Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What am I doing today?

Oh well I'm glad you asked... I spent the first few minutes of my morning reading some of the best of Craigslist postings. Those will get you for sure. Thought I was going to spit my coffee all over the computer. LOL My favorite one was the one about being flashed on i-90. It's great. http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/alb/452732709.html I think the drawings at the bottom for illustration were... priceless!

The rest of my day will be spent being a vegetable. The bus is bringing Jordan home. I don't have to leave. I am still in my pajamas. I don't want to do anything. The house is clean. I'm listing some stuff on craigslist to make space for the Christmas tree to go up. I usually put my Christmas tree up around the first weekend in November but having been so sick I haven't been able to. That puppy goes up this weekend! Why do I put it up so early? Because I have so much stuff and it takes so long to get up that I would like to look at it for more than 30 days before I have to put it back up in the attic. Besides I loooooooove Christmas. Making presents, buying presents, baking cookies (ok buying cookies at Walmart and pretending to have baked them), hot chocolate (even though it's 80 degrees out DAMN you La. weather!!!). I LOVE it all.

We've discovered baby spinach for salad at my house. I'd never eaten it before but DH accidentally picked up the wrong bag of salad at the store. It looked gross but I ate it and OMG it was so good! I gave some to Alexis who is really awesome about eating her vegetables. She looked at me funny, but didn't say anything and proceeded to eat it. Great! No problems. Jordan looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to feed it to her.

The next day we went to Alexis' psychiatrist appointment where he put her back on her ADHD meds (THANK YOU GOD!) And as we were walking in we passed some rather large bushes in the front landscaping. Alexis says "Hey, Can we eat those leaves too?" The child actually thought I went outside and plucked our landscaping to make dinner. Of course there were other people around when she said this! Why can't they say the goofy/embarrassing stuff when we are alone?!

Saturday we got up and decided that it would be fun to go have breakfast at the Beau Rivage casino in Mississippi. We got everyone dressed and Alexis was in a horrible mood. Whining, crying, complaining, until... We got to the casino and we made the obligatory potty run before going to eat. (Jordan is starting to do better in the potty training department finally!) Well we get in the bathroom and it is FANCY! You know how casino bathrooms are... inlaid mosaics... marble... Not at all like the plastic potty covered with stickers at my house! Alexis and Jordan went and then Jordan started looking for the "flusher" as she calls it so she could say "bye bye to the pee pee". All of the sudden WHOOOOOSH! The toilet flushes itself extremely loudly. Both of the girls very loudly exclaim OOOOH A MAGIC POTTY! I could hear the people in the other stalls snickering. The conversation that followed was quite interesting....

A: OH WOW Mom how does the potty flush itself?
Me: I don't know honey. It can tell when you get up and it flushes.
A: How does it know when I get up?
Me: Ummm... It has a motion sensor.
A: Well how does it know that I'm done and didn't just forget the toilet paper. Sometimes I get down when I forget the toilet paper.
Me: I don't guess it knows honey. I guess it would flush every time you get up.
A: Well then it's not very smart then.
Me: *Sigh* No I guess it isn't a very smart potty.

Everyone in the bathroom is audibly giggling now. Oh well thank God I don't embarrass easily. It could be worse. One time Alexis announced to the whole bathroom that I was wearing my "fancy" panties that you can see through. Then she asked me if she could have fancy panties when she grows up. Ummm sure honey. Just don't flush them down the magic potty ok?



TheresaK said...

ROFLMAOOOOO......Kids are so funny, And why do they have the biggest mouths in the bathroom???LOL!!!! Reese does it to me all the time!

Anonymous said...

Awwww tooo too funny!!! I love and always look forward to reading your blogs you are a wonderful writer.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Don't ya hate it when those magic potties flush before you even get up????

Leah & Terry said...

Your kids are hilarious. I would be proud that they are always thinking, even if it is about "magic toilets" Ha, Ha. I laughed my ass off! As for the comment you left me, how do you get in the spirit of Christmas without snow? My goodness girl you are seriously deprived. I am sad to say though that I'm not sure about how much snow we will get, it seems pretty mild. I thought I was crazy for putting the christmas tree up so early but I am so going to put mine up this weekend too! I will think of you as I decorate. LOL. Hope your feeling much better girl.

Jane said...

Hey, Heather...I have been to the Beau Rivage!! Like several years ago...but I loved it there!!!
The conversation about the potty was too funny!!
And I LOVE baby spinach...so glad you discovered it...much more healthy for you!! LOL!!!

Adriann said...

Priceless!!! I didn't know you were so close to MS? Maybe one of these days we will meet.

It look like you are back to blogging again. I enjoy reading about the Adventures of Alexis, Jordan, and Brandon, they make for interesting reading. :P

Estee said...

Why do kids feel the need to embarrass us in the bathroom, of all places? Not that they spare us anywhere else, but still!! Breuklyn likes to comment on the width of my butt in comparison to everyone elses butt. Nice.

I hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Mindy said...

LOL!!!!!!! I hate magic potties. They spalsh to much. At least your kids thought it was magic...mine just scream bloody murder when it flushes. Have fun with the Christmas tree.