Friday, April 25, 2008

Creative Challenge

I have an idea for a challenge. I will post new ideas every now and then. I can't promise daily, probably every few days or so. Some of the ideas will include journaling. Some will include drawing. Every challenge will hopefully inspire you in some way, be it to write in your journal, or make a scrapbook page out of it. Please post your responses on your blog so that everyone can see your creativity!!! If you leave me a comment I'll come visit your blog to see your work. I'll be pulling the challenges from my own ideas, and from lists I've found on the internet. There won't be any prizes, but you will come out at the end with a very unique experience and a creative journal or scrapbook all about you and what you think.

First challenge... Write or draw an entry about a secret. Cut it up and glue the pieces in your journal/scrapbook randomly or in a meaningful pattern.

Let's get creative!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jordan's Birthday Silliness AND Spring is Here!

First I want to show a few of my most recent layouts!!! I love the new embedding feature. If you click on the pictures it'll take you to a bigger view in my gallery! I applied for another design team. A kit design team this time... wish me luck please! =0)

Journaling says... some of the best times in our lives are spent together.

A picture of Miss Jordan having a great time at the park. This LO came out really simply. Everything I added felt wrong. LOL I don't know. I did some doodling. I kinda like the simplicity.

Pictures from Brandon's photoshoot in front of the Christmas tree. Isn't he a cutie patootie?! LOL

Now for our update... Jordan had her birthday party this past weekend and it went even smoother than I expected. There's something to be said for renting a venue for your kid's party. LOL The best part is that I didn't have to clean up after. We had it at Chuck E Cheese and all I had to do was put all of her presents in a big black trash bag and carry them out to the car. It was pretty funny that they were in a trash bag. Her Uncle Brian came out while my Father-In-Law was putting them in the car and he asked... "Chuck E Cheese makes you take home your trash?" LOL We died laughing. Poor Brian.

Here is a pic of Jordan getting ready to blow out her candles...

Here is some video footage of what we did today... listen to that giggle! I promise you'll end up giggling too. =0)

I hope your day is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Surprise! Beach trip...

This past weekend on Sunday afternoon Ronnie walked outside to walk the dog. When he came back in he said, "It's pretty warm." "Let's drive to the beach." So we drove the hour to Biloxi, MS to let the kids play in the water. It was 80 degrees out, but the water was still pretty cold. The girls did not care! Here is Alexis before she got into the water... Here is Cookie getting splashed by some pretty big, and pretty cold waves! I got that swim suit on sale last year with the glasses and a cover-up dress for only $5.00! Can't beat that! Ronnie was a little iffy about it being a two piece, but I think she's adorable.
Here are Brandon and Ronnie. Brandon decided he didn't like the noise the waves made, or the way the sand felt under his feet, so he spent the whole time pouting. LOL Look at that face! Poor little man.
And as usual there are no pics of me because I'm the madwoman behind the camera. The orchestrator of the mass chaos. =0)

Things around here have been pretty quiet thankfully. Not much drama over their Easter break thank goodness. I tried to keep them as busy as possible because the busier they are the less they bug me! LOL

Brandon has some new tricks... He can suck his toes, and pick his nose. I actually scrapbooked him sucking on his toes... Here's the link to my gallery so you can check it out.

If you click on the picture it should take your there. I hope everyone is having a lovely day! And thanks for checking in with us.