Friday, August 22, 2008

Chipboard Ideas

Sure chipboard is REALLY cute, but if you ever find yourself wondering what on earth do I do with it once you get it home... then this post is for you.

The dictionary defines chipboard as a paperboard usually made entirely of wastepaper. Scrapbookers define chipboard as the hottest and most useful product on the market! You still want to know what to do with it? Here are some ideas.

1. Sand it with sandpaper or special distressing tools.
2. Leave it the regular color and just ink or paint the edges alone.
3. Paint the entire piece of chipboard, then ink the edges.
4. Paint the entire piece of chipboard, then sand little bits of the paint off for a distressed look.
5. Cover it with paper and leave the edges bare, or ink them.
6. Leave it the raw color and use Stickles around the edges to add sparkle and definition.
7. Paint it one color, then use Tim Holtz crackle paint over the top of it after it dries. When it crackles, the paint will show through.
8. Cover it in paper and use Glimmer Mist to add a faint sparkle.
9. Leave the chipboard the raw color and spray it with Glimmer mist, then distress it in places.
10. Make a teeny tiny collage on the chipboard using modge podge and tiny bits of coordinating paper.
11. Cover the entire piece with Stickles by painting them on with a paintbrush. Or you can put them on thickly for a really glittery look.
12. Use embossing ink and powder to stamp on raw chipboard, and then emboss for a little bit of interest. This can also be done on chipboard that's covered in paper.
13. Stamp your chipboard using regular ink. You can journal directly on it using alphabet stamps.
14. Cover your chipboard with paper, then add dimension using Diamond Glaze.
15. Wrap your chipboard in ribbon or fibers. This looks really cute on swirls and flourishes.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started! Of course if you have questions, ideas, or want to see something demonstrated... feel free to ask.

Heather Landry
Miracles Momma Designs

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Leah said...

Geez, I could never think of 15 things to do with chipboard!!! Guess that is why you do the teaching and I don't! LOL