Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Disney World!

First I just had to share this cartoon I found in one of my Baby Center emails. ROFLOL So true!I promised to blog about Disney World so here goes! We were planning to stay in the All Star Movies, but when we got there we found out that we'd been upgraded to the Carribean Beach resort through the Year of a Million Dreams promotion! Pretty cool huh? Here's a picture of the hotel... Here is Jordan meeting her absolute favorite character... Jojo from Jojo's Circus and her lion Goliath of course.
Alexis was NOT impressed by the characters. She declared that "It was just some man in a suit." Lovely huh? She was however surpremely impressed with Test Track and Thunder Mountain. I was also quite impressed with Thunder Mountain RR. It was my first roller coaster of any type and I LOVED it!!! I can't wait to go on the Expedition Everest ride next time we go back. I could turn in to a roller coaster officianado!

Here is a picture of us doing another thing I loved... SHOPPING! I got a sweet new Eeyore shirt that says... Frown. Complain. Repeat. How much does that rock?! LOL Here you see Ronnie, Alexis and Brandon in front of one of the stores.

All in all it was a great trip despite everyone getting sick while we were there! Hauling 3 kids around Disney World was an adventure to say the least. I also need to add that both Jordan and Brandon HATED the characters and the fireworks. That was pretty interesting! My ear drums may never be the same again from all of the screaming.
I've been sick... I found out that I have an MRSA infection, probably contracted at the hospital when I had my surgery in October. Pretty lovely huh? Ugh!
Valentine's Day was interesting here... Ronnie didn't get me anything, and then he said he thought "It wasn't a big deal." My feelings were really hurt and I let him know. Well a few days ago I got flowers in the mail. The card read: "I'm a retard. I'm sorry. Please forgive me." He's such a mess!

Alexis has lost her bottom two front teeth and we are calling her toothless. She finds this hilarious. We had a huge discussion about the Tooth Fairy and how she gets in the house. Ummm... she has a special key that works on everyone's house. LOL
Bubba will be 1 soon! I can't believe how this year has flown by. Stick around for toothless pictures and birthday pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

yea!!! sorry everyone was sick. no way would I take three kids there. lol at characters in suits. they grow up way too fast!


Jessica's mom said...

First, MRSA! OH NO! You take care of yourself! Promise me you'll do everything the doctor says. (big giant Internet hugs)

Second, Year of a Million Dreams Upgrade!!! Yippie, horray, huzza! It's even cool to say I know someone who was blessed with a "Disney Dream"!

Third, Sorry about your kiddo's not liking the people in Disney Suits, :( that's kinda a downer. But great that you had a good time, with the roller coasters and of course shopping.

Fourth, aren't you sweet to go through my blog like that. Thank you for your efforts.

Now stop moderating and go listen to the doctor. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time!!! I hope to take my grandkids someday

Mindy said...

Really looking forward to seeing the Disney LOs. So sorry to hear that you are sick. You just can't win can ya?

I am a roller coaster JUNKIE!!! We have a huge amusement park (Cedar Point) an hour away. So I can get my coaster fix every year. And they get new bigger coasters ever few years. It's awesome!!