it's been more like of the week lately sorry!) Describe your mother's wedding dress. What do you know about her wedding?

I was 5 years old when my Mom got married to my step-dad. I remember the ceremony being held at his Aunt's house. It was a really nice ceremony outside in Buras, La. All of his nieces and nephews were there and I remember playing with them going down a plastic slide after the ceremony was over. (It's funny the little things you remember.) I remember she wore a powder blue dress and she looked so pretty and happy. Her hair was curled and her make-up was perfect. I remember thinking too that I hope I looked as pretty on my wedding day.


P.S. If you got this far... Thanks! LOL


Mindy said...

Heather, all I can say is bless you for all the stuff life has thrown at you.

My Mother's wedding dress was gorgeous. I've seen pictures of her in it. She still has it, in fact I tried it on when I was looking for wedding dresses. My older sister wore it to her wedding. It has the most beautiful boat neck with lace around it. So so pretty. It's funny to think of my Mom in a pretty dress that like. She is NOT a dress kind of person. The things you'll do to get married.

Jane said...

my goodness my are always so busy but you do have a lot going on don't you??? You are a specially blessed woman because see I couldn't handle all this stuff!!!! I think God knew what he was doing when he gave you the children that you have because you do a wonderful job with a full plate!!! Really you do! your amazing and the kids are very lucky to have you..don't worry about your MIL..she must be nuttsy to think you didn't want children or think any of that other stuff.

Poor little Brandon..I sure hope he starts to have a better time with that belly oh man what a time he has had. Hang in there Heather your doing a great job!

Adriann said...

You are so funny! Of course we've gotten this far. Your life is amazing! Once the dust settles, you really should consider writing a book or something. You know... mix a little real life with fiction. I would buy it!

Keeping you all in my prayers!


Cheryl Wray said...

My gracious...I think you should get the Great Mom award just for all the stuff you've had to go through lately!

*reyanna* said...

Holy Cow, Woman! God gives the most challenges to the people he thinks have the strongest character. Never forget that. You are always in my prayers. And you're doing such a great job with those kids! Keep your chin up. :D

Estee said...

Oh hon, you are in desperate need of a day off, aren't you??? (((hugs))) to you for everything that has been going on! I hope that things calm down very, very soon. Poor Brandon and his belly button. I hope that he is healing.
I hope that things are calmer today!!!