Friday, September 5, 2008

Evacuation Photos

Brandon, and Alexis behind him. This is in the car on our way out. If you look out the back window you can see the line of cars stretches out farther than we could see!

The girls jumping on the bed in the first hotel we stayed at... Shhhh! Don't tell Daddy! LOL

This is in the moldy hotel! The kids all piled up wrestling on the bed. They were extremely bored.

Our two minute visit to the beach... This was the day after Gustav made landfall, and the waves were still 4-5 feet high. No swimming for us. I edited this one because that sign was super glaring in color. In case you are wondering why Ronnie is carrying all 3 kids... It's because I was holding the dog, and the camera. LOL

This was the view from our 3rd hotel... the really nice one. You could see the beach!

And last but not least... HOME! LOL

Oh I almost forgot... little old me was in the September issue of Page Maps. With all the drama going on I forgot! Here is the link to the newsletter... Click on September Page Maps in the upper left corner. Here is the layout I contributed. It's a digi. Click on the photo for more details, and a larger view.

Now I'll quit bombarding you with blog posts, and go return some of the comments you all have left! =0)

Heather Landry
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Scrapper Mom said...

wow...First of all, so sorry you had to go through all that! I just read your entire evac story and that is crazy. You guys should not have paid that hotel room at all w/ the mold and everything! I got so mad when I found out how places were raising their prices and everything b/c of evacuees. That's awful!

AND, Congrats on getting that page pubbed in pagemaps :) It's a great page!

Leah said...

LOVE all the photos. The one going down to the beach is my fave!! I'll bet the kids were bored. Staying in hotels sucks!!! Glad your home and I love your house.

Nnairda's said...

Glad that you guys are all safe and sound. Love the pics!