Sunday, June 29, 2008

Creating Shrinky Dink Embellishments

Step One: Find some cool clip art to trace.

Step Two: Trace it, perfection is not necessary because it shrinks, any minor mistakes won't be noticeable.

Step Three: Color it. You can use permanent markers, or color pencils. Check your shrinky dink package for other coloring options.

Step Four: Cut it out. I prefer rounding the edges as I cut. It leaves a smoother finished look.

Step Five: Bake according to your packaging's directions because temperatures, and timing vary from each manufacturer.

Step Six: Finished product! (Sorry it looks a bit yellow, I couldn't get an outside photo due to rain, and the lighting in my house leaves much to be desired, but you get the idea!!!)

1 comment:

Jessica's mom said...

Oh that's really cool! Where can I get some?