Saturday, July 5, 2008

Gutter Girlz Prompt 2: Junkie

(You can click on the image to see it bigger!) This one has LOTS of stuff on it! I stamped the paper using the bottom of my coffee cup. If you look closely behind the word Java that's a coffee filter that I tore up, and inked and painted. The photos... the heart drawn in the coffee grounds was done by me. The poster was an awesome one I found with Google. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Google? My next LO might have to be about how I'm a Google junkie. LOL The photo says "Coffee! You can sleep when you're dead!"

My journaling says... I'm a java junkie. I need it! I gotta have it! I need a fix.

Not crooked IRL. Sorry for the wonkiness. This was for the Gutter Girlz Blog Challenge to scrap about being a Junkie, and use some sort of packaging from the thing you are addicted too. I chose the coffee filter, because I can't get any coffee without putting it in that. LOL

Go visit the Gutter Girlz Blog so you can play too!

On a different note... See this cute child right here?

She just told me that when they did the fire escape drill at school, (With a trailer that they filled with smoke to show the kids how to crawl under the smoke, and exit safely.) she told the firefighter volunteers that the smoke smelled like when her Momma makes pancakes. That little #&$^!!! She's lucky she's cute! In my defense... if you have 3 kids, it's kinda hard to focus on a pancake. I've got Jordan is hitting Brandon while he's walking back and forth on top of the couch, and Alexis is doing back flips off of the couch trying to break her neck. Is there any wonder my pancakes are burnt?



Jessica's mom said...

Daddy makes pancakes at our house. He always puts spices in them (I could do without that), but what's a non-pancake cooking lady to do?

Your coffee page is great. I just love how you brought it all together. The vintage ad really brings it all together, but I'm silly and love old ads (i.e the entire George Burns and Gracie Allen old sitcomes!!!). :D

~Shirley said...

LOL! ah, kids, they say the darnest things!! Too funny!

LOVE your Junkie layout, it ROCKS!!!

Jan said...

Love the layout!! Thanks for playing with the Gutter Girlz!

latte_grande said...

Love, love, LOVE your coffee page!!

And omg, that's EXACTLY how pancakes are made at MY house! lol

Vickie said...

Teehee love it! Out of the mouths of babes hey?

Leah said...

Your coffee page rocks!!!!!

lisa said...

Cool LO. Does it make you feel better that my pancakes do that too and I don't have ANY kids at my house lol. xxx

Nnairda's said...

There's no excuse for burned pancakes!!! LOL! Too funny. You never know what will come out of that girls mouth.

Love the Junkie page! Awesome!!!


~*AMY*~ said...

oh gosh, LOVE your gutter lo!

Scrappersaurus Scrapbooks said...

Your layout is outstanding! I LOVE IT!!! Can you bring it in to show me in person? I need to see more!

RE: "Burnt" pancakes - well, I don't think my husband knows anything but, with the way I'm so absentminded and get into other things. No kid excuse here, mine's 27 and doesn't live with us! I just kind of space out and get involved with too much at one time! He still eats it anyway, God bless him! LOL At least you know your daughter has a good sense of smell and association! ROFL