Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation and Random Bits

Oh boy have we had a busy few weeks! Alexis is wrapping up her school year with lots of fun stuff at school. Today will be her last day. She is officially a kindergarten graduate! They had an adorable performance at the school. Here's a photo of the whole class. She is the one on the bottom row, second from the left. With the Dora hair cut.

We had a celebration here at the house where she got *gasp* her first Hannah Montana shirt, movie, hat, and purse. My baby is growing up. No more Sprout channel for her. She's hit the big time. I guess it was only a matter of time before I let her watch it. The other kids in her class have been talking about Hannah all year and she felt so left out. I finally sat down and watched it and didn't find anything objectionable. It's actually pretty cute. Here she is in full on Hannah garb... she wouldn't even let us take the tags off before trying it on.

In other news, Jordan got her wheelchair in FINALLY. It was such a hassle to get it, but I am SO glad she's got it now. It really makes things easier because when she has to walk long distances she gets tired quickly. Here is a picture of her in it over this past weekend at Lexie's graduation celebration here at the house.

That weekend we also pulled out the baby pool, and here is a picture of Brandon loungeing around like he's the king of the kiddie pool.

And last but not least... I am SO EXCITED to announce that I've been picked for a Design Team. My local scrapbook store had a sign up when I went to shop there the other day so I sent them my gallery and I got it! I also found out I'll be teaching as well. Yikes! Me? A teacher? Well thinking about it... I do love telling people what to do, so maybe it'll work. LOL Stay tuned to my blog for photos of my DT work, but in the meantime you can check out my designer bio, and the store I'm working for at



Estee said...

Cute pictures Heather!! I am glad that things seem to be going well for you! :)

Leah said...

ROFL!! at Brandon in the kiddie pool!!! Oh my gosh he is just a total studmuffin! Love Alexis posing in her Hannah gear.

He, he, Your kids are out of school already?? I have another month or so of free scrapping time. **Wink**

MindyRadio said...

The pictures are all adorable!! I think Brandon looks so chill in the pool..LOL And I can't believe Alexis is old enough to watch Hannah Montana...WOW If I were Jordan I'd never get out of the wheelchair. So glad you were finally able to get her one!

Jessica's mom said...

The wheelchair will be a great help I promise. :) Just getting it in and out of the car, now there's the hassle, though it's less of one than you hauling around both Jordan and Brandon in your poor tired arms.

Glad to hear the end of the school year wrapped up so nicely for you. Any summer camp plans this year?

How are the summer dresses you're making for the girls comming along?

Jessica's mom said...

Oh Hannah Montana! That show comes on at my house, and while dh and I find ourselves watching it our rag muffin has no interest at all. I guess I'm naughty parent for letting it be on. Oh well I let dd watch "chick flick" movies with me too, just us girls.

The best part of the morning is curled up together in my bed watching sewing shows. Oh no wait that always results in more project ideas. :)

Nnairda's said...

Love the pic of Brandon in the pool. Too cute!

Congrats on making the DT!!! You are an awesome designer.

Yay Alexis! Time goes by so quick doesn't it. William's program was so much fun. He lost his first baby tooth that day, so it was an extra special day for him because he knew the Tooth Fairy (me) would be visiting him that evening.

Alexis look so adorable.

Sorry for the long post. You do that to me somehow. I come over here for a quick post and I end up spilling out my guts. :)

Have a blessed week!


Jen said...

Congrats on the design team!

And congrats to the big girl Lexie for graduating the big K! It's all downhill from here next thing you know they'll be entering sixth grade and hitting puberty and ahhhhhhhh ok wait sorry didnt mean to throw my emotions in there LOL

Ahhh Jordan she is such an adorable lil thing! And growing into quite a little lady herself already.

Bubba boy now that is a boy who has no cares in the world, that pic cracked me up! his lil belly button is lookin better too!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those are all such great pictures!!!! The little dude chilling in the pool just made me smile. I love it!!

And congrats on the DT. That is so cool!