Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Broke Back Momma

Ugh! My back is still killing me from last night. I was playing on the floor with Jordan in her room when she JUMPED on my stomach and I felt something happen in my back. I couldn't move for about 10 minutes. I finally got up and am doing a bit better today but Alexis yelled at Jordan... "You broke Momma!" LOL I found that hilarious, it's not a good idea to laugh while you have an injured back though. Not a good idea at all. Oh and this was after Jordan rubbed my not recently shaved legs and informed me that they were "thickery". Which I have no idea what that means. Sticky? Pokey? You mean the hair is so thick it's like a thicket? What? LOL

I have good news! My kids are not the only weird ones!!! Imagine that. The other day I brought Alexis to gymnastics and was sitting there feeding Brandon when this cute little girl came and sat beside us and was talking to Brandon and I. We talked about her nickname and how old she was. She asked me what Brandon was eating. I told her and then... She said, "Guess what? One time I ate a dead roach off of the floor. It was kinda sour." Ummm yes I imagine it was dear! LOL Ick. I thought it was only my kids that went up and said crazy stuff to random strangers. Now I don't feel so bad.

Speaking of gymnastics, Alexis has been moved up to the next level which is fabulous! It means I get to go sit in the cold on Friday morning in hopes of getting her a spot in the Saturday class before all of the others fill up. YAY! I'm going to freeze my butt off, but I am so proud of her. She had a Dr's appointment today and they increased her bi-polar and ADHD meds. I hope it helps.

Anyway that's it for now,


TheresaK said...

WTG Alexis!!! Reese just joined gymnastics! SHe really likes far!

Ouch, I hope your back feels better soon!!!!

Leah & Terry said...

Hope your back feels better chicky poo, and you don't freeze to death!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww poor little broke back mommy!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! HUGS!!!!

Jane said...

oh man...I hope you back is better!!! You don't need to be broke!! I have been shoveling all day...we got abouta foot of snow, some last night, which I shoveled this morning and then it started snowing again Ugh!!! anyway, hope the back holds out!!

Good for Alexis getting moved up!!! and good luck with the meds!!

Mindy said...

So glad to hear that your kids are NOT alone in the world. I never thought they were though. I have had some pretty strange conversations with the neice too. Don't worry about the 'thickery' leg hairs. I forgot to shave before we headed done to Disney last week. And we couldn't get in our room for several hours. So I had to walk around the park the first day with EXTREMLY thickery legs!!! Not Pretty. Especially when your DH points it out to the whole family.

Anonymous said...

EEEUUWWWWWWW!!! Dead Roach! Yuck!
At least she was telling on herself. Usually when they are talking to adults they are telling on you! Congrats to Alexis!!!

Adriann said...

Thickery!!!! Priceless!

I just rec'd my first kit and can't wait to get scrappin...

Hope you are feeling better soon. How's business?

Estee said...

How is your back? The world falls apart when we can't move!! :)

YAY for Alexis!! That is amazing. I hope that you have a great weekend!!

lv2scrpbk said...

great job for Alexis. Well, since today is Sunday I hope you still have your butt to sit on. hehehe. Did you get her in to Sat. classes? That's all that matters, even if you froze.
I sure hope your back is feeling better. That must be a pain for it to hurt. Steve walks around like an old fart when his is mesed up. Happy Sunday. I have your blogs on my favorites so now I have no excuse for not stopping by more often.


Cheryl Wray said...

LOL!!! Nope, yours are not the only weird kids. We've ALL got them!! :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah for Alexis!!!

you broke momma is so funny!

hope your back feels better.