Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Haircuts are interesting...

We went on a special trip to get the kid's hair cut at a salon over an hour away because they specialize in special needs kids. Jordan hasn't let anyone near her hair in over 2 years. So we were hoping. It worked! She got her haircut and looks beautiful. Here are the before and after pics of the kids.




Brandon was extremely unimpressed with the fact that he was getting his hair cut in a taxi cab. In fact, he hated the whole process. Thank goodness the lady was quick, but good at what she did! Here's the bit of video we took of him.

The kids started school again. Well Alexis did really. Jordan has been sick. She went the first day, then has been home sick after that for the next two days.

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latte_grande said...

Omg, what a difference!! Haircuts are so traumatizing....maybe he'll like the next one better, since he'll know what to expect?

Leah said...

Their haircuts are awesome! Brandon is looking really spiffy!

What's wrong with Jordan? I hope she feels better soon.

Also loving the new updates, but it's ridiculously hard to leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

My son who at the time was 2, hated haircuts with a passion! We went to a new hair lady and she sprayed his hair with a spray bottle and then gave it to him. It occupied him and she was finished in a matter of moments. We take a spray bottle with us now because he likes to spray the water in his mouth and I wasnt so sure about him doing that with her bottle! Try it...see if it works for you Jana