Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Real Fine Place to Start-The Smuggler-Snake in my Butt

I am very proud to announce that my digital products are on sale at ScrapCentral.ca and at digitalscrapping.com!!! I am so excited! I think it's a real fine place to start. I can't believe I've been designing for a month now and have already been picked up by two stores. Amazing.

Brandon is doing somewhat better. The surgery incision has FINALLY closed, but his hernia reoccurred. So he has a huge lump on his belly, but he's able to play on his tummy again so we have hopes that he'll be crawling soon. He's sitting up like a champ tho! See picture below.

Of course there's always something funny/funky/strange going on. The other day at gymnastics Alexis won the handstand contest. She is AMAZING at gymnastics. At 5 she can stand on her head for minutes at a time. Talk about balance! Anyway her prize for winning was a piece of gum. She KNOWS she's not to have gum. I can't count the number of times she's gotten it in awkward places. In her hair, in the carpet, etc. And now she's not allowed to have it. She knew she wasn't. So when she saw Ronnie coming down the steps to get her she darted around the corner and frantically stuffed the gum into the CROTCH of her leotard. In full view of about half a dozen other parents who then stared at Ronnie like "Why is your daughter stuffing gum in her pants?" He said that he was mortified and when he asked her what she was doing she proceeded to pull out the gum and hold it up for him and say "I was saving it for you Daddy." ROFLMAO He wanted to die. I only laugh b/c I wasn't there and didn't have to deal with it! For once a weird thing happened to Daddy. Hahahaha! Ok but seriously I asked her later if she was going to eat it and she said yeah. So we had the whole germ talk again. She's such a TOMBOY! The other day while in time out she itched herself like a man. Ronnie keeps demanding that I teach her to be a lady. I am trying! It's just not sticking! Any suggestions?

As far as Jordan goes... We've been potty training. Not very successfully at that, but the other day she was on the potty and I was sitting there with her hoping that this would be the time she'd decide to be potty trained. No dice Mom! She's just not very interested and I'm not pushing her. It was funny though because she passed gas and announced to me "I got a snake in my butt!" She was so freaked out. I guess she hasn't heard it before because it was muffled by her diaper. I spent 5 minutes convincing her that there was no snake in her butt and I'm not sure she believes me yet!



Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Once my dad was in a hardware store and made a comment (as only men can do about a certain smell in the store) and the clerk says "yeah, that little poot snake has been following me around all day". LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL oh my that is just too funny!!!!

Mindy said...

Oh Heather, You need to be writing all these stories down and put them in a book. 'Kids say the darnest things volume 20' ...LOL...Your kids crack me up! Good luck with the potty training and crawling.

Adriann said...

Too funny!!! Congrats on your new digi products. I wish you much success!!!

Lynn said...

LOL!! a snake.