Friday, August 29, 2008

Free Word Art, and Update

I've got a free digital word art I made for a layout about my Grandpa. You can download it at the link below. My Grandpa is a serious fisherman.


Today is the 3rd anniversary of Katrina, and here we are watching 2 storms. If I don't post for a while, it means we've evacuated. We've got 3 little kids, and the prospect of no electricity is quite daunting. I'm extremely nervous and worried, not that being nervous or worried helps. I just can't stand the thought of all of us having to go through the mess again. Please say prayers for my family, and others along the Gulf Coast. No matter where Gustav and Hanna land... prayers will be needed.

Big Hugs,
Heather Landry
Miracle's Momma Designs

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I love my husband...

He called today and told me to look outside... there was a box from ProFlowers. Full of gorgeous purple and yellow iris buds. (I love flowers, but really don't like roses so he has to be creative! To me roses are for funerals. I'm weird.) Anyway I pulled out the card expecting it to say "Love ya!" or something short. Instead I got...

"Remember the time we got kicked out of class for playing with matchbox cars?" "Who's retarded now?" "Shake and bake!" "Love you."

That's a quote from one of his (and mine too secretly) favorite movies. Talladega Nights with Will Farrell in it, and while it's not hot romance... I about died laughing. And that folks, is why I love my husband. No matter how rotten the day is, he can make me laugh so hard I cry.

If you haven't seen that movie, I highly recommend it. Keep in mind it's not for little eyes or ears. Here's a photo of my flowers so far.

Lately I've been in Suzy Home Maker mode... I baked a pound cake from scratch, reorganized the living room, donated a bunch of stuff that had accumulated that we didn't need, and started sewing the girls Easter dresses. I figure they may be done by like 3 Easter's from now. LOL Just call me Martha... better yet... Don't. Hehe

My fabulous pound cake... (Sorry I accidentally hit the publish button too soon!)

My newly organized living room... (Confirmation that I am seriously OCD I organized the kids books AGAIN, when they will just mess them up 10 minutes from now!)

Nothing makes me happier than organization!!!! Whooo hoo! Ronnie spent the weekend helping me move stuff around. Another reason I love him. We moved the big TV into the armoire and moved the old (still big) one in our room. I don't understand all of the high definition flat screen mess, but it makes Ronnie happy, and I'm happy I have the armoire so I don't have to look at it! I just noticed my living room is all shades of brown. LOL Ok it's official I'm boring.

And last but not LEAST in any way... Bubs at the park. Did I mention it's hot here? OMG I could fry an egg on the sidewalk seriously. Look how sweaty and dirty he is! What a boy!!! And while he looks as red as a crawfish... keep in mind that he was only outside for 30 mins, and the majority of that was in the SHADE!

I just found out about If you are on there and want to add me as a friend I'm MiraclesMommaDesigns. I found another addiction. LOL

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Upcoming Book Of Me Class-Update

This Saturday August 30th I will be teaching a repeat Journaling class at Scrappersaurus in Mandeville, La. Check out for access to the calendar to see the entire class schedule.

Saturday September 20th will be the first day of my Book of Me series of classes at Scrappersaurus scrapbook store in Mandeville, La. The first one we are starting with is "Favorite Place". It could be something as big as a travel destination, or as simple as a photo of you in front of your scrapbook desk. Anything goes. Whatever your Favorite place is! Participants will also learn a new technique every month. This month is using the Cricut Machine... We'll have a selection of different fonts for you to use on your title. I used the Mickey Font because my favorite place is Disney! Here's the layout I made for illustration using the AWESOME October Afternoon Detours line. So cute! Don't tell Ronnie, but I'll definitely be buying more of it. Hehe

I had my chipboard class yesterday and had 6 girls! It was a whole lot of fun and it was great meeting everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting some of the girls again for the Chipboard II class in a few weeks. The first class was about distressing and covering Chipboard, and in the second we'll be using it on a layout.

On another note things have been going well around here. I've been working on scrapbooking some Disney layouts. We went on the trip in February and I'm still not all caught up. LOL I know... I should be ashamed.

The kids have been doing well. Alexis is having problems learning to read because she has a hard time concentrating with her ADHD, but we are working hard on it. Jordan is in a "normal" class instead of a special needs class this year which is a big achievement for her. Brandon is growing like a weed, and is getting a new tooth. He has been up every night for the past week with it hurting. Hopefully it'll come through soon! Ronnie is up to his usual antics. He's the biggest kid of all.

I've been working on reading some of the more famous or infamous books lately. I finished reading the Poisonwood Bible which was amazing, and now I'm on to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which will make my friend Lisa really proud. She loves the movies. I haven't seen any of them. Yes, I must live under a rock.

Of course I have to leave you with photos of random cuteness... Look he's only 1 and he's already addicted to LOL


Friday, August 22, 2008

Chipboard Ideas

Sure chipboard is REALLY cute, but if you ever find yourself wondering what on earth do I do with it once you get it home... then this post is for you.

The dictionary defines chipboard as a paperboard usually made entirely of wastepaper. Scrapbookers define chipboard as the hottest and most useful product on the market! You still want to know what to do with it? Here are some ideas.

1. Sand it with sandpaper or special distressing tools.
2. Leave it the regular color and just ink or paint the edges alone.
3. Paint the entire piece of chipboard, then ink the edges.
4. Paint the entire piece of chipboard, then sand little bits of the paint off for a distressed look.
5. Cover it with paper and leave the edges bare, or ink them.
6. Leave it the raw color and use Stickles around the edges to add sparkle and definition.
7. Paint it one color, then use Tim Holtz crackle paint over the top of it after it dries. When it crackles, the paint will show through.
8. Cover it in paper and use Glimmer Mist to add a faint sparkle.
9. Leave the chipboard the raw color and spray it with Glimmer mist, then distress it in places.
10. Make a teeny tiny collage on the chipboard using modge podge and tiny bits of coordinating paper.
11. Cover the entire piece with Stickles by painting them on with a paintbrush. Or you can put them on thickly for a really glittery look.
12. Use embossing ink and powder to stamp on raw chipboard, and then emboss for a little bit of interest. This can also be done on chipboard that's covered in paper.
13. Stamp your chipboard using regular ink. You can journal directly on it using alphabet stamps.
14. Cover your chipboard with paper, then add dimension using Diamond Glaze.
15. Wrap your chipboard in ribbon or fibers. This looks really cute on swirls and flourishes.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started! Of course if you have questions, ideas, or want to see something demonstrated... feel free to ask.

Heather Landry
Miracles Momma Designs

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hybrid Butterfly Inchies

Here are my latest obsession. Inchies. If you click on them they'll get bigger and you can read a description of what I'm going to do with them down the road. Hugs!

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Heather Landry

Scrapfest Sneak Peek

Super sweet sneak peek at my Scrapfest project... I spoke to one of the organizers of Scrapfest here in Mandeville, La. yesterday, and she told me it was okay to post a sneak peek of the project I'm teaching at Scrapfest in September. So here it is...

Yes, all you get is a corner! LOL But if you go to the Scrapfest website here... You'll get to see a little more. Scroll down to Saturday at 10AM and there I am!

The project is a mini album using the Fancy Pants About a Boy Paper. I feel like boys get overlooked a lot in scrapbooking. It's about time someone came out with some cute boy paper. Of course the album could be used for an older boy, or a tomboy too. I know the papers would work for Alexis for sure. The album holds 12 photos so I used it to scrap the first 12 months of Brandon's life.

Other stuff going on... I'm teaching a Crazy About Chipboard class this Saturday at Scrappersaurus in Mandeville. I'm having a lot of fun distressing and playing with the chipboard. In the first class we'll distress and cover the chipboard, then in class two we'll make a completed distressed layout using the chipboard and the Graphic 45 Baby to Bride collection.

Recent Layouts:

I saw this crawfish paper in Scrappersaurus and couldn't pass it up for scrapping the photo of Bubs eating his first crawfish...

And here's a layout about me being a bit of a bookworm...

As always if you want to see them bigger just click and they'll pop up with a full description.

Other than that not much is going on... catching up on stuff for class. Oh and soon I'll be posting some photos of my inchies as well. I've gotten caught on that too. LOL They are lots of fun to do.

The kids are finally back in school and they are really happy about it for the most part... except that Jordan has informed me that her teacher "Doesn't like her". When I asked her why she said, "Because she makes me do stuff." LOL Little does she know she's in for at least 12 more years of being told what to do by teachers. Alexis is excited to be in the same class as her best friend this year. I just worry they are going to talk and get in trouble. Her teacher is no nonsense though, so she should be able to deal with them.

Brandon is growing like a weed. He weighs 31 lbs. to Jordan's 33, and he's almost as tall as she is. He's such a boy, he climbs on everything, and digs into everything. He now says "I Ya You Mama." Which in Brandon language means "I Love You Mama." and it just melts my heart.

Enough blabbing,
Heather Landry

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog Redo

Please pardon the mismatching colors and weirdness going on right now on my blog. It's under a bit of reconstruction! =0)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Haircuts are interesting...

We went on a special trip to get the kid's hair cut at a salon over an hour away because they specialize in special needs kids. Jordan hasn't let anyone near her hair in over 2 years. So we were hoping. It worked! She got her haircut and looks beautiful. Here are the before and after pics of the kids.




Brandon was extremely unimpressed with the fact that he was getting his hair cut in a taxi cab. In fact, he hated the whole process. Thank goodness the lady was quick, but good at what she did! Here's the bit of video we took of him.

The kids started school again. Well Alexis did really. Jordan has been sick. She went the first day, then has been home sick after that for the next two days.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to my life...

A while back I told you all that I borrowed older photos of me from my Mom. I didn't realize just how bad some of these were. LOL So this is for Minday... 80's photos extraordinaire and extras.

Here I am as a baby in 1981... See any resemblance to Bubba? =0) Maybe the tongue sticking out? I still do that when I'm concentrating. LOL

This is my kindergarten graduation around 1985. I was a superstar up on the stage. Not nervous at all. The only thing that marred the performance was that I had pee on my shoes. Nope, not my pee. The kid in front of me in the pews (I went to a church school.) was so nervous he peed his pants. Unfortunately the pee went backwards. Nice huh? I remember being totally disgusted, but they wouldn't let us get up. They took him out, and cleaned him up. But they were adamant that the show must go on. Funny the things you remember huh? LOL In my defense... the overalls were because it was a farm themed graduation. In later photos I wore a rooster on the front of my gown. You aren't seeing those. =0)

Here I am at around 7 years old. 1987... TOTALLY rockin' the belly shirt, and is that a MULLET? Seriously Mom! OMG. I have to admit that that shirt was one of my favorites, because it had elephants on it. I LOVE elephants.

Flash forward to 1990... I am 10 years old. This is what I demanded to wear to my younger brother's kindergarten graduation. I remember how beautiful I thought it was and that I was hot stuff with my hair all fixed and my matching plastic jewelry. OMG Can you say 80's hair? And why am I wearing a white plastic belt? It's not even on my waist?! LOL

Here's me getting my first perm. I asked for it for my birthday, because my hair was so long it cost about 100 dollars for the special spiral perm. I had shorter bangs, and used to poof them up with a curling iron. On days when they wouldn't poof just right. I'd be in tears. Seriously. It was the worst part of my day. Praying my hair would behave. I think it traumatized me to this day I never cut my hair into bangs. LOL

And the last embarrassing thing I'm admitting is that I used to be a choir girl. LOL This isn't the best photo, but it's one of the best one's I've got. This was my senior year. The last concert at Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans, before hundreds of people including my Grandparents, Mom and Step-Dad, and Brothers. I was so nervous. I sang a solo in front of everyone called "Mary Did You Know". It's a beautiful song.

Now that you've seen my life then... I'll tell you about my life last night. Jordan has had an upset stomach and the only thing she asked for was to take a shower with me. I usually don't allow it because she's getting older, but the poor baby was so miserable that I relented. We were in the shower when she announced in a loud voice, "Mommy, Your butt is all messed up." I said, "That's nice honey." She then replied, "No Mommy, I mean it looks bad!" It's impossible to have an inflated ego when you have children. Just when you think you're looking good... they take you down a peg or two. ROFLOL

Here's one of my newest scrapbook pages using an old book that was a favorite of mine growing up. Go Dog Go is an awesome book. My kids loved it so much it fell apart. As always if you click on the photo you'll get a closer view.

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