Thursday, June 26, 2008

OMG So excited!!!!

I made it to the top ten in the Scrapbooks Etc. cool journaling and doodling contest that they are running!!!! If you get a minute could you please run over there and vote for me?! I've only got 3 votes! LOL You can only vote once a day. I really appreciate any help in my shameless plea for votes!!!

JUST REALIZED THAT IT DOESN'T TALKE YOU DIRECTLY TO MY LO! I can't link to it directly. You'll have to click on the You are My Sunshine one... Thanks!

Here's what the LO looks like if you are having problems finding it...


Leah said...

Shameless plea?? This layout rocks!!!! I voted for sure! When does the voting end???

Nnairda's said...

Hey Girlie! I just voted. I'll try to remember to go back everyday and vote. You are up to 17 now. :)

That was a sweet comment you left about your granddad.

I always appreciate you stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I just voted for you. Good luck!

Jessica's mom said...

I voted for you! Let us know how it turns out.

I just went to your other blog, and man oh man it's crazy in there. I see from here that you're taking it down to just one, which I completely understand, having two when I was working on mine a while back was a weight on my mind!

Hope your good, take care girlie! :D