Tuesday, September 25, 2007

D@mn is NOT a sight word.

OH MY GOD. Have I mentioned yet on here that I'm tired of homework? Well it's not even my homework and I am. Alexis, who is in kindergarten, has so much homework that it's ridiculous. Worksheets, spelling, handwriting, and math. Seriously. Every week there's a homework sheet sent home that looks like something out of a college syllabus. (Ok maybe not but there's a whole lot of stuff on it!) Seriously, I'm waiting on it to say...


Discuss the deeper meaning that interactions on the playground have in your day to day life.


Write a dissertation on where the letter A came from and how it's effected the English language.


We spent two hours on homework last night. There is a laminated sheet of 40 words that are "sight" words. The words she should recognize when she sees them. She has to memorize them. I was going down the list with her asking her what the words were and correcting her when she was wrong.

Me: What's this word?
Alexis: Purple
Me: No. It's "me".
Alexis: Ok
Me: What's this word?
Alexis: Purple
Me: No. That's "can".
Alexis: Mom, Can I have a car?
Me: Come on Alexis pay attention. Do your homework. What's this word?
Alexis: Purple
Me: You can't just say purple for everything. I know purple is on the list and you'll be right once but you have to try. That word is "green". What's this word?
Alexis: (In a serious but questioning tone... ) Damn?
Me: No honey. Damn isn't a sight word. *Sigh*


Mindy said...

Oh funny funny funny.....sounds like Connor w/ his colors a few months ago. Every color was Purple, every color!!! My Hubby was starting to get worry about him only liking the color purple...I didn't tell him he carried a small purple purse yesterday with his cars in it...or that he can sing the theme song to the Barbie movie they are advertising on Disney 100 times a day. LOL.....At least he knows all his colors now.

I can't believe all the stuff they do in kindergarden now??!!!???? All I remember doing is learn my abc's, fingerpainting, and taking naps....ahhh those were the good ole days.

Estee said...

Oh man!!! I certainly can't complain about Pre-K compared to what you are doing in Kindergarten! Yuck! I don't look forward to hours of homework. When do the kids have time to play???

I agree with Mindy, I miss nap time. :)

Glad to hear that Brandon is doing a bit better. Are you going to have surgery for the hernia?

Good luck with the homework! I will be thinking of you while Breuklyn happily colors in all of the shapes her worksheets purple. :)

Jane said...

to to funny!!I sympathize with you and all the homework....man, am I glad my time with that is all over!!!lol!!!

Anonymous said...


2 hours? no way. I'd do some, then send a note to the teacher. 2 hours is way too long for her age.


Cheryl Wray said...

Omg...that is TOO funny!!!

And I cannot believe you guys are having so much homework for kindergarten. Yuck!!!

Leah & Terry said...

OMG!! I'm laughing my ass off right now. Hope she doesn't go to school saying damn is a sight word. That is pretty tough homework to have every single night. This is Kindergarten??? What the hell happened to fingerpainting and singing songs all day? LOL