Sunday, March 16, 2008

You also might be a redneck if...

You taste your first crawfish (not crayfish!) at one year old! Here's Bubba (okay that makes him a redneck too) playing with his first crawfish over this past weekend.
This is the picture I took after he took his first bite. He was not impressed. He tried to put it in his mouth without it being peeled. Don't worry I'm sure he'll be a true Cajun and eat them by the boatload like the rest of us do, by sucking the heads, and pinching the tails. Alexis learned to peel her own crawfish and was so excited. Jordan refused to have anything to do with them.

I'm trying to think what else has been going on. It's actually been pretty quiet lately. (Thank God!) I've been getting in LOTS of scrapbooking which is wonderful considering how far behind I am on pictures.

Alexis has been doing well in school. This is the third month in a row that she's brought home all green behavior reports. We are SO proud.

Jordan is moving to a different physical therapy provider who will do longer sessions. We are looking forward to seeing new gains in her strength.

Brandon has started to take his first tentative steps. He's taken two or three steps a few times. I just know once he starts walking, it will be no time until he's running and I'm running along behind him. It'll be my new weight loss program. LOL

Now I'll leave you with my newest scrapbook page. It's for a contest for some clay scrapbook buttons made by Teresa. I hope I win! LOL


Anonymous said...

Love your page and I always enjoy reading your blog.


Jessica's mom said...

Just remember to be honest with the therapist, because otherwise she can't help. ;-)

I like that scrapbook page, I think (on the good days anyway) all mom's feel blessed to have their children.

You might not have all the messy cake photos you wanted, but that crawfish one of Brandon is just priceless!

Adriann said...

Hey You! It's been a while. Love the new look of your blog. Cute LO-- I know that picture. :)

I'll have to go back and read some post. I didn't know about an eating disorder.

Praying for your good health.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon, I don't like crawfish either. I just went to a crawfish boil benefit and got my 3 lbs and promptly gave it away. Of course they were out of potatoes and corn by the time I got there.
Good luck with the therapy!
Love the sb page! Glad to hear the girls are doing well!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE!!!!!!

Jen said...

ewww im with Miss J and Brandonator, you can get your bottom feeder crawfish lol

Good luck with therapy. Im sure it will help greatly.

Love the scrapbook page, if I only had the patience!

*reyanna* said...

What fabulous news that it's "quiet" in your household! :D LOVE that Alexis is doing well in school. Awesome that Jordan will be in a more productive therapy program, and how cute is Brandon? I think he gets cuter by the day! Seriously! When will he start modeling? ;) OH! And love what you did with that BG Pheobe! Those are my favorite papers you used from that line. Great job. Hope you win! :)

*reyanna* said...

OH! And LOVE your new picture. You look gorgeous! :)

Mindy said...

The picture of Brandon with the crawfish is just too cute. I'm not going to go into the sucking the heads and pinching the tail thing. I'm from the North and that is just GROSS...LOL

So HAPPY to hear that things are clam there right now. You deserve it!!!