Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playing in the rain...

Ever since the girls started going back to school, Brandon has been bored. It's been rainy and icky outside, and I haven't been taking him outside much because of the mud. Finally the other day, I got tired of staying inside with him so I brought him outside. I decided if he got dirty we'd just wash him. It started raining, and I let him stay out in it. He had a total blast! So much so that I couldn't help myself, I ended up going out to play in the rain with him. LOL We had such a good time, until it started thundering and we had to come in. Only in Louisiana does it rain and sunshine at the same time! Check out the photos of him playing.

He kept trying to fill up the watering can so he could water the flowers. It was too cute.

I think this is my favorite photo I took of him playing. I just wonder sometimes what he is thinking. =0)

I've got a new tutorial I'm going to post after the project finishes drying. I've been scrapping up a storm in the past few days. Here are two new layouts that I finished. As always if you click on the layout, it'll open in a new window and you can read all of the details!

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Leah said...

Brandon!! he is just so cute!
Love the layouts as always. Still think you should have won on the bra.

TheresaK said...

awwwwww...I just love those layouts!!
Great tutorial too!!!

Jessica's mom said...

I've been away so long! It rains and suns here too, after the accident my cousin and I went outside me on crutches! To play in the sunny rain. Oh the things we remember.

We have that EXACT watering can. LOL, came with the house years ago.