Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome to my life...

A while back I told you all that I borrowed older photos of me from my Mom. I didn't realize just how bad some of these were. LOL So this is for Minday... 80's photos extraordinaire and extras.

Here I am as a baby in 1981... See any resemblance to Bubba? =0) Maybe the tongue sticking out? I still do that when I'm concentrating. LOL

This is my kindergarten graduation around 1985. I was a superstar up on the stage. Not nervous at all. The only thing that marred the performance was that I had pee on my shoes. Nope, not my pee. The kid in front of me in the pews (I went to a church school.) was so nervous he peed his pants. Unfortunately the pee went backwards. Nice huh? I remember being totally disgusted, but they wouldn't let us get up. They took him out, and cleaned him up. But they were adamant that the show must go on. Funny the things you remember huh? LOL In my defense... the overalls were because it was a farm themed graduation. In later photos I wore a rooster on the front of my gown. You aren't seeing those. =0)

Here I am at around 7 years old. 1987... TOTALLY rockin' the belly shirt, and is that a MULLET? Seriously Mom! OMG. I have to admit that that shirt was one of my favorites, because it had elephants on it. I LOVE elephants.

Flash forward to 1990... I am 10 years old. This is what I demanded to wear to my younger brother's kindergarten graduation. I remember how beautiful I thought it was and that I was hot stuff with my hair all fixed and my matching plastic jewelry. OMG Can you say 80's hair? And why am I wearing a white plastic belt? It's not even on my waist?! LOL

Here's me getting my first perm. I asked for it for my birthday, because my hair was so long it cost about 100 dollars for the special spiral perm. I had shorter bangs, and used to poof them up with a curling iron. On days when they wouldn't poof just right. I'd be in tears. Seriously. It was the worst part of my day. Praying my hair would behave. I think it traumatized me to this day I never cut my hair into bangs. LOL

And the last embarrassing thing I'm admitting is that I used to be a choir girl. LOL This isn't the best photo, but it's one of the best one's I've got. This was my senior year. The last concert at Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans, before hundreds of people including my Grandparents, Mom and Step-Dad, and Brothers. I was so nervous. I sang a solo in front of everyone called "Mary Did You Know". It's a beautiful song.

Now that you've seen my life then... I'll tell you about my life last night. Jordan has had an upset stomach and the only thing she asked for was to take a shower with me. I usually don't allow it because she's getting older, but the poor baby was so miserable that I relented. We were in the shower when she announced in a loud voice, "Mommy, Your butt is all messed up." I said, "That's nice honey." She then replied, "No Mommy, I mean it looks bad!" It's impossible to have an inflated ego when you have children. Just when you think you're looking good... they take you down a peg or two. ROFLOL

Here's one of my newest scrapbook pages using an old book that was a favorite of mine growing up. Go Dog Go is an awesome book. My kids loved it so much it fell apart. As always if you click on the photo you'll get a closer view.

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MindyRadio said...

Oh Heather, you have made my day!!!!! I too asked for a perm for my birthday. Actually my twin sister asked for it and since we were identical twins my Mom made me get one too. It was HORRIBLE! She did all kinds of cute things with hers....mine was a just a big puff. I'm still a little bitter.

I love the part about the things you remember....the pee, OMG! I can remember thinking I looked pretty darn good in some of those horrible outfits and now I just wanna cry when I see them. I sure hope I am gonna see some more LOs using these pictures. Your newest one is so cool. I LOVE that you used a page from that very book!!!

Jessica's mom said...

Oh gee do I have to admit it? Okay I asked for not one but two perms. The first one was amazing, the second one, OMG terrible awful until that thing faded away.

Go Dog go is a good one, do you have the Diggiest Dog Book? That one will wear you out reading it, but it's wonderful also.

Now what do you say to Jordan about that? "Yes dear and someday when you're all grown up your daughter will tell you the same thing?" EEEKKK!

Leah said...

Your one hot chicky girl! Love the 80's!!

LOL!! Laughing at Mindyradio, because the same thing happened to me when I got my perm, I looked like a poodle... literally! LOL

Maybe perms weren't as advanced back in the 80's!