Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Closet New Kids Fan (Even Though They Are Old!)

The other day I walked into my living room to find my husband watching a New Kids On the Block concert… Holy Flashback Batman! LOL Sure they are a little older, and one would pray… a little wiser, but they still do the dance moves I remember. I don’t know if this is interesting, pathetic, or admirable. I’m still pondering. I do know that seeing a bunch of “older” guys bopping around on the stage IS entertaining whether you are a former NKOTB fan or not. Here is a photo of the New Kids on the Block…

And here is a photo of the Old Kids on the Block (I couldn’t resist!)

Captain Chaos (AKA Brandon) and I have been playing tourist in our own town. I highly recommend looking up your county/parish tourism website. We’ve been discovering new parks and places to go, and it’s been a total blast. He loves getting out and going places and it gives me a break from pulling him off of the various pieces of furniture he climbs on. Why do we call him Captain Chaos? See photo below for illustration…

Here’s a photo of us playing tourist. He loved the trees at the park. Literally. He was hugging them and saying Awwww!

I’m planning a layout with photos of everything he climbs on. I’m still participating in the Ali Edwards week in your life challenge. I went outside to weed my garden, the garden has begun to take over, and so I had to do something about it. While weeding, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little frog jumping around. Upon closer observation, I realized that the little buggers were everywhere. I ran and got my camera and took a photo of these two. They look like they are hugging. Isn’t it cute? It’s now my desktop background.

A few days ago I got an IKEA catalog in the mail. I had ordered it after being a bit tired of hearing about it! I mean, what on earth could be so great about furniture? Oh.my.God! Be still my OCD heart! The organizational options are amazing. I now know what I want for Christmas, and my husband is wishing I’d drool over him the way I drooled over that catalog. LOL I have my whole house redesigned in my mind. Now all I need to do is win the lottery. Then I’m set. =0) Here’s what I want for Christmas!

Last night when I went to walk the dog before bed, which usually just means opening the screen door and letting her out into the fenced back yard, I saw a snake just chilling out on the carport. It wasn’t a big snake, but if you ask me, any snake is enough to freak me out. I start doing my panic dance (a kind of freaked out exaggerated shuffle) towards Ronnie to ask (DEMAND) that he man up and go kill the snake immediately. He jumps up and goes out and grabs the shovel. He misses on the first try, but hits it on the second try, not enough to kill it, but he swears he hit it and it’s hurt. Great! Now it’s still in the backyard somewhere ticked off. So needless to say my kids won’t go out in the yard EVER again. (Ok maybe in a week, after I check the yard with a fine tooth comb!) Living in Louisiana is hazardous to one’s health! NO before you ask there are no pictures of the snake. I am a scrapbooker, and I take tons of pics, but I have to draw the line SOMEWHERE. LOL

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

There's nothing wrong with Halloween!

Ever since my husband and I had kids, we've been fighting over whether or not to take the kids Trick or Treating. His Mom never let him go. He doesn't know what he's missing! I've been pushing to bring them for 6 years now, and he finally agreed. I'm so excited! Now I can take photos of them to scrapbook, and buy cute Halloween scrapbook paper. LOL And they can have experiences like mine... See the hall of shame photos below.

I'm not really sure what on Earth I was supposed to be? A vampire? A ghost? A Zombie? It looks like I got in a fight with the costume paint, and it won. Ick!

This one... No words can describe this one. I'm not even admitting it's me. Why on earth am I so happy to be wearing a clown wig? Too many marshmallows I guess. LOL Yeah that's it! I was on a sugar high. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Now do you see why I was so adamant about the kids going to Trick or Treat? I need to get embarrassing photos of them to show their future generations. LOL

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Scrapfest Class

This morning was supposed to be my Scrap Fest class. I got an email this morning from the owner of the store stating that no one had signed up for my class, in fact many of the classes were cancelled because no one was signing up for them. I was really upset at first, but then it hit me that a lot of folks completely wiped out their savings evacuating for Gustav and Ike. (I know we did.) I'm guessing that's part of the reason, just bad timing.

I'm disappointed. I did show up just in case someone signed up at the very last minute. I spent some time helping out in the booth, and of course I couldn't leave without buying anything, so I picked up a few sheets of Cogsmo paper. And some cute Sock Monkey themed paper. I spent hours on preparation work for that class, so I'm bummed out, but it looks like we'll be transferring the About a Boy class over to the October Crop in Hammond, La.

If you're interested in attending this class either at Scrappersaurus or the Hammond crop please let me know. Since my Scrapfest class has passed, I'm now allowed to post the project pics so here goes...

I'm still doing the Ali Edwards challenge. Taking tons of pics! Even more than normal. I got an amazing prize in the mail today from a challenge I won on the DreamGirls Challenge blog. http://www.dreamgirls.typepad.com/ See the pic below! Pretty awesome huh? I'm loving the Glitz stuff especially! Check out the blog, It's a lot of fun.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Unexpected Happiness

My son thinks he's a mountain goat. Every day I find him climbing on something he's not supposed to... the couch, the kitchen table, my desk, and today... well I'll just show you. How am I supposed to get mad when he looks so proud of himself?

While running errands, I decided to drive by an old park that I saw a while back that was kinda grungy to see if it had been cleaned up so Brandon could play. It had been totally remodeled! I love when things like that happen.

I love this photo of him...

And this one...

I get the distinct feeling that this blog is turning into the Brandon show. LOL Yes I know, I do have other kids, but they are at school all day long! I will have pics up of them too soon. Especially since I've decided to do the Ali Edwards A Week in Your Life challenge. There's info up on her blog about it... http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/ The basic idea is that you take pictures throughout your everyday life for a week and then make a scrapbook page/book about it. I'm thinking I'll need a whole mini book by the time I'm through. Y'all know how busy I am! LOL

Tomorrow I teach at ScrapFest, and I'm so excited! I hope I'll see some of you there!


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blogger ADHD

Ok, so I know you all must be extremely sick of me changing my blog, but I promise I'm done for a while. At least a week! LOL Actually I really like how this edit came out so you may be stuck with it for a while. Besides it took me 3 hours to get right!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sisters Suck Sometimes

5 minutes after the girls got off of the bus today, I got them to go play in their rooms so I could sort through the piles of paperwork they brought home. All of the sudden I hear hysterical screams from Brandon. I run to his and Jordan's room and find this...

Ummmm? Yeah. I guess sisters suck sometimes. LOL Jordan dressed Brandon in her princess costume, and he went along with it at first, until she started telling him how pretty he was. And what 18 month old boy wants to hear he's pretty? Apparently tulle is enough to make a grown boy cry. Who knew?

So what did I do when I saw this spectacle? Like any self-respecting scrapbooker I grabbed my camera. I am planning a layout for sure!

I finally finished 1 of the mini albums I've been working on. This one is the one that Dee from Scrappersaurus is planning to make into a kit. I was asked to make a sample and write the directions. I think it came out well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and stepping into my crazy life for a minute or two!
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Kiss Your Face Off

Sometimes you are walking along in the hall just minding your own business...

Then out of no where your Mom grabs you and tries to kiss your face off! So undignified!

LOL I just love kissing Bubba's squishy little cheeks. Now that he's getting to be a toddler, he doesn't let me kiss on him as much anymore. So I have to sneak and steal kisses. I wish he'd stop growing up so fast.

I've been busy working on 2 projects for Scrappersaurus. A mini-book that will be included in a kit, and a squash book for a class I'm doing at a huge crop in Hammond, La. in October. That's why you all haven't been hearing from me much. I'm busy! Pics will be up on my blog soon.

I got to meet a friend from Scrapbook.com for the first time this past Saturday at the Book of Me class I taught at Scrappersaurus. She's such a sweet girl, she makes me feel so flattered with all of the compliments she gives me. Thanks for coming to my class Angi! It was great to meet you.

This Saturday is Scrap Fest, I'm excited, and nervous to teach in a larger venue, but I'm almost all done with preperations. I still have to staple the directions together. I've got the kits all made up though! I'm hoping we have a great time. If you are coming... I'll see you there! I'll be there on Saturday from 9:30-1:00.

I've been reading a really awesome murder-mystery series by Laura Childs that is set in a scrapbook store in New Orleans. It's so cool! She talks about places I've been, and even the town I grew up in. If you're looking for something to read, check it out!

Off to work some more on those mini books. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It is a gorgeous day outside. I mean seriously! The temperature is a balmy 75 degrees, and I have all of my windows open to air out the house. The sun is shining without cooking people and things. (When it gets up over 90 degrees you can just about cook an egg on the black top road.) All in all a beautiful day.

I can't post too much today because I'm swamped with class and design team projects, but I wanted to share that I'm still around.

I have a joke for you too.

Why did the chicken cross the playground?
To get to the other slide.

That one was compliments of Jordan, my 4 year old. I didn't even know she knew what a joke was before she told me that last night. I laughed so hard just because she thought it was so funny. LOL

I hope you're having a beautiful day too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sk8 Paper Pack Freebie

I was in a designing mood this afternoon after seeing some graffiti and thinking how neat a digital paper with graffiti on it would be. So I made up a few to give away as a freebie. I hope you like it. Here's the preview. There's also a barbed wire .png overlay included, but not pictured. This paper pack would be great to scrap teen boys with.

And here is the download link. You'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser. =0)


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Snazzy Shoes and Bad Weather

Just checking in to share some photos. The girls were so cute and inadvertently matching the other day so I had to take a pic when I saw them together. (Just realized that it loaded sideways! Ugh. I don't know how to fix it. They're still just as cute sideways. LOL)

Yesterday Brandon had me cracking up so hard. When it was time to go run errands I went and picked him up out of his room, and noticed he had Jordan's pink Croc shoes on. I laughed and laid him down to take them off to put his shoes on. He pitched such a fit when I took the Crocs off that I didn't have the heart to make him switch shoes. So he ran errands with me to the library, to pick up the girls at school, then to bring Jordan to therapy... all in hot pink Crocs. Ronnie would shoot me if he knew. LOL

Today we are having bad weather. We are getting bands from Ike and are having tropical force winds. I braved the wind to get a photo of one of the rain bands overhead. This photo was taken at Noon! Not at night. It's that dark.

I've got a new freebie that I'll be putting up in a bit. I'm waiting for it to upload.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing in the rain...

Ever since the girls started going back to school, Brandon has been bored. It's been rainy and icky outside, and I haven't been taking him outside much because of the mud. Finally the other day, I got tired of staying inside with him so I brought him outside. I decided if he got dirty we'd just wash him. It started raining, and I let him stay out in it. He had a total blast! So much so that I couldn't help myself, I ended up going out to play in the rain with him. LOL We had such a good time, until it started thundering and we had to come in. Only in Louisiana does it rain and sunshine at the same time! Check out the photos of him playing.

He kept trying to fill up the watering can so he could water the flowers. It was too cute.

I think this is my favorite photo I took of him playing. I just wonder sometimes what he is thinking. =0)

I've got a new tutorial I'm going to post after the project finishes drying. I've been scrapping up a storm in the past few days. Here are two new layouts that I finished. As always if you click on the layout, it'll open in a new window and you can read all of the details!

Thanks for stopping by,
Have a beautiful day!
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Tissue Paper (Eric Carle) Tutorial

My kids get a cool kid's magazine in the mail every month. One of the past magazines had instructions on how to make a collage to look like the beautiful illustrations in Eric Carle books. (The Very Hungry Caterpillar etc.) Since my kids LOVE the Eric Carle books... we thought we'd try it. I of course adapted mine to be more scrapbook themed. I ended up making a card with my pieces. Here is a photo of the finished card. (It's still a little wet in the photo.) I'm posting a tutorial in case you'd like to make your own.

1. Gather your materials: White poster board, white tissue paper, acrylic paints, paintbrushes, newspaper, white glue or modge podge, plus some odds and ends for decorating.

2. This will make a mess! Spread out several sheets of newspaper on your work area.

3. Paint each piece of tissue paper using a different color. You can't use colored tissue paper because the dye will bleed. Also, don't paint too heavily. It's better if the brush strokes show up. =0)

4. Lift your painted tissue paper off of the piece of newspaper you painted it on and put it on a new dry sheet of newspaper. This keeps it from sticking when it dries.

5. When your tissue paper is dry, use extra brushes and add layers by dry brushing, or flicking paint on. You could also use a comb to comb on colors. Layers are your friend. =0) For my flowers. I used two colors of acrylic paint, pink and red, and then went over it all with shimmery pint chalk. For the leaves and stems... it's green acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, and shimmery green chalk. Play and have fun! Let your sheets dry completely.

6. Find something to use as a template and trace a shape on your dried tissue paper. Or you could just cut or tear out random pieces. I chose to trace a Queen and Co. plastic flower. I drew the stems and leaves directly on the tissue paper with a pencil (lightly) and then cut them out.

7. Glue your shapes down onto your white poster board or cardstock with Elmer's glue or modge podge. I used a sponge applicator to make sure I got an even coat. Keep in mind if you have a light color like pink over a dark color like green, the green will show through the pink to an extent.

8. Let your project dry completely before handling. If the cardstock or poster board is wavy from the glue, you can lay it flat on a table, cover it with waxed paper, and set a heavy book on it overnight. It should flatten.

9. Embellish as desired. I chose to add buttons, and a title to my card. It'll be going to my Mom for her birthday. You could also add additional details with pens, markers or crayons.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Let me know if you have more questions, or suggestions for a future tutorial.

Heather Landry
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Obsession Yikes!

So I bought the Sure Cuts A Lot Software that works with my Cricut machine and lets me cut out any true type font so I don't need cartridges anymore! Well recently I've been learning how to create .svg files that can be cut on the Cricut using the SCAL software.

This is the first file I created. I wanted a tree trunk similar to the cute ones on the Sassafras Lass papers. This is what I came up with. You can cut a circle or an oval and lay the trunk on the top.

Here's the card I made with the tree trunk... As always click on the photo for a closer view. The inside of the card says... What hill? I don't remember any hill? =0)

Here is your download file... to use it open SCAL and click File-Import SVG. It resizes really well. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think!


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I got a blog award!

I got this from my friend Rleen yesterday, and since I had flooded you all with posts yesterday, I waited until today to post it.

Thank you Rleen! You are so very sweet, and I'm very flattered! Now I get to pass it on.

Here are the rules:
(1) The winner can put the "I :heart: your blog" logo on their blog.
(2) Link the person you received your award from.
(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
(4) Put links of those on yours.
(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated.

So I am going to choose 7 people and here they are:
1. (Estee) http://because-estee-says-so.blogspot.com/
2. (Leah) http://www.lockhartfamily1.blogspot.com/
3. (Teresa) http://theresasorganizedmess.blogspot.com/
4. (Rleen) http://rleen08.blogspot.com/
5. (Elizabeth) http://sandandsunshine.blogspot.com/
6. (Jane) http://photoscrapin.blogspot.com/
7. (Angi) http://scrapaddictnv2.blogspot.com/

You girls rock! Pick up your award, and then follow the rules!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Evacuation Photos

Brandon, and Alexis behind him. This is in the car on our way out. If you look out the back window you can see the line of cars stretches out farther than we could see!

The girls jumping on the bed in the first hotel we stayed at... Shhhh! Don't tell Daddy! LOL

This is in the moldy hotel! The kids all piled up wrestling on the bed. They were extremely bored.

Our two minute visit to the beach... This was the day after Gustav made landfall, and the waves were still 4-5 feet high. No swimming for us. I edited this one because that sign was super glaring in color. In case you are wondering why Ronnie is carrying all 3 kids... It's because I was holding the dog, and the camera. LOL

This was the view from our 3rd hotel... the really nice one. You could see the beach!

And last but not least... HOME! LOL

Oh I almost forgot... little old me was in the September issue of Page Maps. With all the drama going on I forgot! Here is the link to the newsletter... http://pagemaps.com/ Click on September Page Maps in the upper left corner. Here is the layout I contributed. It's a digi. Click on the photo for more details, and a larger view.

Now I'll quit bombarding you with blog posts, and go return some of the comments you all have left! =0)

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Stinky Word Art Freebie

I've been finding a serious lack of boy word art out there... so I decided to make my own. Here's another I made before I evacuated. I don't know about you, but my son can get dirty in 30 seconds flat. =0) I'm just now catching up and posting everything.

Here's your download link. You'll have to copy and paste it into your browser to get it to work. I'm hoping to have time to make a freebie paper pack soon.


I'll be back in a bit with photos from our evacuation adventure. I'll spare you the photos of the moldy ceiling of the hotel. LOL

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting Away From Gustav

Saturday August 30, 2008 (Written 9-1-08)

At first since Gustav’s track kept going west, we were only planning to go to my sister in law’s house in Ponchatoula, La. When the storm turned into a Category 4, my mother in law decided that we were leaving. I was packed and ready for noon. I ran to my local scrapbook store Scrappersaurus to pick up the design team layouts that I had on the wall, and my book for the journaling class I teach. When I got back home I was informed that we weren’t leaving until 4 pm. My mother in law (MIL) and sister in law (SIL) were still packing. Looking back I find it amazing that I can pack five people and their memories in four hours. Unfortunately I am a pro at evacuation packing.

We got in the van and didn’t run in to any traffic until we got to the Mississippi state line. Traffic was gridlocked for miles. One of the hardest parts of evacuating is seeing people over on the side of the road out of gas or broken down. Especially those with small children. It’s impossible to stop to help them because you’ve barely got enough gas yourself and are hoping the next service station you get to won’t have run out of gas, and that you’ll be able to afford it. (Every time there’s an evacuation the price of gas jumps due to oil crews having to evacuate oil platforms.) Most gas stations run out of regular and plus gas, and you have to buy premium when you can barely afford regular!

We got to Pensacola, FL at 10pm. A drive that should’ve taken 3 hours took 6, and I hear that we were lucky because traffic only got worse. We pulled up to the Ashford Inn where my MIL had made reservations because they took pets. We were traveling with our dog (Lady) and my SIL’s dog as well. My MIL went in to the lobby and they told her she had no reservation there. It turned out that there were too Ashford Inn hotels in Pensacola. So we drove to the other one, and my MIL went in. They told her that we had called and cancelled our reservations. She had a fit (that’s a southern word for a tantrum LOL) and they said they would get us in. She asked to see the room, and she came out disgusted saying that we were not staying there. It was too dirty and not suitable for my kids.

By now it’s 11 pm, my kids have been in the car for 7 hours. They were crying to be held, and are extremely upset. Now we have no reservation, and no clue where to go. We drove back the way we came in and spotted a Comfort Inn. We stopped and my MIL went in to ask about vacancy. They could only let us stay one night. We took only the essentials out of the car, and left everything else in it. While we were unpacking the car, a man came up and asked us for money. He asked where we were from while he scoped out the contents of our cars. This really upset my MIL because she was afraid we would be robbed.

We carried the kids and our stuff to the 3rd floor of the hotel. We found broken glass on the floor of our hotel room, so my MIL went to complain. At this point I didn’t care if I had to SLEEP on the glass if my kids had a bed to sleep in. Finally my MIL came back upstairs with a broom and swept it up. We got the kids changed and fell into bed sweaty and exhausted. Around 1 am my MIL knocked on our door to ask how our dog was doing, (She has epilepsy, and was quite upset during the car ride.) I told her that she had calmed down and was doing well. My MIL told me they were bringing my SIL’s dog to the emergency vet because she wasn’t feeling well. She was having trouble breathing. I asked if they needed help, and they said no, so I went to bed.

Sunday August 31, 2008

The next morning at 8am, my SIL knocked on the door. As soon as I saw her I knew something awful had happened. They got to the vet by calling a cab and following it there after getting lost trying to get to the vet the first time. The vet told them that her dog had fluid filling her lungs because of old age, and that the reason she was howling is because she was in pain. They had to euthanize her. My SIL and her husband were so upset. I can’t even imagine. The vet’s office agreed to freeze her for 1 week so they could bring her home to bury her once the storm passed.

We began calling around for other hotels, and found a Comfort Inn in Destin, FL. They said they could take us for a week. We started to drive there, around 11 am on the way we saw smoke billowing up from the side of the road. Cops started flying by on the road and we moved to the left lane. My MIL followed, but my SIL wasn’t quick enough and got separated from us. We saw a travel trailer pulled off on the side completely engulfed in flames. Thankfully the people who were in it escaped, and were standing to the side. The fire was so intense that when the cops waved us through we could feel the heat through the windows of our car. The cop let our car, and Ronnie’s Mom’s car through, but stopped my SIL.

We pulled to the side of the road a few 100 feet away. Then we heard explosions! So we called SIL and told her we would be at the next exit. She later told us that the explosions blew stuff everywhere. All I could think about was that those people were probably evacuating like we were, so they probably had everything of value to them in that trailer. I felt terrible for them.

After a while you get so stressed you begin to get numb. SIL and her husband caught up to us 45 minutes later. We continued to Destin, and arrived at 11 am, only to find out that the Comfort Inn there didn’t take dogs. We thought about sneaking Lady in, but they told us we would be fined. My MIL and SIL decided that Ronnie should go attempt to board our dog at a kennel. We couldn’t get into the room until 3 pm, but they gave us a pool key so the kids could swim.

Ronnie went to go board the dog, and I had to get into the pool with all 3 kids. I kept trying to keep them on the steps because we had no floaties. Jordan kept trying to jump off of them, so SIL took pity on me and came in the pool as well. We swam with the kids for about an hour and a half. The kids were getting hungry so we pulled them out of the pool for a snack. Ronnie came back with Lady and said that the kennel was closed, but he’d found a Days Inn that would accept the dog. He booked the room for 3 days.

I got the kids dressed and we went up to my MIL’s room. (AFTER I found Brandon’s toy he dropped in the bathroom, and Alexis’ underwear she dropped in the elevator.) Ronnie took the Lady with him to pick up something to eat. MIL’s hotel was really fancy and even had an indoor saltwater pool that the kids really enjoyed. As I was going down to meet Ronnie and switch places to sit with the dog in the sunshine, I saw a woman bringing a huge golden retriever into her room. I asked her if she snuck the dog in, and she told me no, that she’d asked to speak with the manager and told him she was an evacuee, and that she had no where else to go, so the dog was allowed.

I met my SIL on the way down to see Ronnie, and told her what the woman had said. She said, “I would rather y’all go to that other hotel so my husband and I have our own room.” My feelings were hurt, but she’d just lost her dog and we were all under so much stress… I just said okay and went down and talked to Ronnie. He said we’d just go. After he and the kids ate, they came downstairs, and we went to the other hotel.

We got there and Ronnie checked in while I waited with the kids. We got the kids up to the room, and opened the door. It reeked of mold and mildew. At this point there was NO WHERE ELSE to go. I found the source of the smell on the bathroom ceiling. It was full of mold. Jordan has asthma, and had an active case of bronchitis. I was so upset that I reached my breaking point and just sat down and cried. I am not a crier. I hate crying, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. Alexis got upset because I was crying. Ronnie looked extremely upset because there was nothing we do short of going back to the nice hotel and force SIL to stay in MIL’s room as originally planned. We both had enough drama, so we decided to keep the bathroom door shut with the vent on. I sprayed the ceiling with antibacterial spray and it helped somewhat. I also brought my trusty Febreeze, and that cut down on the smell.

My MIL wanted us to meet them for dinner, but we were all tired. I was upset, and it just seemed easier to stay there. Ronnie told her no, and we went to sleep around 8pm exhausted, and extremely stressed out. It seemed like everything that could possibly have gone wrong, DID! (Although looking back now… it could’ve been worse.)

Monday September 1, 2008

10am- Happy Labor Day! Ugh. We woke up around 6 am this morning. Our backs are killing us. My MIL called at 8 am. Ronnie and I were getting the kids ready to go over there. I was packing their clothes and swimsuits. I refused to have the kids bathe in the bathroom of our moldy hotel. Ronnie and the kids went over to the other hotel with the kids in their pajamas. He left them with his Mom and Dad, (Who drove up separately from us.) and his sister, so that he could wash clothes (Isn’t he sweet?) They took the kids swimming. I stayed at our hotel to watch the dog so we wouldn’t have to argue with the management at the other hotel. Of course I cleaned the hotel room as well as I could.

We got rain bands from Gustav even though we were all the way in Destin! We were under tornado watches and warnings all day. I watched Gustav make landfall near Cocodrie, La. It put my grandparents in Port Sulphur, La. on the bad side of the storm. I heard that they had 9 feet of water by their home. (I later found out this was false!) I was very upset because they had already lost everything in Katrina, and they only just moved back into their house in November of 2007.

Our home in Covington was under tornado watches and warnings. Of course I kept hearing about the power outages. Hearing this made me feel really grateful that we emptied and unplugged our fridge before we left so that it wouldn’t be ruined like our last one was in Katrina. I hated not knowing what is going on at my house with all of the stuff that has happened during evacuation. I found myself almost wishing we didn’t evacuate, but Jordan had to have electricity for her nebulizer just in case. I know that people were much worse off than we were. It just sucked.

Ronnie brought dinner back to the hotel. There’s no dieting when you evacuate. Breakfast usually consists of junk food, little Debbie cakes or cookies… whatever is cheap and quick. Lunch is fast food, and dinner is restaurant takeout. After a while you begin to feel sick, and crave vegetables.

Tuesday September 2, 2008

We woke up again with sore backs. Junk food was the order of the day again for breakfast. Everyone wanted to eat all of the time due to being bored. The kids were tired of the few toys we were able to bring. As I wrote this entry Captain Chaos (Brandon) was messing with every dangerous thing he could find. Outlet… germ infested trash can… nasty phone cord… I swear that kid got into every single thing.

Reports were starting to come in regarding Gustav’s damage; we heard my in-law’s house was safe. We had heard my grandparent’s house was safe, but nothing about ours! We do no there’s no electricity near where we live. No electricity meant no stores, no gas stations, and no sewer. The news channels reported that the parish presidents were asking people not to return until the power came back on. They weren’t letting people go home. Police set up checkpoints to turn people back. We all wanted to go home. Tempers were short. The kids kept acting up. I don’t think you are ever properly grateful for your home until you are forced out of it.

Ronnie took the kids over to his Mom’s hotel while I was stuck with Lady again. In a way it was a good thing because it was quiet, but in another way it made me feel like a second class citizen. Oh well. He brought back lunch, and then I went to the front desk to ask about extending our stay in our moldy room for another day since we couldn’t go home yet. I was told it wouldn’t be a problem. Yay! NOT.

Later Tuesday night, we heard that power was on in some areas near our home, but I couldn’t read anyone near us for confirmation, and then it was even more important to have electricity to run the nebulizer because Brandon had gotten very sick. Breathing in the mold caused mucus to build up in his lungs. The breathing treatments were all that was keeping his lungs clear enough to breathe. We wanted to go home as soon as we could.

Alexis was fascinated by the hotel lobby. It was decorated in an Asian style with a huge fountain filled with koi fish that were over 2 feet long. There were Buddha statues and a talking parrot. Sure the parrot only said “Hello”, but Alexis was impressed. I was just grateful that there was something to keep her attention for the 5 minutes it took me to make a cup of coffee.

Wednesday September 3, 2009

We still weren’t certain whether or not there would be any electricity at home. There was no way of knowing for sure. Parish officials said that power was slowly being restored. We planned to go back home because Brandon was getting increasingly sick. I packed up the car, and Ronnie went to get his Mom after we found out we’d be allowed back to our house. (She was helping us pay the hotel bill.) When she got to the hotel and saw how awful it was she told Ronnie off. She asked him why he didn’t tell her it was so bad. He didn’t want to upset her.

Then she decided that we had to stay one more night before going home. This time at her hotel. My SIL moved into the room with MIL, and we moved into SIL’s room for all of 5 minutes before MIL decided that we needed to move to a different room because of a slight smoke smell. We decided not to tell her about the mold in our other room because she’d be even more upset.

My feelings were hurt for not being consulted about what we were doing. I honestly wanted to go home. I understood that Ronnie felt stuck in the middle. I just feel like when his family is around I get swept up in whatever they decide is best, and I am not used to my opinion not counting for much. Don’t get me wrong I was so grateful that they were helping us. I just felt overlooked. It’s very possible I was overreacting. I was far from home, tired, and worried because my kids were sick. I didn’t know what I was going home to. The hotel was very nice.

Ronnie’s parents took the girls to lunch while Ronnie and I took care of Bubs. I got him to go to sleep after his breathing treatment, and then I went for a much needed walk. Because I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for scrapbook stores, I was thrilled to see one a few blocks from our hotel. Armed with my room key and $20.00, I set off to get my scrap shopping fix. To my delight I found myself at a store called Scrapbook Clearance in Destin, where everything was ½ off, and it’s always that way!!! I got a great deal on some Queen and Co. embellies and even some Thickers. I could’ve gotten more, but I had to be a good girl because we needed gas $ to get home the next day.

When I got back I saw Ronnie and the kids heading out to sit by the pool. It was so hot that everyone ended up going back to our room. I got to shave my legs for the 1st time in a week after everyone left. I “borrowed” Ronnie’s razor. I have always wondered why men’s razors work so much better than women’s razors. LOL I may have to buy one like his. Jordan asked me why I have stripes (stretch marks)? I told her to go ask Brandon. =0)

Thursday September 4, 2008

Last night was another sleepless night. The kids were antsy and didn’t sleep well. Ronnie didn’t either; he was up at 4:30. I had packed everything and put it by the door. We got up and I changed the kids’ diapers, but left them in their pajamas. It was more comfortable for them to travel that way. I was really nervous about what we would find when we got home. Groceries will be hard to come by, and gas will be impossible.

We had to throw everything in our fridge away in case the power went out. After Katrina… when we came home the stuff in our freezer had turned into rotten soup. I couldn’t clean it. I kept getting sick, and Ronnie had to pull everything out. I never did get it clean enough to get the smell out even though I scrubbed it like mad. We replaced it after a week. I didn’t want to have to go through the same thing again, so we just threw everything out. 100 dollars in groceries wasted vs. a new 600+ fridge; somehow I think everything worked out.

Being away from home really made me appreciate it. There’s not enough storage, it’s cluttered, and collects dust, but it’s home. It’s where are memories are, and it’s where my comfy bed is! I’m just praying everything is ok. Brandon is still sick, but not as sick as he was. I’m grateful for that! The kids miss being home. Especially Jordan, my little homebody, she’s been asking to go home ever since we left. She’s a lot like me in that way.


WE MADE IT HOME!!!! Everything is ok, and we have power. I am so grateful. I’ve been writing these updates for the past few days, but never had internet access to upload them. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and my family. We are safe! Now the fun part begins… putting the tons of stuff that we brought with us up. If you emailed me, please be patient as I catch up around here. I promise I’ll write back soon! If you read all of this thank you for sticking with me. LOL Pics will be added later... and I designed another word art freebie as well.

Please remember while my family and my home made it through this storm okay, others did not! If you have time you can check out the Red Cross webpage at redcross.org. They do so much to assist the victims of hurricanes.

Heather Landry
Miracle’s Momma Designs