Monday, November 26, 2007

You might be a redneck if...

Ahhh Thanksgiving... A time to be thankful, a time to be with your family, a time for tractor surfing? What?! Okay I admit this is my family, but I admit it under great duress. For my grandparent's very first holiday back in their home since Katrina, my Uncle got the hilarious idea to take the kids "tractor surfing". I wouldn't let my kids get on but I couldn't help but covertly tape the madness through the window. You might be a redneck if tractor surfing is the highlight of your Thanksgiving. Watch!

My neighbors think I'm crazy BTW! Brandon has started crawling quicker and quicker and we put the tree up last weekend complete with the ancient nativity set my mother-in-law gave us from when my husband was a baby. Okay maybe it's not ancient but it's old. Anyway Brandon is fascinated with the nativity scene. I spend half of the day pulling him off it and out from under the tree. The best part... The other day, I left the room for a second and he crawled over there and had part of the nativity scene in his mouth. Keep in mind the window is open while I fuss at him... "Don't eat baby Jesus!!!!" I don't know what the neighbors thought but they looked at me rather funny later that day. Hehehe. Then Ronnie informs me that since it's so old it's probably covered in lead paint. Ugh! The joys of being a mother in a minefield of dangers to your children. Vaccines, lead paint, drinking out of water hoses... funny but we all survived.

I have an Alexisisim to share again... That child keeps me in stitches. The other day we were hanging ornaments on the tree and I told Alexis "This is the ornament your Daddy and I bought on our honeymoon." Her eyes got really big and she said, "You went to the moon Momma?" I have officially reached a whole new level of coolness. I went to the moon. Never mind that I tried to explain what a honeymoon was. The child is now convinced that we went to the moon. Some days I wish I could go to the moon. I bet it's quiet there, but there's probably no tractor surfing either.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What am I doing today?

Oh well I'm glad you asked... I spent the first few minutes of my morning reading some of the best of Craigslist postings. Those will get you for sure. Thought I was going to spit my coffee all over the computer. LOL My favorite one was the one about being flashed on i-90. It's great. I think the drawings at the bottom for illustration were... priceless!

The rest of my day will be spent being a vegetable. The bus is bringing Jordan home. I don't have to leave. I am still in my pajamas. I don't want to do anything. The house is clean. I'm listing some stuff on craigslist to make space for the Christmas tree to go up. I usually put my Christmas tree up around the first weekend in November but having been so sick I haven't been able to. That puppy goes up this weekend! Why do I put it up so early? Because I have so much stuff and it takes so long to get up that I would like to look at it for more than 30 days before I have to put it back up in the attic. Besides I loooooooove Christmas. Making presents, buying presents, baking cookies (ok buying cookies at Walmart and pretending to have baked them), hot chocolate (even though it's 80 degrees out DAMN you La. weather!!!). I LOVE it all.

We've discovered baby spinach for salad at my house. I'd never eaten it before but DH accidentally picked up the wrong bag of salad at the store. It looked gross but I ate it and OMG it was so good! I gave some to Alexis who is really awesome about eating her vegetables. She looked at me funny, but didn't say anything and proceeded to eat it. Great! No problems. Jordan looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to feed it to her.

The next day we went to Alexis' psychiatrist appointment where he put her back on her ADHD meds (THANK YOU GOD!) And as we were walking in we passed some rather large bushes in the front landscaping. Alexis says "Hey, Can we eat those leaves too?" The child actually thought I went outside and plucked our landscaping to make dinner. Of course there were other people around when she said this! Why can't they say the goofy/embarrassing stuff when we are alone?!

Saturday we got up and decided that it would be fun to go have breakfast at the Beau Rivage casino in Mississippi. We got everyone dressed and Alexis was in a horrible mood. Whining, crying, complaining, until... We got to the casino and we made the obligatory potty run before going to eat. (Jordan is starting to do better in the potty training department finally!) Well we get in the bathroom and it is FANCY! You know how casino bathrooms are... inlaid mosaics... marble... Not at all like the plastic potty covered with stickers at my house! Alexis and Jordan went and then Jordan started looking for the "flusher" as she calls it so she could say "bye bye to the pee pee". All of the sudden WHOOOOOSH! The toilet flushes itself extremely loudly. Both of the girls very loudly exclaim OOOOH A MAGIC POTTY! I could hear the people in the other stalls snickering. The conversation that followed was quite interesting....

A: OH WOW Mom how does the potty flush itself?
Me: I don't know honey. It can tell when you get up and it flushes.
A: How does it know when I get up?
Me: Ummm... It has a motion sensor.
A: Well how does it know that I'm done and didn't just forget the toilet paper. Sometimes I get down when I forget the toilet paper.
Me: I don't guess it knows honey. I guess it would flush every time you get up.
A: Well then it's not very smart then.
Me: *Sigh* No I guess it isn't a very smart potty.

Everyone in the bathroom is audibly giggling now. Oh well thank God I don't embarrass easily. It could be worse. One time Alexis announced to the whole bathroom that I was wearing my "fancy" panties that you can see through. Then she asked me if she could have fancy panties when she grows up. Ummm sure honey. Just don't flush them down the magic potty ok?


Monday, November 5, 2007

Bubba is 8 mos! Look how big!

Brandon James is 8 mos, 20 lbs., and 29 inches tall! Bigger than most 1 year olds I know. Jeez. My little future linebacker... Go Saints! Hehe.


I've been MIA! I am so stupid. I should've insisted on a different doctor or something. After Brandon was born I started having this sharp pressure pain in my chest under my ribs in the middle. I was also throwing up during the pains. It was miserable. I went to the Dr. and he told me that I was stressed out. I should've insisted on a second opinion. I had my doubts that throwing up was caused by stress.

Fast forward to last Thursday around 5 when I got the same pressure feeling. I was up ALL night throwing up over and over. Ronnie went to work on Friday because I felt a bit better. After he left though I got worse, the entire day I was in misery. I finally told him that when he got home (he couldn't come home early because he rides the commuter van with other people) that I was going to the emergency room.

The first thing they said when I got to the ER was "sounds like you have gall stones". Great! (Why didn't the other Dr. figure that out? I've been dealing with this for 8 mos. now?) They did an ultrasound and I had a gall stone lodged in the duct that the bile is supposed to escape from the gall bladder in. That's why I was in such severe pain! They admitted me and said that my gall bladder had to come out.

The next morning they did an MRI which showed that I had a "bunch" of gall stones in addition to the one blocking the duct. That was Saturday. It showed that my gall bladder was extremely infected as well so they started tons of IV antibiotics. They then inform me that if my gall bladder would've burst I could've died. (Which makes me even angrier at the Dr. I've been seeing.) I sat in the hospital all Saturday waiting to see the GI Dr. who never showed up. Sunday she showed up and said I had to have an endoscopy to get the stone out of the duct or they would have to "open me up" and get it out. If they were able to get the stone out then I could have my gall bladder out laproscopically, but either way it had to come out.

Sunday they did the endoscopy procedure and got the stone out. I felt a bit better, but not 100%. That night I slept so hard. Monday around 11:00 they took my gall bladder out. I've lost 15 lbs. since then because I am still not feeling well. (Not that I can't stand to lose the weight mind you!) I'm sore, beat up, and trying to deal with all three kids, and Dr's appointments. The usual.

Ronnie, his mom, and sister watched the kids. One good thing is that Ronnie is a lot less nervous around Brandon now. Of course, I've had to stop breastfeeding Brandon. He's 8 mos. old but I was planning on going until he was a year old. It just breaks my heart. I wasn't ready. There is still some question as to why my liver levels were so high so I'll be going back for further testing. Please keep me in your prayers.

The funniest thing that struck me was that being in the hospital was the best rest I've had in a long time. Maybe it was God's way of telling me to slow down. I decided to quit one of the stores I was selling at and just stick to one. I'm going to keep designing but a little less than I was before. I'm not going to stress about how sales are. I'm going to remember that this is a hobby that I started to make pages for my kids. I'm going to take it easy.