Monday, July 14, 2008

A real date!

So much has been happening around here that I feel like I'm chasing myself around in circles! Ronnie and I had our first real date in over 4 years. His parents and sister took all 3 kids overnight. Ronnie and I drove to the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS. We ate at the buffet which was awesome, I got a few pictures, and we managed not to talk about the kids for up to ten minutes at a time. We had a great time. We didn't get back to the house until midnight... WAY past my bed time. LOL I'm getting old. Here is a photo of us. Ignore the construction tape in the corner, a lot of Biloxi is under new construction even two years after Katrina.

I taught my first class on Saturday at Scrappersaurus in Mandeville. I was a bit nervous at first, but I got into it pretty quickly. I probably talked too much. LOL The lady was really nice, and is interested in taking my next class this Saturday so I guess I didn't do too badly! Get this though... I have to pull a project together for consideration for teaching at ScrapFest in September. It's a big crop festival in Mandeville. Check it out here... If I do a good enough job they may pick me up as a teacher for the festival, which would mean teaching a BUNCH of people. So wish me luck with that!!!!

Speaking of Scrappersaurus they are running a contest for an altered bra to enter the Melissa Frances contest at CHA Summer 2008. I finished my entry. Scrappersaurus will be picking the best one out of the local submissions to send to CHA. Wish me luck! Here are some pics. As always you can click for a more detailed view and description.

The kids have been doing well. It's so hot here all of the time that they want to stay inside a lot. Brandon is a whopping 30 lbs, and 34 inches tall at 16 months. Jordan told Ronnie the other night that something is wrong with her legs. It breaks my heart that she's starting to realize that she's different. Alexis is her usual wild and busy self. She has started putting on dance performances for us. It's too funny.

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Heather Landry


Jessica's mom said...

Great to hear you and Ronnie had a date, is it nice to get away? DH and I can get have conversations about things other than dd, but they are not the most romantic conversations in the world.

Sorry to hear about J, she's such a wonderful, amazing girl. It just makes me want to yell, "but honey! You're so special". That of course only fuels the fire. Best of luck.

Penny Smith said...

Thanks for coming to play at TSM!
Great LO!!!

Leah said...

A real date hey? I haven't been on one of those in a really long time!! Isn't it hard to NOT talk about the kids? Especially for us stay at home Mom's who have virtually nothing to talk about besides the kids.... or is that just me? LOL. Glad you got away for the night anyway. Good luck with the teaching and your altered bra entry. You know you rock, so I think you will do well with both. Miss ya! Hope to chat with you soon, when your not chasing your tail that is!

TheresaK said...

I love LOVE that Bra!! You did a fab job on it!!!!!