Friday, September 26, 2008

Unexpected Happiness

My son thinks he's a mountain goat. Every day I find him climbing on something he's not supposed to... the couch, the kitchen table, my desk, and today... well I'll just show you. How am I supposed to get mad when he looks so proud of himself?

While running errands, I decided to drive by an old park that I saw a while back that was kinda grungy to see if it had been cleaned up so Brandon could play. It had been totally remodeled! I love when things like that happen.

I love this photo of him...

And this one...

I get the distinct feeling that this blog is turning into the Brandon show. LOL Yes I know, I do have other kids, but they are at school all day long! I will have pics up of them too soon. Especially since I've decided to do the Ali Edwards A Week in Your Life challenge. There's info up on her blog about it... The basic idea is that you take pictures throughout your everyday life for a week and then make a scrapbook page/book about it. I'm thinking I'll need a whole mini book by the time I'm through. Y'all know how busy I am! LOL

Tomorrow I teach at ScrapFest, and I'm so excited! I hope I'll see some of you there!


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Leah said...

Girl these photos ROCK!! I love that one of Brandon too. Joseph climbs on everything too, including the kitchen table!

I know what you mean about it being the Brandon show but what else do you do when the others are at school??

So glad the park got cleaned up. It looks like fun!

Jessica's mom said...

Mountain goat, lol, in my family we've always called the kids Monkeys, right now dd is standing on the cat food bag. Her favorite place to stand is on the edge of the counch watching tv. EEEK