Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our "Professional" Picture

Ronnie and I have struggled for many moons to get a photo of all three children together in a "professional" setting without someone crying, whining, or getting up and just walking away. We still haven't succeeded, but you can laugh at our latest attempt, or just feel sad while looking at the lone tear creeping down Bubba's cheek. Seriously, how dare we demand he sit still for the 15 seconds it takes to take a photo!!! (Forgive the big white line down the side, my new scanner comes tomorrow, and I can't wait to break up with my old one for the new guy! LOL)

I got some scrapping done too! It's a miracle. I lifted Kelly Goree. The picture on this layout is the best one I've ever managed to get of all three of them. EVER. The journaling is especially important to me on this one. Click the link to see it bigger, and read all about it.

Here's a digital one I made using a tutorial by Amanda (TaylorMade Designs).

Thanks for stopping by and reading my madness!


Jen said...

Hehe isnt it torture? I remember taking D at that age and she was NOT having it..she did fine until she was 14 months old...then she would not sit again until she was 4, even then I was pushing my luck lol

I LOVE the "Who are these children..."'s just a great picture. And I always get all mushy when I see Jordan running and playing!! It's just awesome how far she's come!

Leah said...

It is impossible isn't it?? At least they are all sitting there! Love the scrapbook pages!

Jessica's mom said...

Now your page has gone and made me teary eyed! So sweet. Sorry you've been having trouble with that group photo, we can get "okay" ones if daddy is with us (the photographer last time told me to ALWAYS bring him). Clearly you take the best photos of your children!