Saturday, February 23, 2008

Downward Facing London Bridge?

Okay so many of you know I've been under a lot of stress lately and have been ordered by my doctor to take it easy. I've been exercising for months now and the endorphins are a wonderful way to help me feel better. I've decided to try to de-stress and I've added meditation and yoga to the mix. I found two pod casts that I love! Only one issue with the meditation one... I never get to the end without falling asleep. I listen to it at night while Ronnie rocks Brandon to sleep and he always has to wake me up to get in bed. I have no idea how the meditation is supposed to end. Oh well I guess it means I'm de-stressed right? LOL

The yoga hobby... Now that's a fun one too. (Check out the Yogamazing podcast.. It's seriously worth downloading!) The issue with yoga is that the kids think it's playtime. Alexis imitates me and laughs and falls over. Brandon thinks the downward facing dog position is a new type of London Bridge game and crawls under me. Jordan hollers at me to "get up Momma"! I think she thinks I'm hurt because I'm lying on the floor. ROFLOL It's not very relaxing, but my muscles feel better and my flexibility has improved greatly. It's hard to OHM when all of that is going on though... Did you know it's possible to lay on your back and touch your toes to the floor over your head? It is! AND I can do it!!! Ronnie is pretty impressed too. LOL

Speaking of Ronnie, we went and got our living wills and health care power of attorney done. For those of you who haven't done this, I highly recommend it. It was a really hard decision to decide to take the power out of Ronnie's hands if I am every brain dead and in a coma. I signed a paper declaring I want to be unplugged if two doctors say there's no chance of me ever recovering. I don't want Ronnie burdened with that decision or the medical bills if he decides not to unplug me. He signed the same paper. This way our wishes will be followed. We also set Alexis and Jordan up with special needs trusts because of the possibility that if they inherit from us dying that that their medical benefits will cease.

Enough of the morbid dying talk! I have another pet peeve! (Surprise! LOL) On the pop station that I listen to on the radio they keep playing "Blasts From the Past". The NOT funny thing is that the songs they are playing are songs I listened to in High School. Songs from Nirvana are not oldies, and neither is Creed darn it! Since when did the 1990's turn into music history? Oldies. Sheesh! What are they going to call them when I am 40?

Thanks for listening to me ramble...


Mindy said...

Bless you for trying to do the Yoga with the kids in the room. I gave up. It was not the relaxing time it should be with a small child climbing on you. But I bet Ronnie is loving the new flexibilty from it. I don't know a man alive who wouldn' And as you the falling asleep during meditation...I say it's working. You don't get much more relaxed then when you are sleeping.

And don't even get me started on the oldies music. I am only 32 years old. The music I grew up with should NOT be oldies. UUGGHHHH, makes me cry just thinking about it. LOL

Leah & Terry said...

Ok first of all, WHAT THE HELL?? LOL. Oldies??? Ugh, I am not an oldie so neither are those songs!!

As for the yoga, isn't it fab when you can twist your body into weird and fancy positions?? As for the meditation, I want some of that, I have never found anything that relaxing, gee, I don't even sleep that well. LOL.

Your so making me feel guilty about the living will thing. We sooo need to get that done.

Take care and keep destressing =)

Anonymous said...

My brother (47) has been doing yoga for about a year now. He says it has really helped him tremendously. Of course he started the course because it was 95% women in the class! LOL!

Cheryl Wray said...

I have the same reaction when I hear "Oldies" from the 90s!!!! LOL

The living wills is a great idea and I'm glad you mentioned it. G ary and I really need to get some things like that together.

The yoga sounds great!!!

Estee said...

Oldies? No way! Ugh. Oh, Nirvana... the memories of when I was young and grunge. :)

Yoga with kids around is impossible, I give you props. I love Tae Bo (don't judge!! LOL) but there is no way that I can do it with the kids around because they laugh hysterically, which causes me to laugh and then we all fall over. :) Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

Jessica's mom said...

That's great that you took the legal step and ironed out all that stuff. What a huge effort it must have taken. I have a will, but dh doesn't, we've talked about it, but I suppose he wants me stuck with all his junk. :D So when you see the huge sign "Junk for Free YOU Haul, everything else $1" you'll know... I suppose that was a bit morbid as well.

As for your radio station, you go right on ahead and listen to whatever you want. It's a great way to get rid of stress, so turn it up and sing along.