Sunday, August 24, 2008

Upcoming Book Of Me Class-Update

This Saturday August 30th I will be teaching a repeat Journaling class at Scrappersaurus in Mandeville, La. Check out for access to the calendar to see the entire class schedule.

Saturday September 20th will be the first day of my Book of Me series of classes at Scrappersaurus scrapbook store in Mandeville, La. The first one we are starting with is "Favorite Place". It could be something as big as a travel destination, or as simple as a photo of you in front of your scrapbook desk. Anything goes. Whatever your Favorite place is! Participants will also learn a new technique every month. This month is using the Cricut Machine... We'll have a selection of different fonts for you to use on your title. I used the Mickey Font because my favorite place is Disney! Here's the layout I made for illustration using the AWESOME October Afternoon Detours line. So cute! Don't tell Ronnie, but I'll definitely be buying more of it. Hehe

I had my chipboard class yesterday and had 6 girls! It was a whole lot of fun and it was great meeting everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting some of the girls again for the Chipboard II class in a few weeks. The first class was about distressing and covering Chipboard, and in the second we'll be using it on a layout.

On another note things have been going well around here. I've been working on scrapbooking some Disney layouts. We went on the trip in February and I'm still not all caught up. LOL I know... I should be ashamed.

The kids have been doing well. Alexis is having problems learning to read because she has a hard time concentrating with her ADHD, but we are working hard on it. Jordan is in a "normal" class instead of a special needs class this year which is a big achievement for her. Brandon is growing like a weed, and is getting a new tooth. He has been up every night for the past week with it hurting. Hopefully it'll come through soon! Ronnie is up to his usual antics. He's the biggest kid of all.

I've been working on reading some of the more famous or infamous books lately. I finished reading the Poisonwood Bible which was amazing, and now I'm on to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which will make my friend Lisa really proud. She loves the movies. I haven't seen any of them. Yes, I must live under a rock.

Of course I have to leave you with photos of random cuteness... Look he's only 1 and he's already addicted to LOL



Angi said...

Oh man I wish The Mandeville store wasn't like an hour drive for me. I'd love to meet you - we chated on SB.Com. The Metairie store is closer for me, though still 30 minutes away - and I've not had good experiences with one particular teacher that sold me a kit but refused to give me the graphics for it. So needless to say I won't go to any classes she teaches!
Good luck! I love your work - maybe one day you can teach a class over here?

Jessica's mom said...

Congrats on your class going so well! What a big boy you have! He looks so grown up with his big kid hair cut!

Rleen said...

Heather, congrats on your class going so great!

Your baby boy is so cute there! Seriously browsing that is so cool!