Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Concussion

This blog post will be good, bad, and ugly... LOL and full of pictures. Not this past weekend but the one before we went to the park. Here are some of the highlights... I call this one pure joy... Only a child smiles like this. Isn't he such a ham?!
This one entertained me because of the perspective, and the fleeting feeling that my kids were stuck where I'd put them. (Insert evil laugh here.)
In other news, this past weekend on March 2nd Brandon James turned 1 year old. Here's the picture of the day he was born. Okay so he was never little but he was definitely smaller than he is now. Scroll down for the 1 year picture.Here he is at 1 year old. I can not believe how quickly this year has flown by. Seriously it makes me want to cry. Yes he's huge! He wears a 2T, and is over 30 inches tall at 1 year old. Monster man! I was so excited about him having a smush cake. You know the cake where they make a huge mess? Well he wasn't very interested, and he actually ended up fussing because he wanted the icing wiped off of his hand. Later on that night we even gave him another slice, I was hoping that he'd smush it so I could get the dirty cake filled pictures my little pea picking scrapbooking heart desired. Nope he wouldn't touch it. I said, "Alright fine!" "I guess you aren't going to eat your stupid cake." And Jordan piped up from across the table. "Momma, I'm eating my stupid cake." LOL Oh well. Aim for progress not perfection right?!
As is always the case in our house, we couldn't go a full weekend without some drama. Mr. 1 year old himself was practicing his rather wobbly stand alone skills by pulling himself up on the bedroom door. BAD idea! Well the door swung, and he went flying. Right back into the corner of the dresser. I picked him up and was soothing him. I couldn't find a lump on his head but right away he started throwing up. Well the first thing I thought was that he might have a head injury because he'd hit it pretty hard, we raced to the emergency room. On the way he kept trying to pass out. I kept talking to him and doing silly stuff to keep him awake. We got to the hospital and he got a CAT scan, and YEP he has a mild concussion. He is doing much better now, but he threw up for a good 12 hours. Thank goodness he's okay. It could've been so much worse. Here's a picture of him sleeping in the ER. I took it because I'm planning a birthday concussion scrapbook page. Hey he wouldn't eat the stupid cake, so I had to have something to scrapbook about! LOL Sometimes you have to find things to laugh about to keep from crying.

Heather Landry


Jane said...

OMGoodness....the poor thing!!! It's always something huh?? I can NOT believe how big he is!! But so dang CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwww well that's a heck of a way to spend your first birthday poor wittle guy. But I bet its the first of many with his learning to walk and just doing all the things in life that little boys do.

give him a hug from teetee oh and by the I love the that picture of you are so pretty.


Anonymous said...

My goodness! Never a dull moment!
Hope the birthday boy is doing better. Anna wouldn't touch her first birthday cake either. I used to work in a bakery and we heard tons of stories. It's actually quite common for the kid to not want the cake. It's probably just a ploy by the bakeries to sell you more cake!! LOL!!!

TheresaK said...

oh poor little guy!! LOL! I just cannot believe he is one already!!! Time really does fly!!!
That pic of him on the swing is so flippin cute!!!

Jen said...

Poor Brandonator! Happy Belated Birthday to your lil man!!!

Jessica's mom said...

A year already! Way to go mommy! Happy Birthday Lil' Dude! Thank goodness Brandon is okay. Jessica had falls but nothing like that, how scary!

Sorry to hear about his lack of interest in his cake, I had that trouble with Jessica's first cake too. FYI her first cake was buttercream and ever since I been using "wipped cream icing" and now she can't even keep her fingers out of it long enough for me to frost the cake, let alone cut it! :)

Your photos are just beautiful. Yes, as always your children are too. Jordan's hair is so dark and thick, she's gotten so big!

Brandon is wearing 2T, don't they grow so fast? Lately not Jessica, since she potty trained only 12 month and 18 month stuff fits her waist! I would guess she's been stuck in this since since 9 months or so. She just shot up an inch or two and her daddy thinks her dresses are to short, thus keeping me busy I suppose.

Leah & Terry said...

What happened to that boy! He's sooo grown up now!! *Sniff* I'm getting a little upset watching how big he is getting. He is so stinking adorable!!!! That poor little thing had to go and bang his little head.

Hope he is much better now.
Love the pics.

Oh yeah, Just subscribed to get updates, because well I just can't get enough. LOL

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, bless his heart!! A birthday concussion!!! It sounds like you had a great attitude about it, though.

And, personally, I think the picture of him with his cake is PERFECT! SO cute!!!

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday to Brandon!!!! That little guy just just can't catch a break. I actually can't believe my little guy hasn't gotten a concussion yet. Little boys are just so BRAVE. Hugs and kisses to the big guy. Hope he's feeling better soon.

p.s. I got great shots of Connor with his first cake. So much so that my nephew (who is 18 years older than Connor) got covered in cake too and we had to strip him down and wash him in the kitchen sink.

Melissa said...

Awh, poor little guy!!!! Hope he is feeling better!! He is just adorable!!! Can't believe he is one already! Boy, does time fly!!!

lv2scrpbk said...

Oh Heather, I am so sad for your big guy. But I'm also very happy he is doing good. Love the pictures. He is just so adorable and growing up so fast. My baby is 15 almost 16 years old already. So I totally understand. My last baby is already 7 years old. They do grow up fast. So enjoy them while the are little.