Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Closet New Kids Fan (Even Though They Are Old!)

The other day I walked into my living room to find my husband watching a New Kids On the Block concert… Holy Flashback Batman! LOL Sure they are a little older, and one would pray… a little wiser, but they still do the dance moves I remember. I don’t know if this is interesting, pathetic, or admirable. I’m still pondering. I do know that seeing a bunch of “older” guys bopping around on the stage IS entertaining whether you are a former NKOTB fan or not. Here is a photo of the New Kids on the Block…

And here is a photo of the Old Kids on the Block (I couldn’t resist!)

Captain Chaos (AKA Brandon) and I have been playing tourist in our own town. I highly recommend looking up your county/parish tourism website. We’ve been discovering new parks and places to go, and it’s been a total blast. He loves getting out and going places and it gives me a break from pulling him off of the various pieces of furniture he climbs on. Why do we call him Captain Chaos? See photo below for illustration…

Here’s a photo of us playing tourist. He loved the trees at the park. Literally. He was hugging them and saying Awwww!

I’m planning a layout with photos of everything he climbs on. I’m still participating in the Ali Edwards week in your life challenge. I went outside to weed my garden, the garden has begun to take over, and so I had to do something about it. While weeding, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little frog jumping around. Upon closer observation, I realized that the little buggers were everywhere. I ran and got my camera and took a photo of these two. They look like they are hugging. Isn’t it cute? It’s now my desktop background.

A few days ago I got an IKEA catalog in the mail. I had ordered it after being a bit tired of hearing about it! I mean, what on earth could be so great about furniture? Oh.my.God! Be still my OCD heart! The organizational options are amazing. I now know what I want for Christmas, and my husband is wishing I’d drool over him the way I drooled over that catalog. LOL I have my whole house redesigned in my mind. Now all I need to do is win the lottery. Then I’m set. =0) Here’s what I want for Christmas!

Last night when I went to walk the dog before bed, which usually just means opening the screen door and letting her out into the fenced back yard, I saw a snake just chilling out on the carport. It wasn’t a big snake, but if you ask me, any snake is enough to freak me out. I start doing my panic dance (a kind of freaked out exaggerated shuffle) towards Ronnie to ask (DEMAND) that he man up and go kill the snake immediately. He jumps up and goes out and grabs the shovel. He misses on the first try, but hits it on the second try, not enough to kill it, but he swears he hit it and it’s hurt. Great! Now it’s still in the backyard somewhere ticked off. So needless to say my kids won’t go out in the yard EVER again. (Ok maybe in a week, after I check the yard with a fine tooth comb!) Living in Louisiana is hazardous to one’s health! NO before you ask there are no pictures of the snake. I am a scrapbooker, and I take tons of pics, but I have to draw the line SOMEWHERE. LOL

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Angi said...

Ok, so how do you find out the stuff to do to play tourist in your town?

Also, I had seen somewhere were someone created that desk for a fraction of the price. If I can remember where, I will tell you, but I can tell you it was those little org cubes you can get a walmart or target (the 3 cube) you use like 4 for the shelf, then buy MDF - paint it and that is your desktop then you can use 2 more cube sets to go under the desktop - so you have org shelves ont he other side also. But if I find the blog picture I will send you a link, k!

Leah said...

Is it possible that the New Kids are even sexier than before? LOL, well with the exception of Danny maybe. I am NOT liking the new sound. I really expected something more mature from them.

Loving all these photos of Brandon!!

The frogs are adorable. So glad you didn't get a snake photo. No we don't really have alot of them here. My sister has Rattle Snakes where she is! I have a photo that would make your skin crawl.

I got my Ikea cataloge and was ooohing and ahhing so much Terry made me put it away. LOL!! I love Ikea. I think I might make the trip sometime this year to get some stuff =)

LindaJD said...

ahh New Kids! my youngest daughter is 32 and she absoloutely adored them, when we were over in the US years ago when she was a teenager we scoured the shops for New Kids stuff, we got her a New Kids bed set that she still has too this day along with all the other bit's..last week she found a reciept for tickets to their concert that her hubby had got for a surprise Birthday pressie next month..well her BD is next month but they are at the Manchester MEN in January 09...she can't wait!
I love Ikea and can spend hours browsing around, unless we have the kids with us! :)

TheresaK said...

Uck!! I hate snakes!!!! love the pics of Brandon!! Adorable!~

Cheryl Wray said...

I think the New Kids look much sexier OLD. Of course, I'm old too! :-)

Great pics!

Vera said...

Ah, the New Kids on the Block. They were THE boy band of all boy bands, no? hehe :)

I think it's a good idea to be a tourist in one's hometown. Surely there are lots of places to see. I know there are a lot of nooks and crannies i haven't seen in my City, much less of the other cities we're just neighbors with!