Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Princess' Poo Poo and Ditch Water

Two days ago Alexis came home with some ummm marks in her underwear where she hadn't wiped correctly. I was sitting there explaining proper wiping technique to her and Jordan's room is right across the hall. I told her that she had to make sure she got everything off before putting her underwear back on even if it meant *gasp* using more than one handful of toilet paper. Of course before we fussed at her for using half a roll of toilet paper every time she went. So I guess that she's either going to use half a roll of paper each time or not wipe well enough... anyway! Jordan's room is across the hall from the bathroom and she hears the conversation and promptly chimes in, "Alexis is a Princess Poo Poo." which ticked Alexis off to high heaven. I told her that it wasn't nice and she dropped it after about 5 more minutes of torturing her.

Yesterday we got home from meeting with Jordan's physical therapist because her feet are getting worse and worse and I needed to discuss things with her before the orthopedic surgeon decided he wants to do surgery and I have no other options to suggest to him. When we got home I brought Jordan in the house and then turned around and went outside for Brandon. When I turned towards the house I saw that she'd gotten out and was running hell bent for the street. There's only one problem. There's a big ditch between our yard and the street on a big downward slope. Once she gained momentum going down the slope she couldn't stop and SPLASH! Of course it had rained the day before right? She was full of algae and mud, and she was mad at me. Momma I'm all dirty clean my up.

Of course the neighbors were outside, and I got the hysterical giggles. I was laughing so hard I could barely pull the child out of the ditch and I almost dropped Brandon. I giggled my way inside and by this time Jordan was laughing too. I put Brandon in his exersaucer and dumped her unceremoniously into the tub. Where she proceeded to inform me that she is "Princess Ditch Water". Indeed darling you are, but I love you anyway!



Adriann said...

Truly laughing out loud! Too bad you didn't take a picture. That's priceless!!!

Estee said...

I truly believe that things like this never happen when our husbands are around. When Brad gets home from work in the evenings, I proceed to enlighten him with all of the stories from the day and he just looks at me and says, "Oh really?" Why is it that they are never the ones pulling the kids out of the ditches?

Glad that no one was hurt... how is Brandon's belly button??


Leah & Terry said...

He, He. You truly have the funniest stories.

Mindy said...

Oh Heather, that is too funny!! I think Jordan's pretty clever. Princess Poo Poo is a great one.