Monday, June 30, 2008

My Apologies, a Spider, and Madness!

First off I want to apologize... while listening to my play list the other day I realized there was a rather nasty curse word in one of the songs. I didn't realize it before because apparently I've only listened to the edited version. If you heard it and were offended, I truly apologize!!!! So sorry! Especially if there were little ears in the room. =0(

Now on to the madness that is my life... We went to my grandparent's house this Saturday. That's Maw Maw and Paw Paw Chicken to my kids. (They call them that because my grandparents own chickens, and they have so many sets of grand and great-grand parents they have to keep them separated some how!) We had a really good time, and I got some awesome pictures... one I'm particularly proud of is this one of Brandon through the sprinkler.

This one is pretty funny... Maw Maw bought the kids a sprinkler, and a slip 'n slide. She had this little pool for Brandon, but all of the kids wanted to be in it. Can you say sardines? Hehe Please note that the baby, whom the pool was meant for, is NOT in the pool. There is no room!

So that was a complete blast. I love visiting my grandparents. They are so much fun!!! Friday was eventful as well. Miss Jordan has been in Summer camp riding horses. She won a ribbon for two point (standing up in her stirrups while the horse was going!) Yikes! She did a fabulous job! Here's a photo of my proud graduate!

After we got home from that, Ronnie's sister was watching the kids, and we decided to pull out the chalk and let the kids play on the front porch. Needless to say you know Momma had to play chalk too. LOL Here are the kids and their creation's. (Photos edited to add more saturation. I'm planning a really bright sb page with these!)

Oh in other good news, I'm finally getting a flat bed scanner! Which means better photos to show you all of my layouts! Whoo hoo! And speaking of layouts here's my latest that I did at my very first crop! Can you believe I've been scrapping 4 years and had never been to a crop until Saturday?

I had an adventure of sorts last night. Once all of the kids were in bed, I settled down in a hot bath to read and relax a bit before bed. Ronnie has already gone to bed, as you can tell by all of the pics it was an insane weekend and he was tired. So I'm sitting there reading my library book, and out of the corner of my eye I see movement. IT WAS A BIG HUGE SPIDER!!! ARGH! I am normally pretty tough, but bugs reduce me to a feminine screaming mess! I hummed my library book at it, and missed. (Not at all a library recommended usage for books I'm sure.) Then I threw a cup at it, which really ticked it off, and it ran and started to hide under the cabinet. I was worried it would escape and bite the kids while they were sleeping, so I jumped soaking wet out of the tub and grabbed the nearest item and smushed it til it was extremely dead and no longer even recognizable as a spider. LOL Care to guess what the closest item was? My poor library book. LOL I washed it off after shivering with the oogies. Yuck spider guts!

Thanks for dropping by and reading my extremely long post today! LOL



~Stephanie~ said...

I'm soo glad its not just me who wings things at spiders! and I also do the same "smash it till its REALLY dead" thing too!!

I can't believe how big the girls are getting!! And Brandon - poor Brandon who was standing outside of that little pool...!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Oooooh yuck! I hate spiders too!!!! I can take snakes before spiders! Congrats to Jordan on her award! Strong legs and back.
Your pics are really cute and the one with the sprinkler is adorable.
I went to Scrapbooks, ETC. and voted for you. Girl, its a wonderful layout. You need to tell more people to vote for you!!!!!!

Jessica's mom said...

It must have been the weekend for bugs, did you catch the huge wasps we had at my blog? So sorry the entire house was asleep with you having to fend on your own, around here somewhere I have a book that my Grandmother used on a big nasty bug, smushed it with the pages as opposed to the cover, ugh!

What a big boy your son is! It's mind blowing how fast they grow!

Super Duper congrats to J. on her horseback riding award! I'm not sure - okay I'm certain - I couldn't stand while riding! Great job!

DD has that exact sprinkler! DH bought it for her even though I wanted one of the little metal rings. It's amazing how fast she can get COLD with one of those!

Leah said...

I love all your pics!!! Sounds like a fun weekend. LOL!! to the spider story!

Nnairda's said...

Girl you do find yourself in predicaments don't you. LOL!

Love the LO! Great design.

Enjoy your week.


Estee said...

Oh, the poor poor library book!! I would have totally done the same thing. Don't you hate it when we have to be brave so that the kids won't suffer the consequences. If it was just me and Brad, I would leave the spiders alone for him to kill, but heaven forbid one of the kids get bit. They need to learn to squish their own bugs! LOL! :)

I loved your layout, it is gorgeous!! Have a great day! :)

CK said...

hilarious, i just had to tell you that! i'm the same way, my SIL always says to me - how can you be so tough, but afraid of spiders? and i think that to myself too, as i'm frozen with - whatever (because it can't be fear) - staring at a spider crawling across my floor. i just had a nasty-looking one in the living room the other day, and i can't kill them, i cover them with a cup and tell the kids NOT to touch it and wait until my husband comes home, lol. yeah, i have issues.

anyway, great blog, i've enjoyed reading!

Scrappersaurus Scrapbooks said...

I, too, share in the Spider-Hater Sisterhood! Today a great big one was crawling on the counter at the store and I just dropped everything in my hands (food, drinks, plates, etc.) and froze for a minute. Then I had to feel my way into the cabinet next to me to get a cup and then I managed to capture it beneath the cup. It's still sitting there (I hope!). Felix forgot to "deal with it" for me!

Such a touching layout! So beautiful! I'm proud to display it on my walls! Thanks for sharing it with us!