Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Top 5 Things to Remember

5 things to remember when you go to Disney World...

1. The sun in Florida is HOT. I don't care if you live in Louisiana. The sun in Florida, It's HOTTER. What? You forgot your sunscreen? Uh oh.

2. Remember when you pack your bag to go into the park that you will have to carry that same bag out of the park at the end of the day. Plus 17 shopping bags of Disney merchandise. Plus 2 sleeping kids who weigh over 30 lbs. *Ugh!*

3. Do not make faces at the Disney employees. It's just not nice. They aren't allowed to make faces back!

4. Meeting Jojo from Jojo's Circus really is the best thing in a 3 year old's life. Who cares if you are her Mom? Jojo is better. LOL

5. Do not suggest to your husband that he stop and ask directions in the parks. After all how hard can it be to find Muppet Vision 3D? 1 hour hard!



Jessica's mom said...

Very cute things to remember, maybe you should fax it to the Orlando advertising group and see if they will use it as a "now that you've given us money, here are some tips (warnings?)."

hehehe, I can say that I live here, or is it there? That hot sun you commented on? This is Feb, and you can get a sunburn simply fishing while shivering (I know I did) just think August!

Cheryl Wray said...

I Love your list!!! And they are all so true!!!

When we went to Disney the Fall before last, Sydney was just 2 and she thought Jo Jo was GREAT!!!

TheresaK said...

HAHAHAHAHAH this is too funny!!

Jessica's mom said...

Did you forget anything while you were at Disney? Or put off getting something and are sorry about it now? (It happens to me all the time as I try to "save money", it really bites me when I order it from them and they want some $10+/- shipping!) My sister is taking dd and I to Disney World this weekend. So if you have anything on your list like that, pop it in my blog and I'll get it for you. {{hugs}}

Thanks for the reminder on the sunscreen! I'm gathering up all the little things I think I'll forget (like the "spinners" and dd's autograph book)